The Spring ‘24 Release Has Arrived!

Here’s a roundup of the latest innovations, hot off the press from the Qualified Product team.

The Spring ‘24 Release Has Arrived!
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
May 14, 2024
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Can you feel it? The blossoms are in bloom and winter is melting away. Spring has finally arrived, and so has the Qualified Spring ‘24 Release! This quarter is jam-packed with innovation and new features that double-down on AI. We’re bringing you features that generate pipeline 24x7, help Sales Development Reps (SDRs) to be more efficient, and make meeting booking even more effortless. We’re excited to share our latest and greatest offerings, built with you in mind. So let’s dive in!


Meet Piper, your new AI SDR. Engage visitors, capture leads, and book meetings, 24x7.

Watch our entire product launch in under seven minutes ☝️

Piper, the AI SDR—Available Now!

An AI worker built for inbound pipeline generation, Piper works 24x7. She will automatically identify your best buyers, engage in countless conversations simultaneously, book meetings, and hand off buyers to an available SDR—with zero human involvement. This might be our most exciting innovation yet! If you missed the product launch, you can watch the entire event in under seven minutes above. 👆 Piper is available now so be sure to connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect (QSA) to learn more about pricing and implementation.


Give your sales reps a copilot to have faster, smarter engagements via live chat, voice, or video.

Watch the demo of AI Conversations above ☝️

AI Copilot—Available Now!

Turbocharged with AI, our flagship product is designed to scale your live chat engagements and maximize pipeline. AI Copilot is a powerful new AI feature that helps SDRs have better, faster, and smarter conversations to increase productivity and pipeline. Core capabilities include:

  • QUALIFIED AI POUNCE: Greet your best buyers on behalf of SDRs, automatically. With AI-generated greetings, SDRs can focus on other pipeline-generating activities and seamlessly join the conversation when the time is right.
  • QUALIFIED AI SUGGEST: Struggling to craft a response to complex buyer questions? With AI, SDRs can get recommended answers that are fast, correct, and polished so they no longer need to waste time hunting down necessary information.
  • QUALIFIED AI EXPAND: Response time is crucial to keep buyers engaged. With AI, SDRs can quickly expand on keywords instead of wasting precious time drafting something from scratch.
  • QUALIFIED AI TUNE: Move fast and keep it professional. With AI, SDR responses can be automatically refined to ensure they’re consistently polite, friendly, and always on-brand.

AI Copilot is generally available to all Qualified customers so connect with your QSA to get started. Be sure to watch the demo video above 👆 and read the help article to learn more

Enable / Disable Return Visitor Alerts

With AI Pounce, SDRs spend less time monitoring the Qualified app, which means notifications become even more critical to ensure they don't miss a conversation with a valuable visitor. However, this also means that return visitor alerts may be too noisy for some teams. Previously, SDRs could not control “visitor returned" alerts so anytime a visitor with a prior visit arrived on the site, an alert would be sent to the assigned SDR. Now, SDRs can choose whether or not to receive return visitor alerts, tailoring it to their needs.


Invite your best buyers to schedule meetings with your sales team in just a few clicks.

Get deeper insights into how meetings are being booked on your website

Meetings Analytics

Knowing how you’re generating meetings for your sales team is crucial, so we’ve added additional metrics to help improve these insights. New and improved reporting capabilities include: 

  • Meeting Channel Leaderboard compares how different channels are performing to see which generates the most meetings. For example, Smart Forms vs. Meeting Links
  • New data points when building custom reports to offer a more holistic vision of performance, including: Channels for Meetings Offered, Channels for Meetings Booked, Meeting Type for Meeting Offered, Meeting Type Durations for Meetings Offered, Meetings Offered (count), Meetings Booked (count)

We’ve also released some “quality of life” improvements, which include:

  • Ability to change time scale (daily, weekly, monthly) for line and bar charts in dashboards
  • Ability to filter by groups in rep-based leaderboards in dashboards
  • Flow analytics updates to reflect Experience Triggered and Experience Show (instead of "Impressions")

If you have questions or need support with custom reports, reach out to your QSA.

