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Discover the 5 ways that b2b sellers can use AI in 2024 to rethink their entire sales motion. From prospecting to forecasting, AI is supercharging sales teams.

Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
February 19, 2024
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In the world of sales and marketing, staying ahead means leveraging the latest technology to its fullest potential. 

AI is revolutionizing the way sales teams identify and engage with potential buyers, transforming the prospecting process with unprecedented precision and efficiency. 

In our latest series, GTM AI, we get first looks into the tools harnessing these capabilities, and today we’re sharing how sales teams are benefitting from AI in their toolkits.

Last week we shared 6 ways B2B Marketers can turbocharge their pipeline generation with AI and this week we're all about how Sales teams can harness the incredible power of AI to take over both the smaller, mundane tasks to forecasting and identifying at risk deals before you'd ever know there was an issue.

5 ways to use AI in B2B Sales

1. Understanding Buyer Intent signals with Predictive AI

Predictive AI tools like 6sense, Qualified, and Salesloft are at the forefront of AI sales tools, offering sales teams the ability to identify buying signals and prioritize their outreach efforts. These platforms analyze vast amounts of data to predict which companies or individuals are in the buying window, enabling more targeted and timely sales initiatives.

6sense’s Revenue AI “secret sauce” is their predictive model, identifying exactly where buyers are in the buying stage and organizing your open opportunities into a sales funnel that makes it easy to visualize who you should be prioritizing.

Salesloft gives users a comprehensive look into the entire buying committee and can give you insights to help you navigate your deals. Rhythm highlights important engagement flags like if your champion has disengaged or recommends who you may be missing in a deal, a crucial factor now that buying committees have grown in recent years. 

Qualified uses predictive AI to take valuable first-party data and combines it with third-party research data to help you understand buying intent within your target accounts, helping your GTM teams know where to focus their time and efforts. 

2. Crafting the perfect message with Generative AI

Crafting personalized messages that resonate is crucial in today's saturated markets–it’s never been easier to cold spam accounts, which means it’s never been harder to get someone hooked on authentic messaging. Generative AI is stepping in to assist, providing sales and marketing professionals with tools to tailor their messaging across emails, calls, and video texts. 

Salesloft allows you to use Generative AI to automatically recap meeting notes into personalized follow up messaging for your buyers. 

Clari’s Smart Call Summary let’s you generate follow up emails in your own voice and tone to summarize and include action items based on meetings. You don’t have to spend time manually inputting notes or drafting emails. 

Qualified’s Co-pilot feature allows you to use AI to answer questions quickly and accurately in live chats, getting your buyers the info they need in record time. 

3. Personalized messaging at scale

The dream of one-to-one marketing at scale is becoming a reality thanks to AI's capabilities.

Platforms like Qualified, Vidyard, 6sense, and Salesloft harness AI to deliver personalized experiences to a vast audience, ensuring each interaction is as relevant and engaging as possible.

Vidyard allows you to set up your profile with your information and your company website, and it will actually crawl the site and identity value props relevant to your target buyer, weaving them into a personalized email automatically. 

6sense described these capabilities as being able to clone your best sales rep, hone their best answers and use them to create automated conversations with Conversational Email. When your buyer raises a hand to book a meeting, their AI knows to loop in the appropriate sales rep and hand off the interaction.

With Qualified, the AI chatbot observes buyer behavior and uses the their engagement to craft a contextual message that encourages further interaction. After a few moments, the bot will time a nudge, sending a short, relevant follow up to convert that visitor into a conversation, engaging them with the express goal of booking a meeting for your sales reps.

4. Increase productivity with Autonomous Agents

The evolution of AI is leading to the rise of autonomous agents, designed to take over routine tasks and free up sales reps to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles. 

Regie is pioneering this space, offering solutions that promise to redefine sales productivity by automating mundane tasks.

Vidyard also allows you to keep your prospecting efforts running in the background by automating many of your tasks to free you up to handle the more complex aspects of your job. 

5. Streamlining deal cycle management

AI is also making massive strides in deal cycle management, removing the guesswork from forecasting and identifying key stakeholders in the buying committee. Tools from Clari, Salesloft, and 6sense offer insights into the sales process, helping teams navigate complex deal dynamics with greater clarity and confidence.

Clari’s powerhouse AI forecasting not only is earning customers a 98% accuracy rate in just a few weeks, but they’re giving customers a transparent look into how the AI model is forecasting these numbers, keeping everyone aligned without creating a black box behind the scenes. 

Salesloft uses key engagement metrics to score your deals and predict what’s most likely to close and what’s at risk for slipping, helping your team prioritize their focus at this all-too-important moments. 

The Impact of AI on Sales and Marketing

As we continue to explore the capabilities of AI in sales and marketing, it's clear that these technologies are not just about automating tasks; they're about empowering teams to be more strategic, insightful, and effective.

The insights gleaned from our discussions with leaders in the field underscore the transformative potential of AI, offering a glimpse into a future where data-driven decision-making and personalized engagement are the norms, not the exceptions.

Stay tuned for more insights and join us in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of AI in sales and marketing.

Catch up on Season One of GTM AI here.

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