Meet with VIP buyers anytime, anywhere

Instantly alert and enable sales reps to have in-the-moment conversations with VIP website visitors directly from their phone.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
September 8, 2021
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Qualified Anywhere, our new mobile app for iOS and Android, is designed to instantly alert and enable sales reps to have in-the-moment conversations with VIP website visitors directly from their phone.

The events of the past year have accelerated digital transformation across industries around the globe. On a dime, businesses pivoted to telecommuting, virtual events, and remote sales—changing how they operate at a fundamental level. Needless to say, this was not without its challenges. But done right, digital transformation enables businesses to adapt fast to change and become truly customer-centric. 

During this time, conversational sales and marketing emerged as the new way for sellers to connect with buyers—delivering high-quality pipeline for marketing teams and helping sales teams provide a white-glove buying experience. It has since become an indispensable solution for many revenue teams.

But what happens when we eventually return to normal? Soon, sales teams will be back on the road—networking with prospects, grabbing a quick lunch, or traveling to a team offsite—but buyers will continue to expect the same level of service. When sales teams are on-the-go, they miss pivotal moments to meet with buyers. This results in less pipeline, longer sales cycles, and lost revenue.

Never miss the chance to connect with high-value buyers—right from your phone

As our customers transition to “the new normal,” Qualified will transition with you. That’s why we’ve built Qualified Anywhere. With our new mobile app, sales reps are instantly alerted when a high-value buyer arrives on the website so they can quickly jump into a conversation right from their phone. This offers complete flexibility throughout their day while continuing to meet with buyers on their terms.

Engage target accounts in real time conversations—right from your phone.

The power of Qualified Conversations in the palm of your hand

Whether it’s accelerating a sales deal with an open Opportunity or rolling out the red carpet for a VIP from a target account, Qualified Anywhere leverages key features from Qualified X so salespeople can have in-the-moment conversations with website visitors from their phone—without ever missing a beat.

Scroll through visitors with Segments and Live Stream 

We bring the Qualified command center to your phone. Scroll through prioritized visitor segments and view live streams of website activity in real time, including visitor profiles and the website page your VIP is actively browsing.

Preview visitor profiles with Visitor 360

For an in-depth view of your visitor’s profile, simply tap their card and open Visitor 360. Here, you’ll see valuable visitor details like Salesforce CRM, account-based marketing, and firmographic data.

Engage in conversations with Live Chat and Voice Calls

Ready to chat with a visitor? Select “Conversation” at the top of the app and type your message in the chat box, just like a text message. If a conversation gets nuanced, simply call them directly from the app or schedule a meeting to continue moving the conversation forward.

Get instant alerts with Qualified Mobile Notifications

Perhaps most importantly, get instantly notified when a high-value buyer is on the site. Qualified will send a push notification straight to your mobile device so you can quickly click into the app and start chatting.

Want to learn more?

We’re so excited about our new mobile app and know our customers are too! Qualified Anywhere is currently available to select customers and will be available for download from the Apple and Android app stores in Fall 2021. If you’re a Qualified customer with questions about the mobile app, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, feel free to chat with us right here on the website to learn more. Our team is standing by!

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