Qualified closes with 800% revenue growth

As FY21 wraps up, we celebrate big milestones and the success of our customers and our company.

Sean Whiteley
Sean Whiteley
February 18, 2021
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Qualified closes record-breaking year with 800% revenue growth

FY21: A year of momentum

Qualified just wrapped our Fiscal Year 2021 on January 31st. It's safe to say FY21 was a banner year as we experienced growth across every part of our business. Looking back, a few major highlights come to mind: we secured our Series A Funding, made key executive hires, tripled the size of our team, welcomed enterprise hitters to our customer roster, and achieved 800% year over year revenue growth and a 175% net revenue retention rate. What a year.

Thank you to our customers

None of this would have been possible without you, our customers. Thank you. You are incredible. You rode the wave with us this year. You tackled conversational sales and marketing head-on, and delivered feedback that helped shape new features, lay the vision for our roadmap, and push us to deliver our best products and services. 

The corporate website––the new place to sell

We entered FY21 bright-eyed, and like every other business, we had to take a beat and watch the world’s events unfold. In that moment, we saw a shift. It was a tipping point, one that forever changed the way B2B companies buy and sell. We saw companies ditch their old strategies, and embrace digital channels. We saw them rework budgets and invest in new tactics.  

As in-person meetings and events went out the window, B2B companies needed new ways for sales teams to meet with buyers. Many companies went back to the drawing board to answer the question “How can we use our digital channels to connect with buyers and generate more pipeline?” This dialogue shifted the focus to the corporate website, and revenue teams realized its untapped potential. The conclusion? The website is no longer just a place for marketing. It’s now the place for selling. It’s the place for sales teams to meet with target buyers at the exact right moment they’re looking to connect. It’s the place for conversations.  

We always knew that conversational sales and marketing was the future, but it turns out, the future is now. 

FY21: A highlight reel

As the conversational sales and marketing flywheel started spinning, our team felt the velocity. Looking back at FY21, there were some remarkable moments. We...  

  • Achieved 800% revenue growth 
  • Felt the customer love with a 175% net retention rate
  • Welcomed new leaders to the team (Welcome Dan! Welcome Eric!) 
  • Tripled our team size and mastered the art of virtual onboarding
  • Brought on some industry greats as customers: Adobe, Education First, Korn Ferry, Sodexo, SurveyMonkey, Tech Data, Tradeshift, True Blue, Vertex, and VMWare, to name a few
  • Fostered new and expanded partnerships with our friends at Salesforce, Slack, 6sense, Demandbase, Marketo, Hubspot, Clearbit, ZoomInfo, and Microsoft
  • Snagged some fun awards as the #1 conversational marketing platform on the Salesforce AppExchange and led the pack on G2’s Conversational Marketing, Live Chat, and Chat Bot momentum reports

This momentum sets us on a path to do tremendous things in FY22. Thank you, and cheers to an incredible year ahead. 🍾

For a full breakdown of Qualified’s FY21 performance, check out this morning’s press release: “Qualified.com Closes Out on Record-Breaking Year with 800% Revenue Growth

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