Introducing Qualified GPT

Qualified GPT, Generative AI for the Pipeline Cloud, is designed to help B2B companies harness the power of AI and engage and convert their website visitors at scale.

Bing Yang
Bing Yang
March 15, 2023
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ChatGPT: Ushering in a major transformation for enterprise software

Here at Qualified, we’re incredibly excited about the potential of recent breakthroughs in Generative artificial intelligence (AI), and in particular, ChatGPT. We've spent the past few months tinkering with ChatGPT and brainstorming possible use cases in an attempt to assess the true power of this technology and understand how impactful it can be for our customers.

Ultimately, we believe that ChatGPT represents a new platform on top of which we will build the next version of Qualified. We’re excited to show you where we’re going!

When we started Qualified more than 4 years ago, AI was all the buzz in Silicon Valley, and we've seen some incredible uses of AI in both consumer and business applications.  

In particular, enterprise software has done an incredible job harnessing the power of predictive modeling and Predictive AI. Punching into the sales and marketing technology landscape, we've seen predictive AI models built into the likes of Salesforce, Gong, Clari, 6sense, Qualified, and more. For example, Qualified uses first-party website data as an input to a predictive AI scoring engine which identifies signals of a company’s buying intent, and it works amazingly well.

Today, we stand on the cusp of another major AI transformation. The advancements in ChatGPT and yesterday's release of GPT4 have the potential to disrupt the enterprise software industry for the better. New Generative AI platforms will help companies scale their sales and marketing efforts, which is paramount in today’s economic climate.

At Qualified, our core philosophy has always been to provide the most powerful approach to pipeline generation using a combination of people, data, and automation. With the rapid advancements in Generative AI, we will be able to provide even more robust automation to our customers, allowing them to scale their efforts, focus on their highest priority tasks, and ultimately crush their pipeline and revenue targets.

Meet Qualified GPT, Generative AI for the Pipeline Cloud

Today, we are excited to unveil Qualified GPT, a new set of Generative AI product capabilities within Qualified that are designed to help revenue teams have faster, smarter engagements with their most important website visitors. By providing a range of generative text apps that can automate tasks such as engagement prompts, copywriting, messaging, and chatbots, Qualified GPT helps companies scale their sales and marketing efforts, and keep their reps focused on only the highest priority tasks. The end result? More conversions, a higher converting website, and most importantly, more pipeline. 

Examples of Qualified GPT include:

Auto Pounce

With Auto Pounce, Qualified GPT will automatically send engagement prompts (or “greetings”) that serve as conversation starters for website visitors that meet your ideal customer profile, guaranteed to save sales rep time and increase conversions.

Auto Correct

With Auto Correct, Qualified GPT will correct misspellings, fix grammar errors, and automatically proof-read responses in conversations, helping your sales reps deliver speedy, professional responses.

Auto Tune

Sales reps can automatically enhance their dialogue while in a conversation to sound more eloquent when speaking to potential buyers, helping every rep strike just the right tone with their important customers.

Auto Expand

Reps won’t waste time wordsmithing each response, because Qualified GPT can do that for them. With Auto Expand, you can turn shorthand notes or bulleted lists into well-crafted messages, encouraging rep efficiency.

Auto Suggest

Auto Suggest gives your sales reps access to AI-powered recommended conversation responses to help every sales rep be on-message. This will both educate your reps and scale your efforts.

Auto Translate

A total game-changer for global companies, Auto Translate provides on-the-fly translation between languages, allowing you to have real-time conversations without a language barrier.

Auto Personalize

Qualified GPT goes beyond just conversations. With Auto Personalize, you can automatically change or recommend text on your website based on visitor data to drive the highest engagement and conversion.

Auto Summarize

Get the TL;DR on website visitor interactions–both conversations and website behavior–to provide sales reps with a succinct read out of Account activity to-date.

The power of Generative AI and Qualified GPT lies in its ability to leverage machine learning to constantly improve and adapt to the needs of its users. As a product-driven organization, we are committed to ongoing innovation and development, ensuring that our AI capabilities remain at the forefront of the industry.

While there is no silver bullet for pipeline generation, Qualified GPT offers sales and marketing teams an unparalleled level of power, productivity, speed, and knowledge. 

Qualified GPT will be available on limited release to a subset of Pipeline Cloud customers this spring. Want to get in on the action? Sign up using the experience on this page. ↘️

We are so excited about the potential that Qualified GPT will unleash for our customers, and cannot wait to see you put it into action.

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