What sets Qualified apart, as told by GIFs

Discover seven reasons why customers choose Qualified and how Qualified will ensure your success.

What sets Qualified apart, as told by GIFs
Sarah McConnell
Sarah McConnell
April 20, 2022
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When it comes to driving pipeline, Qualified really has an advantage. I’ve used a number of conversational marketing products prior to using Qualified as a customer first and then joining the team. After almost 2 years at Qualified, here are the main reasons I have seen customer’s choose Qualified to help them drive more pipeline, and I am going to illustrate it in the best way I know how: with GIFs.

Qualified is purpose-built for Salesforce

What does that mean? We are founded by, funded by and for.

  • Founded by Salesforce executives and led by amazing Salesforce alumni, and Salesforce experts
  • Qualified is funded by Salesforce and we have Salesforce powerhouses Sarah Franklin and Bill Patterson sitting on our board
  • Qualified is built for Salesforce, is a certified Salesforce ISV, and powers the Salesforce AppExchange chat

Our Qualified Xforce Platform

Xforce is the foundation of Qualified and runs natively on the Salesforce platform. Xforce can traverse the most unique Salesforce Sales Cloud models and leverage hundreds of thousands of data points to power bespoke, configurable conversational programs. There is no Salesforce instance too complex for Qualified Xforce.

“Whatever it takes” guarantees customer success

No, literally, we will do "whatever it takes." Our Qualified Sales Architects are the best in the business when it comes to setting our customers up for success. Just look at some of the reviews left by our raving customers on G2 and the Salesforce AppExchange. This team really is the crown jewel of Qualified and I am so honored to work alongside and learn from them every day!

Humans sell, bots scale

While it would be great to grow revenue without growing your headcount, we know a successful conversational program needs both humans and bots. Qualified connects human sales reps with human buyers in that magic moment they are showing interest on your website. This philosophy is why I joined the team and it has been incredible to watch the evolution of our product to continue making it easier for humans to meet with humans.


Qualified is constantly innovating! In FY23, Qualified released 3 major products: Qualified X, Qualified Xforce, and Qualified Signals, as well as dozens of new features like Qualified Anywhere and Custom Dashboards. We also developed 12 new partnerships and integrations like Slack, Microsoft Teams, 6sense, and Outreach.

We are constantly focused on new ways to help our customers drive pipeline, and that shows in the sheer number of new releases we had in 2021 and what we will continue to see in 2022.

Qualified Signals

With Signals, Qualified becomes the only conversational platform on the market with a fully integrated buying intent product.

At the heart of Signals is the Signals AI Predictive Model which processes thousands of website engagement data points, conversational touchpoints, and Salesforce activities to predict an account's propensity to buy. Like everything else about Qualified, Signals is fully integrated to Salesforce so our customers can see prioritization dashboards, reports, and alerts for their sales team.

Qualified has always been focused on making it easier for sellers to create and win deals. With Signals, we take that a step further by focusing their time on the accounts that matter most, helping streamline the entire sales process from prospecting all the way through to closing.


Qualified had an amazing FY22 filled with momentum. This momentum is coming from things like a record-breaking fiscal year with 400% year over year growth, 150% net customer retention rate, Series B for $51M led by Salesforce Ventures, and the sheer number of enterprise, industry-leading logos that have chosen Qualified like Adobe, Poly, Matterport, Talend. There’s so much to be excited about coming off a year filled with so much growth!

I know the pipeline generation landscape and can speak to why Qualified is the best in the business from experience. If you’re looking to generate pipeline intelligently and give your SDRs a competitive advantage, chat with us now and experience the Qualified Advantage yourself!


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