How Brandfolder generates 6X more opportunities

We sat down with the Brandfolder team to hear why they've invested in Conversational Marketing and learn about its business impact.

Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
March 2, 2020
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Digital Asset Management Platform Brandfolder powers some of the world’s strongest brands, giving them an easy way to manage all of their design assets. When you visit the Brandfolder website, you’ll be wowed by their personalized and engaging website experience.

Brandfolder recently went live with Qualified in an effort to revamp their Conversational Marketing program and really drive home sales.

We just launched a case study highlighting their strategies and successes, including how they achieved a 4X increase in leads and a 6X increase in sales opportunities—check it out. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our interview with their powerhouse marketing team, the brains behind the operation: Emily Carpenter (Marketing Operations Manager), Adam Figueroa (Demand Generation Manager) and Emily Frazier (Marketing Business Development Rep). 

Let’s start at the beginning. Why has Brandfolder made the decision to invest in Conversational Marketing? 

Adam Figueroa: Conversational Marketing… I think every modern marketer knows that it's just a new way of approaching your inbound opportunities. When it came to re-evaluating vendors, we just saw Qualified as not as an opportunity to revisit not only everything that we were already doing, but revamp our website, make it a little bit more interactive and conversational. I think as a modern marketer, you have to address the fact that people want to talk to you the way that they want to talk to you. It could be a form. It could be a phone call. It could be an email address… So you have to have an avenue. And the way that we approach Demand Generation here is that you have to have an avenue that you will reach people the way that they want to be reached, so we try and hit as many channels as possible.

How do you think about Conversational Marketing within the context of your ideal website experience?

Adam Figueroa: We wanted to approach Qualified and building out chatbots in a way that people can self-service based on our website. Obviously, you can peruse the website as much as you want, but there's also really good information that we have in there. So we broke it out by “do you want to contact sales?” “Do you want to learn more about Brandfolder?” What are the pain points that a person might experience or what they want to get from our website? And then they could just interact with them there. 

And that leads off to case studies, our quote form, Emily, and so forth. When it came to our use case, we have a particular routing system … we route based off of employee size and region. And so we wanted to make sure that we could get that information without necessarily... basically replacing most of the form. We wanted it to be a little bit more automated. So that's why we looked at Clearbit Reveal to integrate with Qualified. So that is a nice use case because someone doesn't tell us the information, we just automatically know.

You’re taking a really strategic approach with some of your experiences, targeting visitors in target industries with unique industry content. Can you tell me more about that strategy? 

Emily Carpenter: We have several industry pages on our website and we have picked two at the moment to feature in terms of our chatbot. And that's our Technology and Food and Beverage industries. We have two custom experiences within Qualified, that says if the Clearbit industry meets those industries... then we provide those types of experiences for those folks so it’s a little bit more catered to “You might want to look at this Portillo's case study or this P.F. Chang's case study.” Those have been our primary industries where we usually win and our highest converting groups, so we wanted to tailor those experiences off the bat so they could see things that would be pertinent to their end users or for their departments that might be using Brandfolder.

Emily Frazier, you’re in the Qualified application everyday. How’s it been going for you?

Emily Frazier: So far it’s been really successful. I think having the autonomy to select and book a meeting right then and there is rewarding for prospect. But I think that it's really nice to just kind of like get it all done in one swift click so I think that that's why we're seeing the turnaround so high, which has been nice.

Thank you Emily, Adam, and Emily for taking the time to share your Conversational Marketing vision and your experience with Qualified! Want to learn more? Head on over to the Brandfolder Case Study to read their full story and learn how they've increased leads by 4X and sales opportunities by 6X with Qualified.

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