Hot off the press: Qualified Summer ‘22

Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest features, hot off the press from the Qualified product team!

Jessica Ding
Jessica Ding
July 20, 2022
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Summer is here! The sun is shining, the grill is sizzling, and the beach is buzzing. 😎🏖 This also means Qualified Summer ‘22 is here, complete with the hottest innovations designed to help modern revenue teams grow pipeline and maximize ROI. 

At Qualified, our motto is simple: We do “Whatever it takes” to ensure our customers are successful. We use customer input to drive our Pipeline Cloud product roadmap, with the goal of helping you get the most value out of Qualified. This release is focused on boosting revenue team productivity and delivering ROI. So, grab some SPF 100 and check out our latest and greatest Pipeline Cloud offerings, including:

  • Qualified Conversations: Grow pipeline by engaging VIP buyers in face-to-face sales meetings, right on the site, with Qualified Video. Plus, new enhancements to the Qualified Experience Builder for more tailored visitor experiences
  • Qualified for Outbound: Connect your outbound prospecting efforts and visitor website activity with more context using Qualified Visitor Source for Outbound 
  • Qualified for Advertising: Engage your paid traffic in personalized sales conversations on the site with more context from Qualified Visitor Source for Ads
  • Qualified Insights: Glean deeper insights about ROI and team performance with enhanced functionality across Qualified Dashboards and Qualified Reports
  • Qualified Xforce Platform: Get more from your Marketo integration with API call limits

Qualified Conversations: Qualified Video is here

We’re excited to take Qualified Conversations to the next level with face-to-face sales meetings, right on the website.

In April, we launched the Pipeline Cloud, a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes that help modern B2B companies generate more pipeline, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. At the heart of the Pipeline Cloud is Qualified Conversations. This is how sales reps instantly connect with VIP buyers on the website and convert them into pipeline.

As part of Qualified Conversations, Qualified Video takes real-time conversations to the next level by giving your sales reps the opportunity to start a face-to-face sales meeting right on the website. Not only can they offer quick answers, they can also read emotions, reactions, body language, and nonverbal cues to build rapport and trust—factors that are absolutely crucial in the world of sales. Not only does this help modern sales teams turn more prospects into pipeline, but also accelerates sales cycles and delivers higher ROI for your sales and marketing efforts.

For more information, check out this blog post, Qualified University article, and watch the demo video above 👆. If you’re ready to get started, check out our Conversations Playbook for more ways to drive pipeline and connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect today.

Qualified Conversations: Enhanced functionality in the Qualified Experience Builder

Deliver personalized Experiences for VIP website visitors.

Creating meaningful experiences is imperative for building relationships with prospects and accelerating sales cycles. This begins on your website. The Qualified Experience Builder empowers you to deliver personalized website experiences that convert.

Multi-User Calendar Invites

Sales meetings are a sure-fire way to continue the conversation with hot prospects and keep deals progressing. To streamline scheduling and ensure website visitors meet with the right team members, the Qualified Meeting Booker now offers two dynamic booking options:

  1. Book with Anyone: If selected, website visitors will be shown a list of all available meeting times for individual users. When a visitor selects a time, the Meeting Booker will send a calendar invite exclusively to the visitor and the available rep. 
  1. Book with Everyone: If selected, website visitors will be shown a list of all available meeting times for a group of users within your organization, based on their mutual calendar availability. When a visitor selects a time, the Meeting Booker will send a calendar invite to the entire group as well as the visitor. 

This feature is available to all Qualified customers. To activate this feature, check out this Qualified University article.

Account team member routing

It’s common for organizations to have multiple team members selling different product lines into a single account. These organizations often assign team members to each account using a Salesforce object called 'Account Team Members,' which is related to the Account object. This allows them to select a user for each account team member role. Qualified customers can now route website visitors to a specific member on the account team, instead of using a formula field workaround. This ensures website visitors are connected with the right sales rep based on the product line of interest. Check out this Qualified University article to learn more.

Qualified for Outbound: More insights on outbound prospects

Know exactly how to engage with buyers based on outbound email outreach.

Valuable buyers are inundated with outbound emails everyday. For sales reps, it’s tough to break through the noise; so if their Outreach or Salesloft email is opened and clicked, that’s a hard-earned prize. But sales reps have no idea when a target buyer is on the site — it’s a total black box. Qualified helps your sales reps focus their prospecting efforts on high-intent accounts, then immediately notifies the reps when these accounts have arrived on the site. Sales reps can then strike up a conversation, delivering a seamless buying experience across channels. Qualified for Outbound has two exciting new features:

Qualified visitor source for outbound

With Qualified Visitor Source for Outbound, sales reps can see the entire Outreach or Salesloft email that was opened and clicked within both Qualified Conversations (shown above) and Qualified Signals. This gives your sales reps complete visibility into the email that brought the visitor to the site and boosts their confidence when starting a meaningful, contextual conversation. The result: better buying experiences, more pipeline, and increased ROI.

This feature is currently available to select plans only. Contact your Qualified Success Architect to get started today and check out this University article to read more.

