Pipeline Summit AI Recap

Catch up on all the best moments from our fall event, Pipeline Summit AI, and hear how marketing leaders are using AI to generate more pipeline.

Pipeline Summit AI Recap
Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
November 17, 2023
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On November 9th, we gathered leaders from all over the B2B space to help us get a better understanding of how marketers are using AI within their tech stacks to generate more pipeline. 

We learned so much, and as we head into 2024 planning, we took some notes on what’s working, and what’s not. 

Check out some of our favorite moments ⬇️

It’s not just another trend, AI really is driving a massive change in our industry

It can feel like AI is just another tech buzzword that’s here for now, gone as soon as it hit the scene, but that’s not the case. 

AI didn’t suddenly come into existence last fall. Companies like Workday have been investing in AI-powered technology for over a decade, and our CEO, Kraig Swensrud, sat down with their CMO, Emma Chalwin, to talk about where we are in the AI revolution. 

Emma confirmed that we’re not just seeing another B2B trend rise and fall.

“AI has brought about the biggest transformation since the Cloud,” she said, underscoring the magnitude of the shift our industry is in right now. 

To hear more from Emma and Kraig’s conversation, watch The State of AI 📽️

Just throwing AI on your product isn’t enough, CMOs are looking for strategy when evaluating new tech

During our CMO roundtable, Shannon Duffy, CMO at Asana, shared that when it comes to investing in AI tools in 2024, she’s not earmarking budget for novelty AI products. 

Instead, she’s more interested in how vendors they are already working with plan on integrating AI into their product roadmaps to drive increased efficiency.

“If you are going to be a strategic vendor to me, a strategic partner in driving my marketing business, tell me how AI is going to supercharge the tools I already use today, the ones I'm comfortable with that are already integrated in my system.” 

When resources are tight, CMOs are going to be much more likely to invest in companies they’re already partnered with and seeing value from. Companies are looking at how to do more with their existing tech and interested in what the AI strategies are for those partners. 

Tech leaders have their sights on the AI possibilities of the future

Kishore Kothandaraman, Co-founder of Goldcast, shared something he’s looking forward to as generative AI capabilities evolve. 

“I wish we were in a world where we have a copilot for every one of us where I can just ask and it sort of magically throws me answers. For example, if a campaign ends, I can just ask how many of my target accounts came to the event, and it just answers instead of going to a marketing ops person and getting a report.” 

Maura Rivera, our CMO, agreed that she was looking forward to a world where she can ask an AI model questions about analytics to help draw more campaign insights. 

Hear more on our CMO roundtable, CMO.ai 📽️

All-in-one is the path forward in AI product development

Ashley Kramer, CMSO at GitLab, joined our Co-founder, Sean Whiteley, for a conversation around how Engineering and Marketing orgs can stay aligned in the Age of AI. 

During their session, she emphasized how important it is for marketers to keep in mind that we’re in the peak of the AI hype cycle. As we come down from the whirlwind of AI launches over this year, it’s going to be imperative that your product is designed with a one-stop-shop experience in mind. 

“Give me one place to go whether I'm CMO, whether I'm a day-to-day user of the product or platform that you're selling, put the analytics in there, do everything in one place and drive people to that. Don't be just another tool because there's going to be fifty million of them by the time we get out of this whole hype cycle.” 

No one has time to look in twelve different places to see if your product is working. To outlast all the shiny features flooding the market, your product is going to have to offer a premium experience to users. 

Hear more from Ashley and Sean in When Marketing & Engineering Collide 📽️

AI regulations don’t have to be scary, but we do need to take them seriously

We sat down with International Tech Policy Expert, Anne Flanagan to talk about recent AI policy talks happening both in the US and on the global stage, and what they mean for tech marketers. 

While a lot is in flux, the EU will discuss The AI Act once again in early December, aiming for a 2024 adoption. 

Anne demystified a lot of the coming regulations by breaking down exactly what it means for B2B revenue leaders, and reminded us not to be intimidated by the new policy. For most of us, it’s a matter of refreshing our data policies and brushing up on best practices. 

“The AI act does really differentiate between lower risk and higher risk use cases. That's really, really positive because it means that most companies aren't going to waste a load of time and money on the burden of compliance and their energy and resources will really go around protecting people in those higher risk areas and make sure that they are set up for success long term.” 

Learn more from Anne about Trust & Safety in AI 📽️

AI-powered tools are generating pipeline and closing deals

Marketing and sales leaders are using AI to power their pipeline generation and selling strategies. We heard from 10 all-star B2B leaders on how they’re using AI day-to-day, as well as how they’re elevating their marketing and sales strategies in reaction to AI-generated content. 

Pipeline Power Hour: Marketing

- Agility in the Age of AI: Strategies for Adapting to Sudden Change with Folloze

- Not Another AI Launch: Cutting Through the Noise with Salesloft

- Don't Be Boring: Infusing Human Creativity into B2B with Lavender

- Where is AI Actually Useful in Demand Gen? with SnapLogic

- How to Train AI Models in Your Brand Voice with AudiencePlus

Watch the Pipeline Power Hour for Marketing 📽️

Pipeline Power Hour: Sales

- AI for Enablement: Strategies for Coaching at Scale with AlphaSense

- The Gift of AI: Using AI to Blow Buyers Away with Sendoso

- Meeting in the Middle: The Balance Between Human & Machine with Qualified

- Leveraging the Power of AI to Cut Through Inbox Noise with Vidyard

- Using Generative AI to Launch a Win-Loss Program with Klue

Check out the Pipeline Power Hour for Sales 📽️

AI is powering the tech stack of the future

To round out  Pipeline Summit AI, Sarah McConnell, Qualified’s VP of Demand Generation, spent some time putting all of this AI together to build the AI-powered tech stack of the future. 

She took us through the marketing funnel from first touch to converting your buyer right on your website, with AI-powered tools like Goldcast, 6sense, Salesloft, Lavender, and Qualified

Check out the GTM AI Tech Tour 📽️

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