The Value of Embracing the Ecosystem

Welcome to Inside the Ohana!

Meet Sam Gutmann, the CEO and Co-Founder of OwnBackup - the top-ranked backup and restore ISV on the Salesforce.com AppExchange. Once an outsider to the Ohana, Sam shares his journey from former skeptic to embracing the Salesforce ecosystem. In this episode, you’ll hear the amazing ways the Ohana supports its community, as well as guidance for anyone aspiring to make a difference within the ecosystem.

Guest Bio - Sam Gutmann is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at OwnBackup. He is a software entrepreneur and pioneer in the online and cloud backup and recovery space. Through Sam’s leadership, OwnBackup has grown from a backup and recovery provider for Salesforce to a multi-cloud data protection provider, empowering customers to own and protect their data on any cloud platform.

Prior to OwnBackup, Sam was an entrepreneur in residence at Golden Seeds, an early-stage investment group, as well as the CIO of BassTech International, a global import/export trading company. Previously, Sam was the CEO and Co-Founder of Intronis, an online backup software company he helped build using an industry-leading economic model. Using a metrics-driven approach, his team achieved great ROI with a recurring revenue base and organically expanding sales. Sam is a graduate of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Management Information Systems.

“You don’t go to any of the tech trade shows and see both technology demonstrations and stuffed animals walking around – it was eye-opening at first. I was a little skeptical at the beginning but said, ‘Wow, you know what? Maybe if we leave the skepticism aside and we really dive in with both feet, we can get a lot out of it.’ And, it's been an amazing journey through the ecosystem over the last 7 years.” - Sam Gutmann

Episode Timestamps:

*(1:39) - Ohana Origins 

*(4:35) - Sam’s biggest wins as part of the Salesforce ecosystem

*(6:48) - The value of investing into new partnerships

*(9:36) -  What the Ohana means to Sam

*(12:20) - What’s Cooking

*(19:34) - Future Forecast

*(21:36) - Advice for aspiring leaders at Salesforce partners *(22:47) - Lightning Round

Posted on
July 6, 2022
Emma Calderon

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