Transplace chooses Qualified to rev its pipeline engine

Transplace, the largest managed transportation and logistics network in the world, has selected Qualified.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
October 7, 2021
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Today, we’re excited to announce that Transplace—the largest managed transportation and logistics network in the world—has selected Qualified as its conversational sales and marketing solution. This partnership will help rev the pipeline engine at Transplace by modernizing lead capture workflows and turbocharging their ABM strategy.

As the world becomes more connected through international trade, the global supply chain becomes more complex and moving cargo from one continent to another must be carefully choreographed. That’s where Transplace comes in. Founded in 2000, Transplace operates one of the largest software platforms for transportation and logistics in the world. They help CPG giants like Del Monte, Nestle Waters, and Colgate-Palmolive manage their supply chains to ensure goods are shipped on time, every time.

Transplace has over $11 billion of Freight Under Management (FUM)—the dollar amount of freight managed by Transplace—and 62,000 unique users on their platform. With 2,500 employees in offices around the globe, Transplace is a titan of industry that was recently acquired by Uber Freight for $2.25B.

Transplace drives huge volumes of traffic to their website each month—about 100,000 visitors—and they know there’s an enormous opportunity to capitalize on this traffic and capture more leads. With a constant focus on innovation, Transplace sought a conversational solution that would deliver more high-quality pipeline and also complement their existing tech stack; which includes Salesforce, Pardot, 6sense, and Outreach. 

Together, Qualified and Transplace are the perfect pair. With Qualified, Transplace will be able to implement a targeted ABM strategy—harnessing 6sense to identify their most valuable accounts then leveraging Qualified to serve an unbeatable sales experience when they arrive on the website. They’ll also be able to increase initial response time by skipping webforms, instantly qualify visitors before they submit a demo request, and drive significantly more high-quality pipeline from the website.

We know Transplace will have tons of success and we’ll be there to support them every step of the way. If you’d like to learn more about how Qualified can help your business, feel free to chat with us live on the Qualified website at any time.

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