How FlareHR increased sales qualified leads by 30% with Conversational Marketing

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FlareHR is an all-in-one HR management platform.
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FlareHR uses Qualified to engage and convert sales-ready website visitors.

FlareHR helps companies streamline their HR processes and provide a better employee experience. They offer one easy platform for companies to manage important programs like onboarding, HR management, perks, and payroll. FlareHR serves some of the world’s leading brands, including Sephora, Priceline, and Knight Frank. 

As FlareHR has grown, they’ve always embraced modern technologies that help them sell faster and smarter. When they encountered Qualified’s Conversational Marketing solution, they were excited about the opportunity to have sales conversations, right on their website. Here’s how FlareHR uses Qualified to meet with their hottest website visitors and create more leads.

Qualified website visitors are greeted with an invitation to meet with the FlareHR sales team, right on their site

The Challenge

Before Qualified, FlareHR was using a website chat tool with the hopes of having more sales conversations and improving website conversions. Once they implemented the tool, they ran into several roadblocks.  

They were using the chat widget across their entire website and greeting every visitor with an invitation to talk, which led to a lot of support inquiries. Additionally, since users login to their HR portal via, the FlareHR sales reps ended up talking to end users, rather than real business buyers.

FlareHR needed to do more than chat. They needed a platform that would help them have intelligent sales conversations with the right buyers. 

The Solution

FlareHR selected Qualified as their new Conversational Marketing platform. There were two main drivers for this decision:

  1. Intelligent qualification engine: FlareHR loved the ability to instantly know which website visitors are “qualified” and ready to talk to sales. Since Qualified’s platform analyzes signals of buying intent (like website behavior and company profile) and connects reps with these buyers, they could focus their energy on conversations that would convert.
  1. Robust Salesforce integration: FlareHR is a Salesforce shop. They needed complete control of how conversation data flows into Salesforce CRM, and be able to accurately report on conversations and attribute leads back to Qualified. Since Qualified was built for Salesforce from the ground up, they were confident that the integration would be flexible and powerful. 

The Use Case 

FlareHR identified which website visitors are the most likely to sign up for their application:

  1. Visitors who engage with paid marketing campaigns: When visitors click on Google AdWord campaigns like “HR Management”, they are instantly qualified and routed to sales.
  2. Visitors who explore high-converting pages: When visitors browse pages like their pricing page or “Get a Quote” page, they are instantly qualified for sales conversations. 

Once they built out their qualification criteria, the team built out custom experiences for these segments. These experiences outlined the greetings, questions, and messaging that qualified buyers would see on the FlareHR website.

FlareHR implemented Qualified in under a week. Since launch, their sales reps have been glued to LiveView, actively watching how qualified visitors are browsing their site, and initiating conversations at exactly the right moment. Reps can then seamlessly transition from chat into a voice-call, right from the app, and have meaningful sales conversations.

LiveView gives FlareHR a look at how website visitors are browsing their site, so they can pick the perfect moment to engage

The Result

Since launching Qualified, the FlareHR team has seen a huge business impact. They are having 3X more sales conversations and are generating 30% more Sales Qualified Leads. Conversational Marketing has become a key part of their selling strategy, and opened up their website as a channel for real-time sales conversations.

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