The Fireballer Award

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The Fireballer Award
Emma Calderon
Emma Calderon
October 12, 2021
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Are you familiar with the Stanley Cup? For those of you that are non-hockey fans, the Stanley Cup is the oldest existing trophy awarded in North American history. When an NHL team takes home the cup, it’s tradition to pass it around to each teammate who contributed to the success of the season, culminating in winning the championship game. 

At Qualified, our team is chock full of champions. Every person, department, and organization does incredible things for the company every day. To celebrate the contributions of our employees, we debuted The Fireballer Award. The inspiration for the award’s name comes from our product: we’ve built a platform that alerts sellers when website visitors are “hot” and sales-ready. So it made sense to us to create this award for employees who are on fire!

The Fireballer Award goes to an employee who lives out the team values, supports critical initiatives, and pushes our V2MOM forward on our path to success. If you’re unfamiliar with the V2MOM, it’s the Salesforce-approach to aligning our company’s vision, values, and making sure the work we deliver tracks to our goals. It’s our living, breathing document that ensures every single employee knows what we’re doing—and, most importantly, why.

The recipient also receives a bonus AND eternal glory by having their name etched onto the trophy for perpetuity. The recipient is nominated by their peers, teammates, and colleagues at Qualified. The Fireballer Award is truly the personification of the culture of Qualified.

Our inaugural Fireballer Award winner is none other than Sterling Williams! Sterling, a ‘20 and ‘21 Salesforce Marketing Champion, is a Director of Customer Success at Qualified. Nominated by folks across marketing, customer success, product, and sales, Sterling is universally recognized as a coworker that will do Whatever It Takes for his customers.

Whatever It Takes™ is Qualified’s number one value. We will do whatever it takes for our customer’s success. Every employee uses this as our guiding principle.

Sterling Williams' earned eternal glory as Qualified's first-ever Fireballer Award recipient

There were hundreds of comments submitted about Sterling and how much value he adds to the team. Check out the creme de la creme below:

“There are many incredible members of our team but the sheer effort they have put into ensure the success of our company and customers is at another level and deserves singular recognition.”
“Even when stuff is out of their typical scope, like coming onto pre=sales calls to help close a prospect, their mentality is "one team one dream."
“They work with some of our most enterprise and challenging customers and is relentless in solving the most complex use cases.”
“They work their ass off for their customers, their teammates, and their company. And they do it all with a positive, supportive attitude.”
“This person demonstrates agility and excellence.”

Congratulations, Sterling! Thanks for everything you do!

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