How to accelerate sales cycles in 2023

Visit Qualified to learn how to accelerate sales cycles in 2023. Qualified for Outreach helps sales reps engage target accounts in real-time conversations the moment they arrive on your website.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
August 31, 2021
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Our Qualified for Outreach integration is designed to give sales reps a modern tool in their toolkit and help them engage prospects in real-time conversations the moment they click through an Outreach email sequence and arrive on your website.

Sales teams are under constant pressure to decrease sales cycle length and close deals with target accounts. They focus significant time outbounding across multiple touchpoints, and email has become the ultimate battleground. In fact, salespeople spend about 33% of their day crafting emails to grab the attention of their most coveted prospects. If their email is opened, that’s a hard-earned prize. But what happens after the email is opened and clicked? If a sales rep has managed to pique their prospect’s interest, it’s crucial to engage them in that pivotal moment before it’s too late.

Qualified + Outreach: the dream team for any sales rep

Outreach is the largest and fastest-growing sales engagement and intelligence platform provider that helps companies dramatically accelerate sales cycles and drive smarter, more insightful engagement with their customers. Outreach is the only solution provider to integrate sales engagement, conversation intelligence, and revenue intelligence into one platform.

Now, with Qualified for Outreach, sales reps no longer need to wait for an email reply to get a meeting on the books. The time of extreme sales cycle length is over. Instead, they can capitalize on that “magic moment” when a prospect arrives on your website from an email sequence to instantly start a conversation that’s consistent across channels. This results in more web conversions, more pipeline, shorter sales cycle length, and more closed/won business. Plus, it provides a seamless buying experience, helping you move from click to close faster than ever before.

Accelerate sales cycles from clicks to conversations to close

Qualified for Outreach not only helps your sales reps engage outbound prospects at exactly the right moment, it also delivers a “wow” experience for those website visitors. There are so many ways to win the sales cycle. Here are a few key strategies to get the most out of this exciting integration.

Engage target accounts in real-time conversations the moment they click through an outbound email sequence and arrive on your website.

Trigger custom messages to deliver personalized buying experiences

Qualified Experiences appear the moment a visitor arrives on your site and can vary from a simple greeting to complex qualifying questions. They can also offer up the Qualified Meeting Booker to effortlessly schedule time with sales reps who are offline. The sales cycle length no longer depends on when your reps are online. Use Qualified for Outreach to trigger custom Experiences based on Outreach sequences that deliver a consistent message across channels.

Identify and route Outreach prospects to connect with your most valuable buyers 

With large volumes of website traffic, it can be difficult to organize and prioritize high-value visitors. Qualified Segments will identify Outreach prospects and separate them from lower-intent visitors. Then, leverage unique Outreach data to properly route website visitors once they arrive from an Outreach email. This means the email sender and prospect owner are instantly alerted and can welcome each prospect with a tailored greeting. Accelerating sales cycles has never been easier.

Engage in meaningful conversations to meet the needs of your buyer

When a new visitor arrives on your site, Qualified traverses your entire sales and marketing tech stack to form a complete profile. With Outreach, sales teams can see important details—like the referring sequence, the sequence state, and the email sender—to then start an informed conversation with cross-channel insights. Then, sales reps can store this data directly inside the Outreach activity feed to get more context before their next sales call.

Cockroach Labs, a commercial distributed SQL database management system valued at $2 billion, is thrilled with the results they’ve seen from Qualified for Outreach. Their sales cycle length has never been shorter! When sales reps proactively start a live chat with visitors from an Outreach sequence, those visitors are 900X more likely to respond. This means website visitors are significantly more engaged when connected with a sales rep via an Outreach sequence.

Sounds great! But, how does it work?

When an Outreach email is sent to a target account, Qualified tracking parameters are included in each clickable URL. Once a prospect clicks on the URL and visits the website, the SDR who sent the email instantly receives an alert that a prospect from their Outreach sequence is on the site. Prospects are then routed to either the email sender or the account owner—based on Outreach and Salesforce data—to quickly start a conversation consistent with their email sequence. Check out our university guide for additional details.

Want to learn more?

We’re so excited about the potential of this partnership. If you’re a Qualified customer interested in this integration, please contact your dedicated CSM. Otherwise, feel free to chat with us right here on the website to learn more. Our team is standing by!

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