A look back at Dreamforce 2019

What a week! As we wrap up another incredible Dreamforce, let’s take a quick look back on the highlights from the big event.

A look back at Dreamforce 2019
Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
November 23, 2019
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Every year hundreds of thousands of Trailblazers descend on San Francisco for a week of innovation, learning, and networking. And every year the event gets bigger and better. We had a blast meeting customers and partners from around the world and talking about their visions for Salesforce and Conversational Marketing. Here are some highlights from the week. 

Qualified took center stage at the B2B Marketing Keynote featuring the CMO of InsideView

This year’s B2B Marketing Keynote did something completely new: Salesforce put Pardot customers on the big stage to deliver the entire keynote. Tracy Eiler, CMO at InsideView, and Andy Bertera, Executive Director at New England Biolabs Inc, graced the stage to discuss how marketers can drive revenue growth in this new age of intelligent marketing. They rocked it!

Dreamforce B2B Marketing Keynote
The B2B Marketing Keynote room was jam-packed with marketers ready to learn about the latest and greatest Pardot innovations

One of the highlights was watching Tracy deliver an end-to-end demo that showcased how the team at InsideView uses Qualified to engage target accounts and convert them into real sales opportunities. Tracy’s demo was a sneak peek at what you can do with Qualified ABM, our Conversational Marketing solution that tells companies when VIPs are on their site and have real-time, personalized sales conversations with target accounts. 

Dreamforce B2B Marketing Keynote: InsideView Demos Qualified for Salesforce Pardot
Tracy Eiler, CMO at InsideView, demoing Qualified for Salesforce Pardot in the B2B Marketing Keynote. Photo courtesy of Lucy Mazalon from The Drip. 

Check out Pardot’s blog post Top 5 Takeaways from the B2B Marketing Keynote at Dreamforce for more insights or watch the keynote right here ⬇️

Conversational Marketing was one of the 3 trends shaping the future of B2B marketing in the OpStars Keynote

Just down the street from Dreamforce, Revenue Operations leaders gathered at the OpStars conference to exchange ideas about how they can supercharge their revenue engines. Our founder Sean Whiteley  delivered a keynote alongside Tracy Eiler, CMO of InsideView, about 3 Trends Shaping the Future of Revenue Operations.

During the keynote Tracy and Sean talked about the challenges that revenue teams face today and highlighted three trends that are going to transform business. The key takeaway was that today’s B2B buyer expects faster, more personalized experiences, but marketers struggle to deliver this because of divided processes, tools, and data. Data integrity, Conversational Marketing, and account-based marketing are the key to B2B companies working more efficiently and delivering a better customer experience.

Sean Whiteley Presents at the OpStars Keynote: 3 Trends Shaping the Future of Conversational Marketing
Sean introduces Conversational Marketing as a more modern, efficient way of B2B selling

The first B2B marketing trends podcast recorded and broadcast live in front of the Dreamforce audience

We cruised over to Pardot’s home for the week, the Pied Piper at the Palace hotel, for a live recording of the Marketing Trends podcast. Keith Messick, Dialpad CMO, Sydney Sloan, CMO at Salesloft, and Nick King, VP of CX at Cisco had a lively discussion about their roles as marketing leaders. They shared what keeps them up at night, how they approach prioritization, and how they inspire their team to do their best work.  

Marketing Trends Live Podcast Recording at Dreamforce
Pardot hosted a live recording of the Marketing Trends Podcast

If you don’t already follow the Marketing Trends podcast, check it out here. They interview some of the brightest marketing professionals out there about everything modern marketers need to know.

$2B Unicorn ThoughtSpot shared how you can generate more pipeline with Conversational Marketing and ABM

Our founder Kraig was joined by Kaushik Patel, VP of Marketing at ThoughSpot, to talk about how Salesforce customers can use Conversational Marketing to make a direct impact on pipeline and revenue.

Kraig outlined 5 powerful Conversational Marketing use cases and jumped into a live demo of Qualified for Salesforce Pardot. Then, Kraig and Kaushik did a Q&A session, where Kaushik talked about ThoughtSpot’s experience launching Qualified and what’s next for their Conversational Marketing program. Hint: they’re going to go even bigger on using Conversational Marketing for their ABM target accounts. Read ThoughtSpot’s full customer story here.

Kaushik Patel, VP of Marketing from ThoughtSpot, shares why Qualified is a key pillar of their pipeline generation model

Thousands of Trailblazers celebrated a great week at the B2B Marketing Bash

Together with our friends at Pardot and Sercante, Qualified co-hosted “Into the Blue, the B2B Marketing Bash of Dreamforce”. We sang, we danced, and we celebrated an incredible week with our Salesforce Ohana. 

B2B Marketing Bash at Dreamforce
Trailblazers danced the night away at the B2B Marketing Bash of Dreamforce

That's a wrap!

What a week. Thank you to all of our customers and partners for an incredible Dreamforce. Until next year!

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