Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud

A revolutionary new set of technologies and processes that drive more pipeline for modern revenue teams.

Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
April 5, 2022
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Today we’re incredibly excited to introduce you to the future of B2B pipeline generation. Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud!

The Pipeline Cloud is a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes that are guaranteed to generate more pipeline for modern revenue teams.

Tune into our brand-new keynote to learn about the Pipeline Cloud, how it works, and see it in action:

As we look at the world around us, it is clear that there has been a seismic shift in B2B buyer behavior. There are three major “revolutions” occurring: 

  • Content Revolution: Buyers are now more educated and have access to more resources than ever before—every digital marketing team is a content powerhouse, pumping out books, webinars, blogs, and podcasts at a pace we’ve never seen. 
  • Privacy Revolution: What started with a Facebook scandal has become the most important privacy conversation since the birth of the internet. Buyers are now more protective of their personal information—and less likely to give it up.
  • Communication Revolution: Buyers expect one click to voice, video, and chat—just like how they communicate with their teams, peers, bosses. Slack is the new email and Zoom is the new phone.

If the world around us has changed, and technology has changed, and our buyer expectations have changed…has our pipeline generation process changed?

Unfortunately, the age-old pipeline generation process has remained untouched. For years, we’ve gated content to generate leads. However, today’s buyer knows that if they reveal their personal information, their inbox gets flooded with unsolicited emails and their phone starts to ring off the hook. The result? 18% of buyers abandon forms altogether and educate themselves elsewhere; like your competitor’s site. Another 80% fill out forms with false information, leading your sales reps on a wild goose chase.

When today’s buyers are in research mode, they avoid divulging personal information. We call this phenomenon the “rise of the anonymous buyer.” 

What does this mean for our businesses? The website visitor to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) conversion rate is at an all-time low. 

When buyers are finally ready to talk to sales, they expect an on-demand experience: one-click to voice, video, and chat. But we’re even gating our sales team. When someone is ready to talk to sales, we make them fill out a form and say “Thanks, we’ll get back to you soon.” People want the ability to have a quick conversation on their terms, when they’re on your website!

Gating content doesn’t work, and gating our sales team doesn’t work either. Buyers are circumnavigating this process, and it’s costing us pipeline. 

Everything has changed—shouldn’t the way we generate pipeline change, too?

Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud

The Pipeline Cloud is a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes that are guaranteed to generate more pipeline for modern revenue teams.

With the Pipeline Cloud, all roads lead to Qualified Conversations

When sales reps can have real-time conversations–timely, personalized, one-click-to-meeting conversations–with your best buyers, right on your website, pipeline materializes. Every piece of the Pipeline Cloud motion is designed to drive buyers back to your Salesforce-connected website, so that you can engage them in a conversation that converts and delivers a stellar buying experience. Because when conversations happen, pipeline happens.

The magic of the pipeline cloud is having real-time conversations with your best buyers, right on your Salesforce-connected website.

The Pipeline Cloud Pillars, broken down

So how does the pipeline cloud work? What are the elements of this new motion that help you drive more conversations, and more pipeline? Let’s break it down. There are five key pillars of the Pipeline Cloud:

Salesforce-Connected Website

The foundation of the Pipeline Cloud is a Salesforce-connected website. By connecting your corporate website with Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, you get crystal-clear visibility into who’s visiting your site. You can see which companies they work for, if there are any open sales opportunities, and how they’re exploring their content.

Buyer Intent Signals, powered by Qualified Signals

Now that your website is connected to Salesforce, you can surface signals of account-based buyer intent. Qualified Signals taps into a goldmine of first-party data, combined with AI-driven insights, to tell you which accounts are in-market to buy and sales ready. By understanding these signals, you can shape your go-to-market strategy and optimize your team’s time and efforts. 

Account-Based Marketing, powered by Qualified for ABM

Now that you know which accounts are demonstrating high intent, marketing can build a targeted ad strategy. With Qualified for ABM, marketers can build unique audience segments and execute targeted ad campaigns that put your brand top of mind and drive buyers back to your website with every click.

Outbound Outreach, powered by Qualified for Outbound

The Pipeline Cloud is not just for marketing teams—your sales team can use these buying intent signals to create high-converting outbound email sequences. With Qualified for Outbound, sellers can prioritize target accounts with the highest propensity to buy and craft hyper-personalized email campaigns based on their recent website activity. A focused outbounding strategy means tailored messages that are more likely to engage buyers.

Real-Time Conversations, powered  by Qualified Conversations

Back to the star of the show: conversations! What happens when all of this works and buyers click through your ads or click through the links in your emails? You have to be ready to meet them right there, right on your website, right in that pivotal moment when they’re ready to learn more. With real-time sales conversations, sales reps can have instant, personalized conversations with their most qualified buyers using real-time chat, voice, and video.

You may be asking yourself, “So, does this thing really work?” Well, to date, Qualified, and our customers, have seen a 30% increase in visitor to pipeline conversion rate, the highest recorded in our industry.

This is the future of pipeline generation and B2B marketing. This is the motion that modern revenue teams need to meet new buying standards and expectations to increase pipeline generation. This is what we are so passionate about at Qualified!

Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud! We can’t wait to see you put it to use and watch your pipeline skyrocket.

–Kraig Swensrud

Founder and CEO, Qualified

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