How Brandfolder uses Qualified to Generate 6X More Sales Opportunities

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When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

How Brandfolder uses Qualified to Generate 6X More Sales Opportunities

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About the Company
Brandfolder is a powerful, easy to use digital asset management platform.
High Tech

Brandfolder uses Qualified to engage their ideal customers and grow sales.

Brandfolder is a Digital Asset Management platform that is the backbone for creative departments at companies like Slack, L’Oreal, and jetBlue. With Brandfolder’s solution, companies can easily manage, distribute, and report on their creative assets. Given their strong focus on design and brand, it’s no surprise that Brandfolder is obsessed with delivering a seamless website and sales experience. 

Brandfolder invested in Conversational Marketing to open up a modern sales channel that buyers and sales reps would both love. The partnership is off to a solid start; since going live with Qualified, Brandfolder has boosted leads by 4X and increased sales opportunities by 6X. Here’s their story.

Brandfolder uses Qualified's Conversational Marketing Platform 
Brandfolder delivers personalized, engaging sales experiences to highly-qualified website visitors

The Challenge

Before Qualified, Brandfolder was using Drift’s Conversational Marketing platform. They had some standard chatbots on their site designed to capture leads, but the Brandfolder marketing team felt their program could be more personalized, engaging, and impactful to the business. They went back to the drawing board to find a solution that would better fit their needs. 

The Solution

Brandfolder chose Qualified’s Conversational Marketing solution for several reasons, namely its deep Salesforce integration, ability to customize experiences, and strong commitment to onboarding and customer success. Brandfolder planned to use a medley of Chatbot and Live Chat experiences, depending on the website visitors’ profile and buying signals.

Adam Figueroa, Demand Generation at Brandfolder, shares is experience with Qualified's Conversational Marketing Platform

Before going live with the solution, Brandfolder’s marketing team collaborated with Qualified’s customer success team to map out a strategy that was thoughtful, scalable and effective. Then, it was time to dive in, build out experiences, and start selling!

The Use Case

Brandfolder has several experiences built out, all designed to capture more leads, book more sales meetings, and create more sales opportunties.

  1. Target Industry Experiences: Brandfolder has strong win rates with companies in the High Tech and Food and Beverage Industries. Thanks to Qualified’s integration with data enrichment platform Clearbit, Brandfolder immediately knows when someone from their target industries arrives on their site and serves them up with industry-specific experiences. For instance, when someone arrives who is in the Food and Beverage industry, Brandfolder greets them by name, gives a nod to their Food and Beverage expertise, and serves up case studies for other Food and Beverage customers, like P.F. Changs and Portillo's. Interested in building out Target Industry experiences for your site? Read more about “The Target Industry” strategy.
Brandfolder serves up industry-specific live chat and chatbot experiences
Brandfolder serves up tailored industry content to boost engagement with their target buyers
  1. Big Companies Fast Tracked to Live Conversations: If visitors arrive that are with companies of a certain size, Brandfolder sounds the alarm for their sales team because this visitor fits their ideal customer profile. Real-time alerts are sent via in-app notification, email, or Slack, and their sales team can immediately engage in a live sales conversation. Read more about the “Ideal Inbound Customer” strategy.

  2. Intelligent Meeting Booking: Because Brandfolder can see where website visitors are located, they invite visitors to book meetings with the sales reps that are tied to their specific territory.  In addition to routing based on region, they also route according to company size segment. This geography and company size routing ensures that the buyer has one point of contact from the get-go, and guarantees that sales reps have ownership over opportunities in their designated territory or segment.
Brandfolder uses the Qualified meeting booker to book more meetings
Brandfolder routes conversations and meetings based on region or size
Emily Carpenter, Brandfolder, shares her experience with Qualified Conversational Marketing app

The Result:

Since using Qualified’s Conversational Marketing Platform, Brandfolder has seen a direct business impact. Compared to their previous solution, they are generating 4X more leads and 6X more sales opportunities. Head on over to the Qualified Blog to see video highlights from our interview with the Brandfolder team.

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