Inside the Ohana: The Value of Mentorship

Welcome to Inside the Ohana!

Meet Shonnah Hughes, Global Product Growth & Innovation Evangelist at GetFeedback, winner of the Equality Trailblazer award, and thought leader in the Salesforce ecosystem. In this episode, Shonnah takes on her inspiring journey from Salesforce user to Equality Trailblazer Award Winner. You’ll hear why community support combined with individual mentorship is important for transitioning into a new career, how paying it forward as an inspirational mentor is the best way to provide value to others, and much more.

Guest Bio - Shonnah is the Global Product Growth & Innovation Evangelist at GetFeedback, the leading customer experience management solution for Salesforce. Shonnah is a Co-Lead for Momentive’s Black ERG BUILD, a Salesforce MVP with over 14 years in its ecosystem, and holds many certifications and designations. She is seen as a thought leader in the Salesforce ecosystem and beyond. Shonnah co-founded a successful nonprofit to help underrepresented adults break into technology. Her leadership with Teen Tech Titans, PepUp Tech, WiT Diversity & other community organizations has led to multiple awards & recognitions. Including the Equality Trailblazer award and a golden hoodie. Shonnah had the distinct honor of signing the White House’s Pledge to America’s workforce along with Marc Benioff. The Pledge to America’s Workers—committing to expand programs that educate, train, and reskill American workers from high-school age to near-retirement.

“[The Ohana] means so much to me as someone who didn't grow up in tech or have a four-year college degree, or wasn’t looked at as someone that traditionally can provide value. The Salesforce community has made sure that is not the narrative they give to individuals who come from a background that’s not traditionally tech-focused, or who identifies as someone who has historically been excluded from these opportunities. They're welcoming you with open arms. They're saying that you can do it, and they're saying that we are here to help you along this journey.” Shonnah Hughes

Episode Timestamps:

*(1:54) - Ohana Origins 

*(3:29) - Shonnah’s biggest Salesforce wins and lessons 

*(7:24) - Feeling welcomed by the Salesforce community

*(13:10) - Paying it forward with mentorship

*(13:49) - What’s Cooking

*(17:39) - Applying Salesforce experience to current challenges

*(21:28) - Future Forecast

*(24:32) - Advice for increasing the DEI numbers *(28:01) - Lightning Round

Posted on
April 13, 2022
Emma Calderon

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