Why sales teams love Qualified

Why Qualified users love our platform. A series from three different personas.

Why sales teams love Qualified
Jennifer Lynn Schneider
Jennifer Lynn Schneider
September 17, 2021
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In the world of sales, where prospecting philosophies are abundant and the tools to fuel them are growing by the day, it is essential to empower sales team  to engage with potential buyers and your current customers. In part 2 of this 3-part series, we’re focusing on why sales teams love Qualified. 

I am passionate about the sales process. My introduction to the Salesforce ecosystem was as a BDR. Through those years, I developed the passionate opinion that every tool I used needed to add value to my day. Fast forward 15+ years, we now have even more tools at our disposal. With these tools comes an abundance of convenience and information at our fingertips.

I am committed to creating a Qualified experience that empowers every level of sales user from SDR, BDR to AEs and Sales Managers. One of the most exciting moments working at Qualified was when we launched Qualified X. This product was absolutely mind-blowing to me! It wasn't too long ago that I was using pen-and-paper and multiple databases to try to research specific individuals that came to my website. The Qualified platform does that for you, using your tech stack to pull information and populate your Visitor 360. 

Qualified can be customized based on your sales process and taxonomy. Your entire team will be able to quickly understand, identify and prioritize who they should be talking to and who needs more nurturing. Combined with marketing efforts, your entire team finally has one place to align together. 

This visibility alone is a game-changer for your entire sales team.

Let's look into each role of a sales team to truly understand how Qualified was built exclusively to support your entire organization.

Meet our personas:

  • Meet Johnathan, an Inbound SDR
  • Meet Kaylee, an Outbound BDR 
  • Meet Anthony, an AE
  • Meet Sarah the, the VP of Sales

Johnathan, Inbound SDR

Meet Jonathan, an Inbound SDR in your organization. Jonathan's main focus everyday is to pre-qualify any inbound prospect that comes his way. This source is primarily from website traffic in the way of form fills.  This method leaves much to be desired, only pushing the values of the fields from the form submission without any real insight into the individuals need for requesting to talk. 

In the traditional SDR model, there are various steps that unnecessarily elongate the sales cycle. After form submission is complete, it could take Jonathan up to a day to return that form submission request via email or phone. Once he finally gets a meeting booked or receives a response, days could have gone by, and that prospect may already be cold. 

Should Johnathan get that meeting, it is now time to qualify that prospect. Only then, are we passing that individual on and possibly creating an opportunity inside Salesforce.  In many cases this repetitive sequence can last anywhere for 3 days to 6 weeks. As you can see there were six steps from the initial inquiry to an opportunity being created and grabbing Sales attention.

The Traditional model looks something like this:

What if you could streamline that process? What if you were able to have a conversation at the exact time that prospect had an inquiry? Jonathan would save weeks of prospecting and connect with 3X the amount of prospects he had in the past.

Qualified is an SDRs best friend while practicing the Speed to Lead mentality. Qualified provides the tools Jonathan needs to understand everything he can about a particular individual so that the questions he asks can help him quickly qualify that individual. 

Not only can Jonathan see that this individual is a prospect specific for him,  but by using multiple Integrations like enrichment data and sourcing,  Jonathan has even a better idea of the prospects location, what company they may work for, and even what industry.  By having three times more conversations with individuals, Jonathan keeps the pipeline full and consistent  for the rest of the team.

Kaylee, Outbound BDR

Next up, meet Kaylee.  Kaylee is an outbound BDR for your organization.  Kaylee's daily objectives are very different from Jonathan's.  Kaylee sources come from outbound emails, cold calls and maybe even LinkedIn.  Kaylee is focusing on external communication to Target Accounts for her pipeline.

In the traditional BDR model the flow has run something like this.  An email sequence or cold call has been delivered.  The prospect responds or engages. This alone could take multiple tries.  Next Kaylee needs to gauge the prospects level of  interest,  book a meeting and qualify all before the sales have an opportunity to be created. 

