Introducing Qualified for Salesloft

Qualified for Salesloft is a new integration that helps sales reps start a real-time conversation the moment a prospect clicks through a Salesloft email and arrives on the site.

Jessica Ding
Jessica Ding
March 29, 2022
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An outbound motion that delivers a seamless buying experience and more pipeline

Qualified’s new integration with Salesloft helps uncover signals of buying intent and alerts your sales rep the moment a Salesloft prospect clicks through an email and arrives on the site. They can then start a contextual, personalized sales conversation in real time.

Sales prospecting is the backbone of a successful sales cycle. It’s a critical step in sourcing leads and driving pipeline for your business. However, sales reps know how time-consuming and arduous the process can be. In fact, over 40% of sellers say sales prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales cycle, above closing (36%) and qualifying (22%). Sellers spend a substantial amount of time researching prospects and crafting personalized outbound emails, with the goal of engaging buyers and driving them to the website to learn more. Yet, only 24% of sales emails are opened. This makes those precious opens and clicks all the more valuable.

If an outbound sales rep manages to get their email opened and clicked, it’s a big deal; they need a way to quickly resume the conversation during that pivotal moment when a buyer’s interest is piqued, or risk losing their business. According to Salesforce, 70% of B2B buyers say connected processes, such as seamless handoffs between departments and channels, or contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions, are very important to win their business. However, more often than not, sales reps have no idea that their prospects are on the site, let alone what they're doing; it’s a black box.

That’s where Qualified for Salesloft comes in.

Qualified + Salesloft = the dynamic duo for any sales rep

Salesloft is a leading sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams drive more revenue. Salesloft enables sellers to perform digital selling tasks, communicate with buyers, understand next steps, and get the coaching and insights they need to win, all on one platform. 

With this new integration, Qualified customers who use Salesloft can now have consistent, contextual sales conversations with prospects the moment they click through a Salesloft email Cadence and arrive on their site, engaging more prospects and ultimately driving more pipeline. Sales reps can finally say goodbye to the black box and hello to the cross-channel selling experience they crave plus the cross-channel buying experience today’s prospects expect. 

So, how does it work?

When sales reps send an outbound email to prospects, they include a call-to-action and link driving back to the website. On the backend, the Salesloft Link Swap API automatically alters the link in the outbound email with one that tracks and pulls additional visitor information provided by Salesloft into Qualified. Now, when a prospect in a Salesloft Cadence opens and clicks through the email and arrives on the site, the sales rep who sent the email is notified in real time. The sales rep can then initiate a personalized conversation, right on the site, seamlessly continuing the dialogue from the email. Check out our University articles for additional details.

Start a personalized sales conversation with prospects the moment they click through a Salesloft email and arrive on the site.

Strategies to convert more prospects and grow more pipeline, faster

When Qualified customers proactively start a live chat with visitors from an outbound sequence, those visitors are 900X more likely to respond. More engagement means more conversions. Here are a few way to get the most out of this integration:

Use buyer intent data to focus prospecting efforts

Rather than blindly chasing prospects, supercharge sales reps with buyer intent data using Qualified Signals. With a proprietary AI predictive model, Qualified Signals analyzes hundreds of thousands of website data points to determine which accounts are in-market to buy and sales-ready. From here, reps can focus their prospecting efforts and build targeted Salesloft email Cadences for accounts at the height of buying intent, driving them back to the website.

Welcome prospects in Salesloft Cadences with a custom greeting

Qualified Experiences is the messenger visitors see on your site when they arrive. An Experience can be made up of multiple actions, such as a simple greeting, gathering more information about your visitor, booking a demo, or engaging in conversation with a sales rep. With Qualified for Salesloft, you can automatically serve up a tailored Experience for prospects that’s consistent with their Salesloft email.

Identify and prioritize prospects in Salesloft Cadences

With high volumes of website traffic, it can be a challenge for reps to know who’s on the website and where to focus their time. Qualified Live Streams allows sales reps to watch website visitors arrive on the site in real time, then Qualified Segments automatically segments visitors into predefined buckets, like “Salesloft Cadences.” From here, reps know exactly where to focus their attention and can proactively engage those coveted buyers.

Automatically segment website visitors so reps can engage with prospects from Salesloft Cadences the moment they arrive.

Route prospects in Salesloft Cadences to the right rep

Once a prospect clicks through a Salesloft email and arrives on the site, Qualified routes them to their dedicated sales rep. With Qualified for Salesloft, you can customize routing rules based on your unique criteria—like Salesloft email sender, Salesforce owner, location, language, outbound sequence, or ABM tier—to define which sales reps should proactively engage which visitors. Then, prompt reps to take immediate action with alerts across the channels they use most, like Slack and email.

Engage prospects in Salesloft Cadences when timing matters most

When visitors arrive on the site, Qualified traverses your data systems—like Salesforce, marketing automation platforms, account-based marketing platforms, and data enrichment solutions—to form a 360-degree view of every visitor. Reps can also see account-based buyer intent through Qualified Signals and the Salesloft Cadence and URL that drove them to the site. 

Equipped with this valuable visitor information, reps are ready to take action. They can quickly jump into a personalized live chat to greet the visitor and reference the email that brought them to the site. This is the seamless, cross-channel experience buyers want. When the time’s right, reps can transition to a voice call or get a meeting on the books to keep deals moving.

Want to learn more?

This integration is currently available to all Qualified customers. If you’re a Qualified customer interested in this integration or have any questions, please connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect. Otherwise, feel free to chat with us right here on the website to learn more. As always, our team is standing by.

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