How Payzer generates more leads with Qualified

When Payzer was tasked with increasing their lead volume by 10X, they knew it was time to invest in Conversational Marketing.

How Payzer generates more leads with Qualified
Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
August 6, 2019
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We just launched our newest case study with Payzer, an all-in-one customer management platform. Payzer provides customer management software for contracting companies, covering everything from service appointment scheduling to customer invoices. Payzer aims to make the lives of field service technicians easier by ditching the old-school paperwork and introducing a modern, all-in-one platform.

When Payzer’s marketing team was tasked with increasing the volume of sales qualified leads by 10X, they knew they had to invest in conversational marketing as a new channel to engage and convert qualified website visitors. Here are the highlights from their case study.

Payzer uses Qualified's Conversational Marketing Application to connect with sales-ready visitors
Payzer invites qualified website visitors to participate in real-time sales meetings

Payzer delivers custom experiences for their top tier website visitors

Payzer has three segments of website visitors that they fast-track to sales for real-time conversations:

  1. Customers on their free plan
  1. Visitors exploring their industry landing pages
  1. Visitors exploring their channel partner pages

Payzer uses intelligent routing to direct these visitors to the right sales rep, like the rep who owns their territory. The rep then greets the visitor with a personalized sales conversation, tailored to their particular needs. They can have a full sales meeting, including a product demonstration, right on their website.

Zach Holm, Payzer Marketing Manager, talks about how Qualified is transforming their sales process

LeadBot helps Payzer qualify additional website visitors

If website visitors don't initially fall into one of these three segments, Payzer uses LeadBot to ask additional qualifying questions, like company size. If the website visitor is from a larger company, they are immediately routed to a sales person.

Integrating Qualified with Salesforce Pardot streamlines the process

Since Payzer runs their B2B Marketing Automation on Pardot, it was important that the two applications work together. Payzer uses Qualified for Salesforce Pardot to make their qualification engine even smarter and streamline the marketing to sales handoff.

Qualified is driving more sales qualified leads

Since implementing Qualified, the Payzer sales team is having more sales conversation and generating more leads than ever before. This is just the beginning, they're excited to grow their Conversational Marketing strategy and grow this sales channel.

Payzer Chief Operating Officer Chris Halligan is seeing immediate results.

Want to read the story? Cruise on over to Payzer's case study to learn more.

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