Refreshing Your Qualified Org: Part Two

As a Qualified Admin, you have a hands-on view of your Qualified org. Learn 3 key ways to refresh Qualified and step into your role as a power-user.

Refreshing Your Qualified Org: Part Two
Jennifer Lynn Schneider
Jennifer Lynn Schneider
January 20, 2023
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As an admin, your hands are in the cookie jar of your Qualified org on the daily. You coordinate multiple internal asks, set up users, create bespoke web experiences, and spend countless hours setting up segmentation and routing. 

Qualified neatly folds into your Sales and Marketing tech stack, connecting your Salesforce Sales Cloud to your website. While this is a great first step, your journey has just begun. 

There are best practices every org must consider to keep your pipeline generation machine well-oiled. In this three-part blog series, we will dive into the main areas of focus in regard to refreshing your Qualified Org. This is something we recommend at the admin level on a quarterly basis at the very least.  

Following this blog we will highlight the Sales role, but today we talk to you, the Admin. Check out the first blog in this series where we focus on the Executives role. 

Throughout this three-part series, we have focused on Company A, met their team, and walked through how each team member/role can play their part in refreshing their Qualified org. maximizing the platform, aligning teams, and smashing revenue goals.

In our last blog, we met Sandy Jenkins, the CTO. Sandy is ready to give some guidance. Her focus is to condense their tech stack to tools that can do more than one thing and reduce overall cost. Working with their CMO Randy Mandez, they uncover the need to increase pipeline generation more than ever before. Budgets are tight, resources are lean, and new logos are harder and harder to attain–sound familiar? 

In this blog, we will focus on the Admin. For Company A, this is their Global Head of Marketing, Harry Stales. He had experience using Qualified at a previous company and advocated for it at the beginning of the year. Until this point, the team has been focused on demand generation and the fundamentals of getting the SDR team trained and using it weekly on a staffed basis. 

3 key ways to refresh your Qualified Org

While there are many features Harry can use on the Pipeline Cloud platform, we need to step back and understand how he can empower their teams to be tactical. Harry uses these 3 key points to create a continuous loop of change and growth. These guidelines will carry throughout the roles in this series, but you will see the action items are very different for each team member. 

Let’s review what those guidelines are:

  • Align your quarterly initiatives 
  • Expand the use of Qualified 
  • Triple pipeline generation with the Pipeline Cloud

Now that you know what they are, let’s break them down.

Align your quarterly Initiatives

Harry is ultimately responsible for the Qualified tool and reporting the performance across marketing, sales, and operations. Harry has been debriefed by executives Sandy and Randy and has clear initiatives set for this quarter. This first step is crucial so that Harry receives support from leadership to use the resources needed to hit tactical goals and increase pipeline. 

Harry has been given the following initiatives set for next quarter. 

  • Increase brand community and product awareness. 
  • Since a recent acquisition, the team has struggled to seamlessly incorporate their new products and customers in a meaningful way.
  • Increase website traffic conversion and pipeline
  • Since the launch of the newly branded website, traffic and conversion has decreased. 
  • Incorporate a scalable ABM program that makes sense, is not too tech heavy and has attainable goals set to each quarter. 
  • In the past, ABM programs have fallen flat, either from being too cumbersome or information dispersed on multiple platforms. The team needs to be able to  identify those they are targeting and how they are converting through the sales cycle. 

By clearly sharing these initiatives with their internal team, as well as their team at Qualified on a quarterly basis, it ensures focus. Tactics to support these initiatives through the Pipeline Cloud can now be actioned by the larger team. This also guides reporting and metrics, so that the team can articulate progress on their next Quarterly review. They can be found in Salesforce, or on the Qualified app through reporting and dashboarding. Full transparency to these metrics are reported to Randy & Sandy along the way. 

Expand the use of Qualified

Now that the core team is aware of the company's quarterly initiatives, it is apparent we need to bring in more stakeholders. Enter in, Digital Marketing Specialist Reiny Maz, BDR Manager Joseph Stopher and VP of Sales, Richter Jones into the conversation.  

