Qualified Spring '22 Quarterly Release Notes have arrived

Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest features, hot off the press from the Qualified product team!

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
May 5, 2022
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Spring is here! That means flowers are in full bloom and warmer weather has arrived. 💐🌞The Spring ‘22 Qualified Quarterly Release Notes are also here, packed with exciting new features that are designed to generate more pipeline for modern revenue teams.

At Qualified, our products and features are built with our customers in mind. We want you to be successful and we’re here to do whatever it takes. This quarter focuses heavily on the Pipeline Cloud as well as the Qualified Experience Builder, the Qualified Messenger, and Qualified Analytics. So grab some popcorn and get ready to explore our latest and greatest offerings, including:

  • Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud
  • Qualified for Outbound: Salesloft
  • More Buyer Intent Insights with Qualified Signals 
  • Advanced Experience Builder Functionality
  • Updated Messenger Capabilities for a Richer Experience
  • Enhanced Dashboards and Analytics

Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud

We’re incredibly excited to introduce you to the future of B2B pipeline generation.

As we look at the world around us, it is clear that there has been a seismic shift in B2B buyer behavior. There are three major “revolutions” occurring: a content revolution, a privacy revolution, and a communication revolution. If the world around us has changed, and technology has changed, and our buyer expectations have changed…it’s time our pipeline generation process changes too.

Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud. A revolutionary new set of technologies and processes that drive more pipeline for modern revenue teams. There are five key pillars of the Pipeline Cloud:

  1. Salesforce-Connected Website
  2. Buyer Intent Signals, powered by Qualified Signals
  3. Account-Based Marketing, powered by Qualified for ABM
  4. Outbound Outreach, powered by Qualified for Outbound
  5. Real-Time Conversations, powered by Qualified Conversations

If you’re wondering whether this notion really works, Qualified and our customers have seen a 30% increase in visitor to pipeline conversion rate; the highest recorded in our industry. For more information on how to put the Pipeline Cloud into action, read more on the blog or watch the keynote.

Qualified for Outbound: Salesloft

Enable outbound reps to deliver a seamless buying experience that converts

Sales prospecting is the backbone of a successful sales cycle. It’s a critical step in sourcing leads and generating pipeline for your business. Outbound sales reps often use sales engagement platforms, like Salesloft, to create personalized email campaigns that pique buyer interest and drive traffic back to your website. These tools are undoubtedly effective but knowing where to start is crucial.

With Qualified for Salesloft, sales reps can leverage buyer intent data to prioritize high intent accounts then send those VIPs an outbound email via Salesloft. When a VIP buyer clicks through a Salesloft email and arrives on the site, reps are instantly alerted so they can start a conversation right on the site and deliver a seamless buying experience across channels. This results in a more connected buying experience, better sales conversations, and more pipeline. Check out our demo video for more information and reach out to your dedicated Qualified Success Architect to get started today.

More buyer intent insights with Qualified Signals 

Focus your revenue teams on high-intent accounts to maximize pipeline

Knowing which accounts are on your website and showing high purchase intent is eye-opening. This insight helps your revenue teams prioritize their efforts; bringing the right buyers back to your site. Qualified Signals uses an AI-powered predictive model to show you the accounts whose interest is heating up or surging. Explore our University articles to learn more about Qualified Signals and how to put this data into practice.

Outreach and Salesloft for Signals

If a prospect engages with an outbound email, that’s a powerful signal of buyer interest. The Qualified Signals AI Predictive Model now ingests email clickthrough data via Outreach and Salesloft. These new data inputs will give your revenue teams an even more accurate prediction of purchase intent and clearer visibility into their target accounts. This data is also displayed on the Signals Account 360 view so reps can quickly understand how sales engagement tools, like Outreach and Salesloft, are driving their account’s Signals temperature. Check out this Qualified University article to learn more. 

View sales engagement data at the account level in Signals Account 360

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Filters

In an ideal world, every account with high buyer intent would be captured in Salesforce. You don’t want accounts that are heating up or surging to go undetected, so it’s important to find accounts that may be flying under the radar. With Signals ICP filters, you can set your ICP criteria to see the many different accounts perusing your website even if they aren’t in Salesforce. Once you have an understanding of their potential buying intent, import them into Salesforce so your sales reps can take quick action. Learn more in this Qualified University article.

Signals Unmanaged Package

Our Signals unmanaged package is a collection of custom fields plus reports and dashboard components that can be installed within your Salesforce instance and used to showcase Signals data for your organization. This gives Salesforce Admins the ability to customize reports and dashboards based on your team’s priorities and needs. Now, you can make faster, data-driven decisions on where to focus your team’s time and prospecting efforts. Check out the Qualified University article to learn more and contact your Qualified Success Architect to get started today.

Enhanced Experience Builder functionality

Build complex Experiences for each unique visitor across your site, effortlessly.