Signals Account 360 for Outreach

For outbound sales reps, the most fruitful strategy is targeting buyers who are already showing high buying intent. Qualified Signals is your secret weapon when it comes to identifying these high-intent accounts. Now, Signals data is embedded directly within Outreach so it’s readily available when drafting your outbound emails. This tells you whom to target and how to draft your note, ensuring it’s perfectly timed and relevant. This feature is currently available for Outreach with Salesloft coming soon. To learn more, connect with your Qualified Success Architect.

Qualified for Advertising: Greater visibility on ad campaigns

Maximize ad spend and pipeline by engaging your paid traffic in real-time sales conversations.

Paid ads are one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and drive inbound traffic to your site — if done right. It requires knowing your target audience, prioritizing the right channels, and crafting a message that will resonate. That’s where Qualified for Advertising comes in. A vital part of the Pipeline Cloud, Qualified for Advertising helps demand generation teams use buyer intent data to identify high-intent accounts. They can then build custom audience segments and serve tailored ads in platforms like LinkedIn and Google, driving valuable traffic back to the website.

Qualified visitor source for ads and Qualified Ad Click Tracking

When a VIP buyer clicks through an ad and arrives on the site, Qualified will route the visitor to their assigned rep and alert the rep to welcome the buyer with a personalized greeting. With Qualified Visitor Source for Ads, reps can see the exact ad a prospect clicked through and with Qualified Ad Click Tracking, reps can see ad engagement insights, including the UTM campaign and ad medium, in both Qualified Conversations and Qualified Signals (shown above). Equipped with this knowledge, reps can start a personalized conversation that’s both relevant and contextual to the ad. This results in a more connected buying experience, increased return on ad spend (ROAS), and more pipeline. To see Qualified for Advertising in action, watch the demo video above and check out the Trifecta for Marketing

This feature is available for select plans only. To learn more, reach out to your dedicated Qualified Success Architect.

Qualified Insights: Fast and flexible reporting

Help your team make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions with these practical capabilities.

Data has the power to drive smarter decision-making and more efficient processes across your organization. But, data is only as effective as your ability to make use of it. With Qualified Analytics, we make it easy for you to understand program performance and quickly turn insights into action.

Qualified Pipeline and Revenue dashboards

Understanding the ROI of any solution in your tech stack is crucial, especially when it comes to impacting your bottom line. For sales and marketing teams, this means generating pipeline and revenue. Tracking ROI is simple with Qualified since our Pipeline and Revenue Dashboards are tied to the information you already have in Salesforce. With our recent redesign, these dashboards are even easier to understand, more accurate, and more powerful. You can visualize multiple models for pipeline and Opportunities influenced by Qualified, filter dashboards by lead or Opportunity type, and click through to the conversations that influenced the Opportunity. Learn more in this Qualified University article.

Faster navigation in Qualified Reports

With Qualified Reports, revenue teams gain a comprehensive understanding of website traffic and engagement. The summary view provides a high-level glance of visitor session activity, but it can be difficult to navigate when clicking in and out of each individual session. This update streamlines navigation with two toggle arrows in the upper-left corner of the conversation modal that can be used by either clicking or using the arrow keys. Users no longer need to exit the modal, return to the report, and manually select the next conversation. This will help your teams operate more efficiently and save them time. Explore this Qualified University article to learn more.

Rep Availability Timeline dashboard tile

Sales reps are at the frontlines of pipeline generation, qualifying buyers and getting them into a sales cycle. So it’s important to understand rep performance and where there are opportunities for improvement. Our Rep Availability Timeline dashboard tile shows the availability of sales reps at each hour throughout a day. This helps revenue leaders quickly understand website coverage at a glance and whether staffing adjustments are needed. In addition to the Rep Performance Dashboard, this tile can now be added to any custom dashboard making it easy to see all preferred data in a single view. Customers can also filter availability by individual reps or groups of reps for a deeper dive. Check out this Qualified University article to learn more.

Qualified Xforce Platform: Fresh upgrades to our Marketo integration

Designed to help you manage your API call limits more effectively.

Qualified’s integration with Marketo allows you to identify visitors on your site that are coming from Marketo marketing campaigns and instantly surface relevant information, so you can prioritize high-value leads. However, with large volumes of data being transmitted between the two systems, it’s common to exceed API call limits. This issue is not only expensive, but will also halt data syncing. To help you manage API call limits, you now have the option to either disable API calls to Marketo when the visitor’s email address is unknown or limit the number of API calls made on a daily basis. To get started, read this Qualified University article and reach out to your dedicated Qualified Success Architect.

Wrap up

So, what’re you waiting for? Get started with these new features today and watch your ROI soar. 

This may be it for Qualified Summer ‘22, but things are only starting to heat up. We’re working on the hottest new innovation that is guaranteed to take account-based buying intent and revenue productivity to new heights. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement. 👀🔥

If you have feedback or ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you. Chat with us live on the website or reach out to our Customer Success team at any time.

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