AI Demo Day: Qualified showcases new AI Live Chat and AI Chatbot technology

Join our co-founders as they sit down for a live product demo of Qualified AI in our flagship products, Live Chat and Chatbots. Early Access available now!

AI Demo Day: Qualified showcases new AI Live Chat and AI Chatbot technology
Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
September 28, 2023
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AI that's on a mission to generate you more pipeline

In August, we unveiled Qualified AI, the fuel that turbocharges our entire Pipeline Cloud Platform and each of our products: live chat, chatbots, meeting scheduling, marketing offers, and buying intent signals. At the heart of this launch was our vision to help companies power their websites with AI, and deliver hyper-personalized experiences at every touchpoint to grow pipeline. 

Today, we’re going deep on how Qualified AI has come to life in our flagship Live Chat and Chatbot products. Conversations have always been core to who we are, and the AI revolution has enabled us to build some truly incredible technology that we are so excited for you, our customers, to get your hands on. 

I sat down with my co-founder and Chief Product Officer Bing Yang to demonstrate our new AI Live Chat and AI Chatbot technology that’s purpose-built for pipeline generation. And we’re not just touting AI fluff, we’re showcasing real, tangible products that are available for early access today. In the demo shown above, we break down:

  • Qualified AI Training: Teach Qualified AI about your company, so it can be as knowledgeable as your best sales rep 
  • Qualified AI Live Chat: Give your sales reps a copilot so they can have faster, smarter engagements with your most valuable buyers
  • Qualified AI Chatbots: Turn your chatbots on autopilot so they can engage in meaningful conversations and capture pipeline around the clock
  • Qualified AI Tuning: Refine Qualified AI to respond to questions in a way that makes the most sense for your business, helping it to become stronger and smarter over time 

We could not be more excited about this game-changing innovation and we hope you are too. Early Access is now open for existing Qualified customers so be sure to enroll today.

Train Qualified AI to speak as intelligently as your best sales rep

Before you start using AI Live Chat and AI Chatbots, you must train Qualified AI to be knowledgeable about your company. Think of this process as how you’d onboard your newest sales rep. But in this case, you’re onboarding Qualified AI. This training lays the foundation that helps Qualified AI be on-message and smart when a question rolls in. 

Here’s how it works: Qualified AI indexes your most important marketing materials - like webpages, your help sites and your resource center - as well as internal documents - like competitive positioning and pricing FAQs - and compiles all of this indexed training data in one place. Then, when a visitor asks a question, Qualified surfaces the most relevant indexed data, routes it to a Large Language Model (in this case, GPT 4) alongside a thorough prompt, and crafts a relevant, timely response.

The Qualified AI system is trained to have intelligent conversations

And here at Qualified, trust is always our top priority. Built with a multi-tenancy model, Qualified AI keeps your data completely siloed and indexed just for your use. Once the system is trained, or “onboarded,” you can leverage this training in your Live Chat and Chatbot experiences. 

AI Live Chat - Give your sales reps a copilot to have faster, smarter conversations

Now that you’ve trained Qualified AI, it’s time to leverage this information in your live chat conversations. AI Live Chat is designed to give your sales reps a copilot to make them accurate and efficient in every interaction. Because we all know that speed-to-lead is paramount!

Now, everytime a visitor asks a question, there’s no need for your reps to sift through resources or spend time crafting the perfect response. All of that indexed training data is at their fingertips, helping them deliver fast, smart responses. 

Qualified AI automatically recommends thoughtful and thorough responses for your sales reps

AI Live Chat features include:

  • Qualified AI Suggest: When a buyer question comes in, Qualified AI recommends responses to help every sales rep answer thoughtfully and thoroughly while staying on-message. This not only helps your sales reps scale, it also offers ongoing education so they can continuously improve.
  • Qualified AI Expand: Rather than wordsmithing each response, which takes precious time, Qualified AI will expand on shorthand notes or bulleted lists in seconds. The result is a well-crafted reply that encourages rep efficiency and keeps the conversation moving.
  • Qualified AI Pounce: To make best use of time, sales reps only want to engage with the buyers they care about most. Qualified AI discerns which website visitors are valuable then automatically initiates a conversation on behalf of your sales rep, at the exact right time. Once the visitor is engaged, the sales rep can seamlessly join the conversation without missing a beat.

AI Chatbots - Turn chatbots on autopilot to scale pipeline generation 24/7

While sales reps offer an incredible buying experience, they aren’t available 24/7. That’s where chatbots come in. Our AI Chatbot is not any run-of-the-mill Q&A chatbot, it is a sales and marketing chatbot that has one single mission: to generate pipeline.

Powered by Qualified AI, Qualified Chatbots are designed to convert prospects into pipeline

Powered by Qualified AI and the Pipeline Cloud Platform, AI Chatbots are jam-packed with horsepower. They can identify visitors, segment website traffic, and track website activity - all before ever engaging a visitor. Then, when the time is right, they can offer personalized greetings and timely nudges to get visitors hooked into a conversation. 

Once visitors are engaged, this is where AI Chatbots really shine. They can of course offer meaningful responses, but what’s more, they are designed to keep the conversation going and achieve a goal of conversion. When the time is right, they can book meetings with your sales reps, or even route a conversation to the right sales rep if someone is online. It’s incredible, and you really have to see it to believe it.

Tune Qualified AI to get even smarter over time 

As with most AI, Qualified AI will self-optimize utilizing a continuous feedback loop. However, it can become even smarter and more effective with human-in-the-loop feedback to fine-tune responses over time. This gives Qualified customers more control over the system, tailoring it to their needs.

Within the Qualified application, customers can monitor outputs and provide feedback to continuously improve responses over time. They can see how Qualified AI responds to frequently asked questions then reinforce correct responses with positive feedback or correct false responses. Over time, with this continuous feedback loop, the Qualified AI system becomes more accurate and tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

Tune Qualified AI to make it smarter over time

Ready to get started? Enroll in Early Access today.

Now, with the power of Qualified AI, your sales reps have a Live Chat copilot and you can put your Chatbots on autopilot. It’s a surefire way to supercharge your website and grow your pipeline. These amazing new features are available now for existing Qualified customers; if you’re interested in Early Access, enroll today. We can’t wait to see you put this new technology to use!

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