How FlareHR increased sales qualified leads by 30%

FlareHR is having more sales conversations and generating more leads with Conversational Marketing. Learn how.

How FlareHR increased sales qualified leads by 30%
Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
August 27, 2019
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FlareHR is an all-in-one HR management platform that helps companies manage programs like onboarding, perks, and payroll. FlareHR's website traffic is made up of two segments: HR professionals looking to buy new software and end-users logging into their HR portal. The FlareHR team needed an efficient way to connect with these HR professionals–these real business buyers–and move them through the sales cycle.

We just launched our FlareHR case study which spotlights how they're using Qualified's Conversational Marketing solution to meet with their hottest buyers and supercharge sales pipeline. Here are the case study highlights: 

  • Intelligent Qualification Engine: Qualified identifies which website visitors demonstrate buying intent, like people who engage with paid marketing campaigns or high-converting webpages, and immediately alert sales reps that these buyers are on the site.
  • Salesforce Integration: FlareHR uses Qualified for Salesforce, so they can easily create leads, report on conversations, and track them through the funnel.
  • Measurable Results: FlareHR launched Qualified in under a week and saw an immediate business impact, including 3X more sales conversations and 30% more sales qualified leads. Conversational Marketing is now their second biggest lead channel. Not bad!
FlareHR is using Conversational Marketing to connect with serious buyers
FlareHR greets qualified buyers with an invitation to meet, right on their website

FlareHR's newConversational Marketing program has united their sales and marketing efforts, helping their marketing team get their hard-earned website traffic across into a sales cycle.

Aaron Beashel, Director of Marketing at FlareHR, talks about why Convesational Marketing is so important

To learn more about FlareHR's Conversational Marketing program, head on over to their case study. Want to know what Qualified can do for your business? Give our ROI calculator a try.


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