Wait to Navigate After Meeting Booker

When a visitor books time in the lightbox meeting booker, a confirmation message is immediately presented. Previously, the lightbox meeting booker would navigate to a new page without giving the visitor enough time to view the confirmation. Now, the experience will remain on the confirmation until the visitor either closes the lightbox or manually navigates to another page. 

Meeting Cancellations and Reschedules 

Previously, Qualified only recognized a meeting as canceled if the visitor used the "Reschedule or cancel" link in the Qualified email confirmation. Now, Qualified will recognize any cancelation or reschedules, including declining or deleting invites directly from a calendar. This ensures sales team calendars are always current.

Meeting Routing in Live Chat

Meetings offered in live chat previously required an SDR to manually input the person they wanted to route the meeting to. Now, meetings offered in live chat will respect Meeting Type Routing Rules making it much simpler for SDRs to offer a meeting with exactly the right person. Not only is this quicker but also reduces room for error. Read the help article to learn more.

Minimum Meeting Notice 

The "Minimum Meeting Notice" is the buffer time before the earliest meeting a visitor can book on a sales rep’s calendar. For example, if a visitor visits the website on Saturday at 3pm and the "Minimum Meeting Notice" is one day, Qualified will present time slots starting Tuesday at 8am since the next meeting availability starts on Monday at 8am. This will avoid sales reps coming into work on Monday and surprisingly finding a customer meeting at 8am. With this update, Qualified respects the user's availability and includes this in the buffer time.


Surface account-based buying intent data and take action on your hottest accounts.

Access unique Account Signals data on the Account record in Salesforce

Account-Level Signals

Qualified Signals uses valuable 1st and 3rd party data to identify the accounts who are most likely to buy then pushes this data to the Account record in Salesforce, where revenue teams spend most of their day. Previously, Signals aggregated data based on domain URL (regardless of the number of Account records in the hierarchy). This new feature separates the data so each Account record has its own unique data and known contact activities will only nest under the account with which they are associated. Connect with your dedicated QSA to learn more.


Identify, engage, and convert your best buyers through custom website experiences.

Configure your privacy policy to meet your unique legal requirements

Configurable Privacy Policy

Global privacy laws and regulations, like CIPA and GDPR, are constantly impacting our customers. This new feature adds the privacy policy to all greeting types and allows customers to configure the privacy policy message in a way that meets their legal requirements. This feature also offers the option to hyperlink out to relevant legal materials and gives customers the ability to translate their privacy policy to match the language of the experience. Read the help article to learn more.

Smart Selector for Buttons

Configuring button experiences just got a whole lot easier. Admins can simply select buttons using point-and-click and assign a desired action. Moreover, if buttons chosen for a specific experience are no longer valid, your dedicated QSA will immediately notify you to ensure all buttons are working as expected. Smart Selector is only available to customers with Qualified Meetings. To get started, connect with your QSA and read the help article to learn more.

User Admin Improvements

User Admin Tables help you keep tabs on your organization within the Qualified app. We have two updates to make your life a bit easier. 

  • Total User Counts is a small but mighty revamp that shows the total user count for each user role in addition to new categories, including: All, Active, and Pending. The count of users requiring action is also indicated for each category within the red circle icon. Read the help article to learn more.
  • Previously, Qualified Admins had to navigate between the User Admin Table and Org Calendar tab to view all user setup details. Now, all data is captured in the User Admin Table, including calendar connection and conference details. This reduces clicks and consolidates all important user details into one single view. Read the help article to learn more.

That’s a wrap for Spring ‘24! We’re always working on exciting new features but if you have ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you! As always, feel free to chat with us live on the website or connect with your dedicated QSA at any time.

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