The benefits of account-based marketing motions

Conversational ABM is the key to our digital-first present.

Emma Calderon
Emma Calderon
October 12, 2021
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Account-based marketing (ABM) motions are tried and true. It’s been well documented that 97% of B2B marketers say that ABM has a higher ROI than any other initiative. Companies that implement an ABM strategy see a ~40% higher win rate, and 91% of B2B marketers see an increase in deal size with an effective ABM strategy in place. 

Account-based motions require precise coordination across departments. Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and the C-Suite need to be dialed into the target accounts and the outcomes a seller is trying to achieve. Account-based selling is how teams work together to close targeted accounts with a solution to a customer’s bespoke needs.

With conversational account-based marketing, reps can engage with their prospect, understand their needs, and create a solution that solves their problem—all right on the website with Qualified.

Check out our top 3 conversational account-based marketing benefits below:

Benefit #1 - Know when someone from a target account is on your site

Keeping Salesforce updated is key to a successful ABM program. When its updated, Qualified can quickly reference the Target Account list and alert reps to engage. 

If the website visitor is within your Target Account list, you’ll know every time they arrive on site. Alternatively, if the visitor is an unknown contact from a Target Account, you’ll still be alerted through “fuzzy matching.” Qualified automatically pulls in the visitor’s website domain and does a quick Salesforce target account list to see if there’s a match.

Benefit #2 - Route conversations to the right reps

Typically, a quota-carrying AE owns an account and has support from an SDR or BDR counterpart. A clean Salesforce instance is the gift that keeps on giving! Qualified can serve up account owner information and route conversations to the right contacts… at the right time.

Benefit #3 - Connect with target accounts around the clock

Enter: Qualified Chatbots. When someone from a Target Account navigates to your site after hours or on the weekends, you can greet them with a custom message. From there, they can book a meeting with their desired rep during business hours right on the website. No email back and forth required.

Interested in learning more about conversational ABM? Check out our Conversational ABM Playbook.

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