With thousands of visitors on your site each month, offering a high-touch, human-centric experience can be challenging. The Qualified Experience Builder is the engine behind the Qualified application that ensures every exchange is completely unique and each visitor receives the perfect experience. Explore our Qualified Experiences University articles to learn more.

Conversation Loops

When a visitor engages with a Qualified Experience on your site, we want to hold their interest and keep them in an active conversation. Previously, visitors who reached the end of an Experience would not be able to continue and they’d be forced to disengage. As a result, customers had to build several additional Experiences to put visitors back in new Experiences, which could be incredibly time-intensive. Now, you can automatically loop through steps within a given Experience so a visitor no longer hits a dead end. 

Configurable Routing Hierarchy

Qualified routing ensures your VIP visitors are connected with the right sales rep at exactly the right time.  Previously, routing rules were locked into a fixed hierarchy. Qualified would first look for a Contact match, then a Lead match, and lastly an Account match. Visitors would then be routed to a respective record owner when a match occurred. Now, you can reorder how the object matching evaluation occurs based on your unique business needs. This feature is currently available on the Qualified Enterprise plan but can be added to other plans for $5000/year. Contact your Qualified Success Architect to learn more.

Searchable and archived Experiences

When it comes to a successful conversational program, greeting visitors with a personalized, contextual message the moment they arrive on the site is an important practice. However, this can often result in a myriad of Experiences within the Qualified platform. Previously, customers would struggle to find relevant Experiences when it was time to review or make updates. Now, they can search Experiences by title to quickly find those they need. Furthermore, customers can also archive outdated Experiences to declutter their Qualified instance while preserving Experience analytics.

Search through your Experience list by title and archive outdated Experiences as needed.

Deferred Record Updates

Capturing critical information about your visitors and pushing it to Salesforce is a key part of generating pipeline. Previously, customers would have had to add “Push to Update” nodes to Qualified Experiences any time a visitor value changed. If this was skipped between steps, key information about visitors would be lost when they dropped from a conversation. Now, customers only need to add the "Push to Update" node once in an Experience flow. This tells Qualified to wait to push an update to the external system until after that step. This results in faster and more streamlined Experience flows, less redundant API calls to external systems, and a faster visitor-facing Experience.

Updated Messenger capabilities for a richer experience

Deliver a stellar, interactive buying experience across your website.

The Qualified Messenger is where the magic happens. It’s where your buyers and sales reps engage in real-time conversations; delivering an interactive and connected experience. Given the gravity of this feature, it’s crucial the Messenger be responsive, effortless, and aligned with your brand. Explore the Qualified University to learn more.

Dynamic Messenger

Previously, the Qualified Messenger would expand across the full height of a given website the moment a visitor engaged. Until the conversation was well underway, the empty messenger resulted in blank, unused real estate. The Qualified Messenger is now dynamic, expanding with the conversation, which follows more modernized web design patterns and minimizes the visual impact to our customers’ website content.

The Qualified Messenger now dynamically expands with the conversation to make better use of website real estate.

WCAG accessibility 

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) ensures web content is usable for individuals with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive language, learning, and neurological limitations. Accessibility is important so that all people can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with digital products and be active, contributing members of the digital world. We are proud to announce that the Qualified Messenger is now WCAG 2.1 AA accessible and that we can provide conversational support to all visitors on our customers’ websites.

Enhanced dashboards and analytics

Explore new features that will help you continuously improve your program.

Unlocking valuable insights into your Qualified program is crucial. With enhanced analytics, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses then optimize accordingly. This ensures your teams are performing at their best and you’re driving even more high-quality pipeline. Explore our University articles to learn more.

Line charts

When it comes to understanding trends, comparing key metrics over time is crucial. Now, customers can use line charts with primary, secondary, and/or tertiary data to visualize these patterns. Use custom colors to build your charts then hover over each line to show key metrics by day. If you want to dig deeper, simply click the metric to learn more.

Line Charts compare key metrics and display trends over time.

Funnel charts

Marketers think in terms of funnels. To help our customers visualize their Qualified data with key funnel stages, we now offer three out-of-the-box funnel charts: Engagement Funnel, Inbound Chat Health Funnel, and Pounce Conversation Rate Funnel. Customers can also create custom funnel charts by adding comparison metrics to understand conversion percentages between funnel stages and reorder funnel stages by dragging them up or down the chart builder.

Routed for Inbound Chat

Want to know how your reps are performing when it comes to inbound chats? With the new “Reps who were routed for inbound chat” filter, this data can be brought into reports and dashboards to help our customers better understand rep performance, where there might be gaps, and who needs more coaching.

Wrap up

That’s a wrap for Qualified Spring ‘22, but we’re not done yet! Our customers are our top priority and we’re focused on building a product that helps them meet the demands of today’s modern buyer. That said, something big is coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned to learn more. 👀

Our feature releases are largely influenced by your helpful feedback so if you have ideas for what you’d like to see in future releases—or questions about this release—chat with us live on the website or reach out to our Customer Success team at any time.

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