The Qualified Autumn ‘23 Release is Here

Here’s a roundup of the latest innovations, hot off the press from the Qualified Product team.

The Qualified Autumn ‘23 Release is Here
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
November 17, 2023
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The leaves are turning colors and there’s a crispness in the air. That means autumn has arrived along with the Qualified Autumn ‘23 Release. This quarter, we’re focused squarely on how AI can genuinely benefit your business and generate more pipeline. We’re excited to share our latest and greatest offerings, built with you in mind.


Qualified AI now powers our flagship Live Chat and Chatbot products. Early Access available now!

In August, we unveiled Qualified AI, the fuel that turbocharges our entire Pipeline Cloud Platform and each of our products. Now, we’ve brought Qualified AI into our flagship products: Live Chat and Chatbots.

  • AI Live Chat gives your sales reps a copilot to have faster, smarter conversations. This means your sales reps no longer need to dig for responses to visitor questions. The best answer is right at their fingertips.
  • AI Chatbots turn pipeline generation on autopilot, 24x7. Sales reps aren’t always available to have instant conversations, that’s where AI chatbots step in to capture pipeline around the clock.

Want to learn more? Check out the demo video above 👆 with our co-founders, Kraig Swensrud and Bing Yang, who demo this new functionality and lift the hood on Qualified AI training and tuning. These exciting new features are available now for eligible Qualified customers. If you're interested in Early Access, enroll today or connect with your Qualified Success Architect.


Connect your sales reps and qualified buyers instantly using live chat, voice, and video.

Qualified AI automatically recommends thoughtful and thorough responses for your sales reps

Qualified AI Live Chat

When it comes to live chat, speed is absolutely crucial for keeping a buyer engaged in a conversation. But oftentimes, buyer questions can be complex and difficult to answer. With Qualified AI Live Chat, your sales reps have the best answer right at their fingertips. It’s the copilot they’ve always needed.

Qualified AI Live Chat features include:

  • Qualified AI Suggest recommends responses to help every sales rep answer thoughtfully and thoroughly while also offering ongoing education so they can continuously improve.
  • Qualified AI Expand elaborates on shorthand notes or bulleted lists in seconds so you don’t waste precious time wordsmithing each response.
  • Qualified AI Pounce discerns which website visitors are valuable then automatically initiates a conversation on behalf of your sales rep who can seamlessly join the conversation without missing a beat.

Qualified AI Live Chat is currently available for Early Access. Connect with your Qualified Success Architect and read the announcement to learn more.

Additional Languages for Multilingual Experiences

With your buyers across the globe, a multilingual website is crucial. Qualified Experiences are no different, greeting buyers in their native language and personalizing their visit. We’ve now added four new languages to our growing list to further support our global customers: Polish, Thai, Czech, and Indonesian. Read the help article to learn more.  


Turn chatbots on autopilot to engage visitors, capture leads, and book meetings, 24x7.

Powered by Qualified AI, Qualified Chatbots are designed to convert prospects into pipeline 24x7

Qualified AI Chatbots

In addition to our rules-based chatbots, we now offer automated chatbots that are powered by Qualified AI and the Pipeline Cloud Platform. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Q&A chatbots. These are sales and marketing chatbots that are on a mission to convert more pipeline. 

Qualified AI Chatbots can identify visitors, segment website traffic, and track website activity to know exactly when they should proactively engage visitors in a conversation. Once a visitor is engaged, they can offer so much more than a response to questions; they’re designed to keep the conversation going, book sales meetings, and handoff the conversation to an available sales rep. Qualified AI Chatbots are intent on capturing pipeline around the clock; you have to see it to believe it. Reach out to your Qualified Success Architect to learn more.


Invite your best buyers to schedule meetings with your sales team in just a few clicks.

Use Qualification Questions to ask additional question before presenting scheduling options

Qualification Questions

When a meeting booker is triggered via Smart Buttons (like “Schedule a demo”), you now have the option to ask additional questions within the meeting booker prior to presenting scheduling options. This means you can instantly qualify buyers within the meeting booker — rather than defaulting to a full form — which improves the buyer experience, simplifies lead capture, and increases conversions. Read the help article to learn more.

One-Click Links for Qualified Meetings

Qualified Meetings simplifies meeting scheduling with qualified buyers. With simple, one-click links, you can skip the back and forth scheduling and get time booked instantly. We now offer two new options:

  • With Direct Links, your sales team can easily copy and send a meeting booking link that offers direct access to their calendar or a group of calendars. 
  • With Routed Links, you can send a single link that automatically routes buyers to the appropriate sales rep calendar based on your routing rules. 

Both options are currently available for Early Access. Connect with your Qualified Success Architect to learn more.

Qualified Meetings Loading States

Once a buyer is qualified and a meeting booker appears, the booker now shows different loading states that rotate every three seconds to keep the buyer engaged while different processes run in the background. This includes phrases like: “One sec, almost there!,""Just a moment, please.,”“Finding availability.” The result is decreased buyer drop off and increased meetings booked. 

Smart Form Marketo Lead Configuration

Qualified Meetings for Smart Forms give qualified buyers the option to immediately book a meeting after submitting a form. If using Marketo Smart Forms, we now offer a “Don’t wait for Marketo” setting to use form fields without waiting for Marketo to create a lead. This option accelerates meeting routing after a form submission and avoids timeouts. Read the help article to learn more.


Identify, engage, and convert your best buyers through bespoke website experiences.

Pre-fill Blank Values on Matched Records

When a visitor arrives on your website, Qualified stores their information — like name, company, or location —using visitor fields. This information is then displayed for your reps when using the Qualified app or it’s used to later route visitors for inbound chat. For scenarios where a mapped visitor field is blank, there is now the option to select "Keep the blank value" or "Use the next source." This allows our pre-fill sources to fill in missing data on matched records. Read the help article to learn more.

That’s a wrap for Autumn ‘23, but our product team is constantly building new features designed to help you generate more pipeline. We have more exciting features coming soon but if you have ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you! As always, feel free to chat with us live on the website or connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect at any time.

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