How to Know if Your Business is Ready for Conversational Marketing

Any salesperson will tell you that they have a much higher chance of making a sale if they have a conversation. After all, when you have a discussion with someone, you learn about the specific successes and challenges they’re having. So, why aren’t more B2B companies building conversations into their marketing efforts? 

For decades, marketers at B2B companies have been asking leads to fill out forms on our websites. Forms can get the job done, but it’s much better to engage leads in a real-time conversation. Thankfully, this is now possible, and it’s helping B2B companies better capture leads and ultimately make more sales. 

Today’s B2B companies are prioritizing Conversational Marketing and learning how to make it a core part of their marketing and sales strategies. Is your business ready for Conversational Marketing? Read on to find out.

What is Conversational Marketing?

A conversation is an informal discussion where ideas are exchanged. Conversational Marketing helps companies capture and convert leads by making it easy for buyers and sales reps to instantly exchange ideas.

Conversational Marketing platforms provide a deep view of people who are browsing your website, so that you can start meaningful conversations with qualified leads in real time. Using such a platform, you can leverage live chat, chatbots, voice-calls, and screen-sharing to sell smarter.

Conversational Marketing instantly connects qualified website visitors with chatbots or live sales reps

Who can benefit from Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing can benefit any business, but it’s particularly helpful for B2B companies that want to focus on engaging and converting qualified website visitors. It’s especially helpful if you’re using a CRM solution such as Salesforce, as that is the source of truth for all of your prospect and customer data. 

Many companies choose to staff Conversational Marketing platforms with sales representatives, while others rely solely on chatbots. Using chatbots to qualify leads, capture leads, and book meetings for your sales team is a great first step to take with Conversational Marketing if you aren't ready to dedicate sales people to staffing the channel. Chatbots are a great way to help you engage with website visitors in a scalable way.

Chatbots are a great first step in your new program

How to know if you’re ready to invest in Conversational Marketing

If your business drives traffic to your website, you can benefit from Conversational Marketing right away. After all, when B2B sales teams respond to leads in under 5 minutes, they are 100x more likely to make contact with that prospect, according to a study by LeadResponseManagement.org. 

Here are some questions to ask to determine if your business is ready for Conversational Marketing:

Wrap Up

Conversational Marketing allows you to engage with leads instantaneously. It allows you to reach qualified prospects without asking them to fill out forms or jump through hoops to get in touch. It saves your sales team from chasing down prospects and sending emails that never get opened.

If you’re a B2B company that is struggling to convert leads, or simply wants a better way to engage with those who are qualified, it’s time to try Conversational Marketing. Watch our 90 second demo video see how you can do this with Qualified ⬇️

Posted on
December 11, 2019
Maura Rivera

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