6 key Qualified for Slack use cases

Instantly alert key stakeholders of high-value website visitors directly inside Slack

6 key Qualified for Slack use cases
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
November 25, 2020
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Your sales teams are busy. They’re constantly shuffling between tasks, emails, phone calls, and meetings—all to drive more pipeline and revenue.

But, this also means they’re preoccupied and completely unaware when interested buyers hit your website. This is a hugely missed opportunity. If a prospect is on your site, it means they want to learn more about your business. Engaging with them in that “magic moment” when their interest is piqued is absolutely crucial.

That’s why it’s important to flag these interested buyers for your sales team so they can jump into a conversation and nurture each prospect when it matters most. Enter Qualified’s Slack integration.

See your most valuable website activity, right inside Slack

Slack is the primary communication channel your teams use to get work done. Now, with Qualified, you can alert key stakeholders directly inside Slack when hot prospects visit your site. While our Slack notifications are completely customizable to help you meet your unique business goals, we recommend a few strategies to get you started: 

Key use cases for Slack Direct Messages (DMs)

Rather than notifying everyone in your organization about each website visitor, harness the power of Qualified and Salesforce to direct message the people who people care most about select buyers.

1. Target account notifications
Let’s say a decision-maker from one of your top ABM accounts is on your product page. This is a critical moment where you’ll want to immediately alert the people who care most—like the sales rep who owns the account, her manager, and the executive sponsor. With Qualified, you can trigger a direct message to these folks so they can quickly strategize and strike while the iron is hot.

Qualified for Slack Use Case #1
Target Account Notification

2. Open opportunity notifications
Your sales teams work hard to move an Opportunity through the sales cycle. If a contact from an open Opportunity visits your website, instantly notify the Opportunity owner so they can quickly engage and nurture the prospect. With Qualified, you can even set conditions using Salesforce data—like contact role, account tier, or deal size—to quickly trigger a direct message to the Opportunity owner.

Qualified for Slack Use Case #2
Open Opportunity Notification

3. Dead or lost opportunity notifications
Try as they might, your sales teams don't win every deal. Some deals may be stalled due to internal decisions while others are lost to competitors. But just because those deals don’t result in revenue doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. With Qualified, you can send a direct message to the Opportunity owner when a contact from a dead or lost Opportunity is on the site so they can re-engage the prospect and restart the conversation.

Qualified for Slack Use Case #3
Lost Opportunity Notification

Qualified for Slack Use Case #1

4. Existing customer notifications
It’s no secret that customer growth and retention are vital for the success of your business. Happy customers have the potential to grow your business more efficiently than acquiring new customers. By assigning customer health scores in Salesforce, you can set conditions to send a direct message to the customer success manager, his manager, and the account owner when a “green account” is on your website. From there, they can coordinate an upsell opportunity to grow the account.

Qualified for Slack Use Case #4
Existing Customer Notification

Key use cases for Slack Channels

Qualified helps you monitor website activity more closely. With this insight, you can trigger channel messages to select groups within your organization to offer more visibility and foster team alignment.

5. Sales leadership notifications
Salesforce is an indispensable resource for tracking leads and pipeline; but it’s only as effective as the data that’s entered. With Qualified, you can supplement Salesforce data with website signals and notify those who care most. For example, your sales leadership team wants to know anytime a website visitor from an open Opportunity worth >$50K is reviewing legal pages. Qualified can match these signals to Salesforce then push alerts to the #sales-leads channel to keep everyone aligned.

Qualified for Slack Use Case #5
Sales Leadership Notification

6. Marketing leadership notifications
Your marketing teams work hard to drive traffic to your website. But they don’t always know who is on the site, how they got there, or whether they convert into a Lead. Without these valuable details, your marketing team is flying blind. Qualified can reveal all this information to keep your teams informed. For example, you can push a Slack notification to the #marketing-leads channel when a new lead is created that includes source, company name, contact name, and ABM tier. With this visibility, your teams can confirm whether they’re driving the right traffic to your site and continuously optimize their strategies.

Qualified for Slack Use Case #6
Marketing Leadership Notification

Qualified for Slack helps your sales teams operate more efficiently

With Slack notifications, your sales teams know who is on your website. This means they have more insight and can operate more efficiently by engaging hot prospects rather than blindly pursuing leads that may not result in revenue.

Our integration instantly pushes Salesforce data into each Slack alert so teams can preview pertinent details, discuss the best course of action as a team, or quickly navigate to the Qualified console to connect with buyers. Plus, it gives your teams the freedom to go about their day knowing they won’t miss critical moments to engage with the people who matter most.

Setting up our Qualified for Slack notifications is easy: simply connect Qualified to Slack, set your conditions and Qualified Experiences that will trigger the alert, then configure the alert with sounds, recipients, and Salesforce data. Check out our help article for more details.

Want to learn more?

If you have additional questions about our Slack integration, we’d love to talk with you. Feel free to chat with us directly on the website at any time.

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