Similar to the SDR traditional model there were 5 steps from the initial email to an opportunity created.  Along with this traditional model,  are the dated metrics used to focus on things like number of emails sent,  what was the response rate,  the open rate and getting caught up in proving that we were outbound reaching via these methods. 

What if we put that energy into quick conversations and converting in real-time?  What if we could eliminate just a few steps and days of that process?  

Qualified supports the BDR process in a way that no other platform can.  By integrating with Qualified for Outbound,  BDRs can be identified the minute someone clicks through an email and is on the website giving high priority prospects the ability to engage, show interest, be qualified and have the next meeting booked within minutes. 

But what about AEs? How can my AE benefit from Qualified?

Anthony, AE

Meet Anthony the Account Executive. Anthony's day is already full. He is focused on open opportunities, his target accounts and getting people across the line.  Anthony's days are spent discussing contracts,  preparing proposals, and making sure that he has what he needs to relay what are the best fit solutions or products for your prospective buyer. Anthony may not have time to watch who's coming in and out of your website,  but  Anthony does need to know when one of these Target accounts or open opportunity clients have arrived on your website. Missing this valuable information and opportunity to connect to maintain the relationship he's already created could be the deciding factor of the next Closed Won opportunity. 

Qualified has the unique ability to do just that. Any opportunities that Anthony is currently working with, and  individuals tied to those accounts, can all be passed directly to Anthony via messaging and booking time directly with him on his calendar and/or via daily reports emailed directly. So while Anthony is busy, Qualified is making sure he doesn’t miss a beat. And now with Qualified Anywhere, Anthony can be alerted in real time, giving him the option to engage with them while on the site via his mobile device. Anthony has been able to accelerate his time to close by never missing inquiries and conversation with his potential buyers. 

Sarah, VP of Sales

Meet Sarah, VP of sales. It's Sarah's job to make sure that her entire team is following the KPIs of  her internal business processes. Simply put, Sarah needs to measure ROI,  understand the activities of her team, and how they impact ROI at an extremely granular level. Her 3-tiered sales teams have different objectives and it’s her responsibility to make sure that they are supported by the tools they use as well as reporting inside of Salesforce.

Sarah doesn't have time to go to multiple platforms and pull information for her weekly meetings. That's why Sarah loves Qualified. Sarah has her own reports and dashboards inside Salesforce. She can review and share these each week. They have been customized to fit within the taxonomy and goals of her team. They also help bridge the collective communication with the Marketing team, bringing initiatives full circle. 

In addition to Salesforce reports and dashboards, Sarah also has a full dashboard focused on her reps inside of Qualified. She can see when reps have been on line, who is engaging, setting meetings and who has had the most conversions. Sarah has also drafted unique reports to be emailed to her on a daily basis to stay in touch with the team. 

Sarah also loves that the website is segmented for each team and down to the rep. Each rep is shown what matters to them, reducing wasted time and efforts during the dedicated time on the platform. It is because of this all of her teams are performing at a high caliber and crushing goals. Sarah has worked with marketing to be sure their sales segments are represented. This makes training and adoption highly successful. 

Qualified is more than just conversational marketing.

Our power stems from using its capabilities to decipher who is on the site, who needs to be nurtured, and who should be routed to a SDR,  BDR, or an Account Executive. Not sure who is on the site? Your enrichment tools may, and yep, you guessed, Qualified also integrates with multiple enrichment and ABM platforms like 6Sense, Clearbit and Demandbase to name a few.

I would love to hear your questions from a technical and strategic perspective. Why not see for yourself how Qualified can tie together your Marketing and Sales techstack?

 Click here to set up some time to chat with me directly, and/or get a custom demo scheduled. 

Thanks for tuning in to this three part blog series.  In the coming weeks we will look at Qualified from the Marketing team’s perspective. Stay tuned...

Until next time, Stay hydrated Ohana…

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