Harry focuses on collaboration with these new stakeholders to take the use of Qualified and the Pipeline Cloud Platform to the next level. This will require some delegation and coordination between platform configuration and additional channels that feed into Qualified. 

Harry has the largest responsibility on the Qualified platform, from a tactical perspective. Fortunately, he also has his dedicated Qualified Success Architect to support and help implement these changes alongside him. 

Items for Harry to consider executing this quarter are the following

- Optimize current experiences with A/B testing

  • Maintain high engagement and conversion on the website,
  • Testing what type of greetings and content best engage prospective buyers.
  • Keep experiences fresh for return visitors

- Clearly communicating needs to new stakeholders based on the initiatives above

- Setting up New Users & Coordinating Training 

  • This includes stakeholders as well as new team members on the BDR team

- Collaborate with Reiny Maz, Digital Marketing Specialist  

  • Connect Google and LinkedIn ad accounts with Qualified for Advertising
  • Understand Paid Ad placement and content for this quarter
  • Collaborate on Bespoke experiences that extend the digital story of those ads.
  • Create a reporting loop specific to Paid Ads and platforms.

- Collaborate with Joseph Stopher, BDR Manager and VP of sales, Richter Jones 

  • Connect their outbound platform via Qualified for Outbound
  • Understand which cadences or sequences are in place today
  • Assign Qualified University resources to prep for further action items
  • Create Bespoke experiences and pouncing moments for the BDR team

- Configure updates to Segments and Streams to support initiatives and aid in training

- Configure updates to routing when adding in the BDR team to the Qualified platform. 

- Ensure reporting and Dashboards on Qualified, Salesforce or any other platform of choice is aligned to track initiatives' performance.

- Use Qualified Signals to support the ABM Program by understanding aggregate account engagement, creating Audiences for Advertising and Outbounding, and helping Sales understand where to spend their time. 

In part three of this series we’ll focus on the Sales perspective, as that is largely owned by VP of Sales Richter Jones. By incorporating a larger subset of the team and staff, the team can be united in supporting the larger goals of the company, thus ensuring success. 

Triple pipeline generation with the Pipeline Cloud platform of features

In every meeting this year Randy and Sandy have attended it has started or ended with pipeline and revenue. Randy has just met with their Qualified team and internal POC to review a Pipeline Cloud power boost they have yet to take advantage of: Qualified Meetings

This feature ties in nicely with the quarterly goal of website conversion and creating a sense of community by customizing the experience on the website based on what we know of that prospect across the connected tech stack and Qualified platform. With excitement, Randy passes this feature on for the VP of Sales, Richter Jones to own as a main focus for this quarter. 

Richter immediately pings Harry, and asks “Hey, where do I start?” Harry is able to send over a slide deck, a few Qualified University guides, and a few plays other companies are using with Qualified Meetings. This is a great first step for Richter to get up to speed. Next week Harry has invited Richter to a call with Qualified to answer any questions and develop next steps. The dedicated support Harry receives from his Qualified Success Architect has curated all the resources he needed, reducing the lift, and supporting Harry throughout this process. 

Staying on top of newly released features is like giving access to the entire toolbox to the team. As Qualified continues to innovate, it is imperative you take advantage of what the Pipeline cloud platform continues to offer. 

What we have learned here is that admins are the backbone of your Qualified. Continuous optimization is key. With new features and strategic alliances, they need to be able to pivot and expand quickly. Qualified should be at least a 35% focus of their overall role, and could take more dedicated time based on the size of your team and initiatives underway. Using your Qualified Success Architect your admin can share the workload, creating a scalable solution and partnership that lasts for years. 

If you are an admin, step into your role, and participate in your quarterly refresh of Qualified. You will see results! Use your Success Architect as an extension of your team, we are here to help. 

Don’t have a dedicated success architect, but realize you may need that level of support? Ask us today, and let’s start generating pipeline and revenue together. 

Read about how Sales leaders can help refresh your Qualified Org in Part Three.

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