The Qualified Summer ‘23 Release is Here

Here’s a roundup of the latest innovations, hot off the press from the Qualified Product team.

The Qualified Summer ‘23 Release is Here
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
August 23, 2023
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Peak summer has arrived along with the Qualified Summer ‘23 Release, packed with new innovations that turn every conversion point on your website into pipeline. We’re excited to share our latest and greatest offerings, built with you in mind.


Revolutionize your website with AI to save time, focus your efforts, and grow more pipeline.

The AI revolution is well underway and at Qualified, we’re wielding this incredible technology to turbocharge the Pipeline Cloud. We recently introduced Qualified AI, which is anchored on four core principles: Generative AI, Recommendation AI, Optimization AI, and Predictive AI. This is the fuel that powers our entire Pipeline Cloud platform and is infused into each Pipeline Cloud product — helping companies deliver hyper-personalized website experiences that boost pipeline. Read the announcement to learn more.


Connect your sales reps and qualified buyers instantly using live chat, voice, and video.

Qualified Messenger Refresh

The Qualified Messenger has a modernized look and feel, with new custom greeting styles and multiple graphic options including logos, dynamic faces, and images; plus mobile-specific options with clean and minimal style. This feature is available to all customers. Check out this help article to learn more. 

The Qualified Messenger has a modernized look and feel that is totally customizable. 

Related Object Filtering

A Qualified Experience can greet visitors, gather more information with qualifying questions, book a meeting with a sales rep, or start a live chat; and these experiences can be uniquely tailored to each visitor with related object filtering. Not only can you filter by three core Salesforce objects (Leads, Contacts, and Accounts), but all fields of all objects directly related to those. This offers a massive increase in available data and expands the type of experience that is served. Read the help article to learn more.


Invite your best buyers to schedule meetings with your sales team in just a few clicks.

Meetings for Smart Buttons

CTA buttons like “Schedule a Demo” or “Contact Us” can now trigger a full screen meeting booker for visitors to schedule a meeting in just a few clicks. On the backend, setup is simple with our point-and-click UI that allows you to easily choose which button will trigger the meeting booker for which visitors, no code required. Read the help article to learn more.

Qualified Meetings makes it easy to schedule time with the full screen meeting booker.

Appointment Windows for Meeting Types

Meeting types are the different kinds of meetings that website visitors are offered when scheduling time with your sales team, like a discovery call or product demo. We now offer the option to set a rolling date range or fixed date range for a meeting type so visitors can only book time during specified days. For example, you may want to only allow visitors to book time August 6-8th while your team is at a conference. Read the help article to learn more.

Minimum Meeting Notice for Meeting Types

The minimum notice is the amount of time between when a meeting booker is offered and when someone can book a meeting on the rep's calendar. For example, buffering 30 minutes before a discovery call or two days before a custom demo, ensuring your reps have enough time to prepare. This is also customizable by meeting type, rather than at the user level. Read the help article to learn more.

Round Robin Routing for Meeting Types

Meeting routing dictates which sales rep calendar is displayed when visitors book a meeting. With Round Robin, the calendar for the rep who is next in line to get a meeting will be shown (i.e. A, B, C, A, B, C). This feature does not optimize for finding the best time possible for prospects and may result in fewer options. Therefore, Smart Routing is recommended. Read the help article to learn more.

Routing Weights and Exclusions for Meeting Types

By default, all sales rep calendars are weighted at 100%; however, admins now have the option to modify this weighting according to the needs of the team. For example, if a new team member should receive fewer meetings, their percentage can be reduced below 100%. Conversely, if more meetings are desired for a high-performing rep, their percentage can be set above 100%. Read the help article to learn more.

Restricted Meeting Types in the Messenger

Sales reps typically offer meetings during a live chat with website visitors; that’s the beauty of Qualified! But too many meeting types available to sales reps in the dropdown can get noisy. Admins now have the option to remove select meeting types from the dropdown list if they are not relevant to their organization. Read the help article to learn more.

Meeting Link Generation for Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Once sales reps have connected their calendar to the Qualified app, they can also connect directly to Zoom or Microsoft Teams to automatically generate a unique meeting link with their preferred platform. Sales reps no longer need to manually add a link to the calendar invite for each meeting generated by Qualified, this is now automatically done on their behalf. Read the help article to learn more.

Personal Meeting Links

Sales reps now have the option to send out personal meeting links, which allows prospects to book time directly on the rep’s calendar. Meetings booked through these personal meeting links will create a “Meeting Booked” event in Salesforce with the event description as “[Meeting Type] meeting booked using a Smart Link." With all meetings booked through Qualified in Salesforce, you have more continuity with your Salesforce records. Read the help article to learn more.

Meetings for Visitor 360

Within Qualified Conversations, sales reps have a complete view of each website visitor with Visitor 360. Qualified Meetings is now displayed as a new card within Visitor 360, showcasing meetings offered, booked, and canceled. Plus, hover text shows whether a meeting was booked and/or offered through a smart form, smart button, personal meeting link, or chat. This gives sales reps even more context when engaging with each website visitor. Read the help article to learn more.

That’s a wrap for Summer ‘23, but our product team is constantly churning out new features designed to turn your website into a pipeline generation machine. We have more exciting features underway but if you have ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you! As always, feel free to chat with us live on the website or connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect at any time.

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