The Qualified Spring ‘23 Release is here

Here’s a roundup of the latest innovations, hot off the press from the Qualified Product team.

The Qualified Spring ‘23 Release is here
Claire Ebben
Claire Ebben
May 2, 2023
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They say April showers bring May flowers, but here at Qualified, April product releases bring happy customers! We’re excited to announce our Spring ‘23 Release. 

Here are some exciting highlights:

NEW! Smart Website: Turn your website into a pipeline generation machine with the new Smart Website Builder, allowing you to easily turn any button or call-to-action on your site into a conversion point. 

NEW! Qualified Conversations: More conversations, more pipeline! We’ve added more customization to the Conversations UI with Conversation avatars, designed to help boost engagement.

NEW! Qualified Meetings: This release is jam-packed with fresh meeting functionality, including personal scheduling links, flexible routing, and our new Meetings-only user role. 

NEW! Qualified AI: Meet Qualified GPT, a brand new set of capabilities designed to help you harness the power of generative AI and improve sales rep efficiency.

NEW! Qualified Platform & Integrations: We’ve rolled out changes to the admin experience to allow for more flexibility and efficiency with managing users, as well as Signals intent data inside of Salesloft.

Take a dive into our newest Pipeline Cloud product release below.

Qualified Smart Website

Smart Website Builder

Build a unique website experience for every visitor, no code or development resources required. The Smart Website Builder is your command center to visualize your entire website interface in real time, then use point-and-click tools to design bespoke website experiences for your VIP visitors. It’s the best way to optimize your website for conversion across any touchpoint. Reach out to your QSA to get this feature turned on in your org.

Qualified Conversations

Conversation Avatars

Personalization is key to engaging prospects on your website. Welcome your VIP visitors to the website by greeting them with the faces of your team! Qualified’s Smart Messenger will now display an “avatar” (rep headshot) alongside each message. If the message comes from a bot, your company logo will be used. This is a design change provisioned to all customers.

Qualified Meetings

Instant Scheduling Links

Qualified Meetings enables your team to book more meetings on the website through your forms, call-to-actions, and now with this release, through email. Meetings users can now generate a unique calendar link to include in their email copy and signatures, allowing prospects and customers to book directly with that user. 

Custom Smart Forms

Increase lead conversion and book more meetings from the custom forms you’ve already built on your website. Customers that have Meeting Forms turned on in their orgs now have the ability to trigger form experiences for custom-built forms. Admins can select the form trigger experience step to select from a marketing automation platform built form or a custom form. Click here to dive deeper into custom forms on Qualified University. 

Smart Routing

This release adds more flexibility to meeting routing, giving your website visitors the option to either connect with their available sales rep instantly, or book a meeting for later. Customers using Smart Form or Smart Button experiences to book meetings with their website visitors can now route meetings based on rep availability. This update can be found in our secret sauce, the Qualified Experience Builder. The “rep availability” node checks if a rep is available, and branches the experience accordingly. 

Meeting Exclusion Dates

This feature gives admins the ability to mark specific dates as unavailable for booking meetings. This will block the selected dates for all calendars org-wide. You can find this setting under the “Business Hours” settings (see screenshot below). To select multiple days, click the “+” and add additional dates.

Meeting Rescheduling and Cancellations

Remove the tedious back and forth for your prospective buyers to reschedule meetings. Once a meeting is booked, prospects can now use a cancellation or rescheduling link to update their meeting with your sales reps. The link takes the prospect to a standalone page with the calendar of the original rep booked, and the calendar invite will update automatically. 

Qualified will also send an updated event to Salesforce, and send out a confirmation email reflecting any changes. Users can also track meeting cancellations & reschedules in dashboards & session reports as part of Meeting Analytics.

Meeting Reminders 

Customers using Qualified Meetings can now customize reminder emails by meeting type, saving your team time and ensuring your prospects show up and convert. Reminders can be scheduled for hours or days before, and each individual template can contain information important for the meeting including links to the website, product pages, discovery questions, videos, and one-pagers. 

Meeting Routing

All customers now have access to separate routing rules for meetings, allowing for different meeting types, multiple attendees, and balanced meeting and lead distribution. 

Meetings-Only User Roles

Admins can now invite users to Qualified for meetings-only. The new “Meetings” role is used for Meetings-only and does not include chat.

Qualified GPT

Qualified GPT, Generative AI for the Pipeline Cloud, is designed to help B2B companies harness the power of AI and engage and convert their website visitors at scale. With this exciting new part of our platform, we’re excited to release four new GPT-powered use cases that will increase sales rep efficiency.

  • Auto Correct: Qualified GPT will correct misspellings, fix grammar errors, and automatically proof-read responses in conversations, helping your sales reps deliver speedy, professional responses.
  • Auto Tune: Sales reps can automatically enhance their dialogue while in a conversation to sound more eloquent when speaking to potential buyers, helping every rep strike just the right tone with their important customers.
  • Auto Expand: Reps won’t waste time wordsmithing each response, because Qualified GPT can do that for them. With Auto Expand, you can turn shorthand notes or bulleted lists into well-crafted messages, encouraging rep efficiency.
  • Auto Translate: A total game-changer for global companies, Auto Translate provides on-the-fly translation between languages, allowing you to have real-time conversations without a language barrier.


Salesloft Account 360

Qualified Signals customers using Salesloft can now view Signals Account 360 insights within the Salesloft UI, putting insights right in your sales reps’ workflow! Salesloft admins can edit the layout in Salesloft to move the Qualified widget on the user sidebar (see screenshots below). For more information on how to connect to Salesloft, check out the university article here

Platform & Admin Capabilities

User Admin Table

Admins in all orgs now have a single place to manage users in Qualified, saving you time and resources. Here’s what this update includes:

  • Visibility into profile setup to action on if complete
  • Ability to send reminder emails if a calendar isn’t connected
  • Ability to send binding emails for SSO
  • Invite users based on Salesforce role, invite multiple users at once, and add to groups
  • Filters to easily sort your users by user type (note: Meetings role is only activated if your org has Meeting Types and Routing turned on)

Learn more on Qualified University. 

Support Chat Handoff 

If you’re looking to programmatically handoff chats between Qualified and a support chat tool, this update is built for you. This API call provides the ability to query Qualified visitor field data from the client-side. This can be called by external tools like Zendesk or Intercom to fetch data from Qualified. University article can be found here

That’s all for our Spring ‘23 release! But don’t worry–our product team is hard at work delivering new innovation for the Pipeline Cloud that’s guaranteed to take pipeline generation on your website to the next level. 

In the meantime, if you have feedback or ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you! Come chat with us live on the website, or reach out to our Customer Success team at any time.


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