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The State of Marketing, Spring 2023

B2B Marketing has shifted quickly. Hear from Sarah Franklin and Kraig Swensrud as they discuss their takes on the current market and their predictions for Spring 2023.

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5x is the New 3x

The status quo of pipeline coverage has changed drastically in the last six months. Hear how today’s top CMOs are increasing their pipeline coverage with tighter budgets and the levers they’re pulling to make it happen.

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Unlocking the Power of Connection: How B2B Brands Can Leverage Communities for Growth

Join Latané Conant and Sean Whiteley as they discuss how B2B brands can leverage communities to build stronger connections with their peers and customers, ultimately driving growth, building trust, and amplifying their brands within target audiences.

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Pipeline Power Hour

Join Ian Faison, Founder & CEO of Caspian Studios, and five pipeline powerhouses in back to back quick hit sessions where they’ll share their playbooks, hot takes, and best secrets in key marketing channels.

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Generative AI: The Future of Marketing

Generative AI is the hottest topic in tech right now. Learn how this new technology is going to change how revenue teams go to market, and her plays for harnessing the power of AI.

Funnel Vision: Unlearning the Funnel

The buyer's journey isn't the linear funnel we're all so used to seeing any longer. Get Sidney's playbook for transforming your content strategy from funnel vision to moving your buyers into buying mode.

3 Outbound Strategies to Drive Demand

You have to have a stellar outbound marketing strategy to stand out amongst the crowd. Steal Outreach's Top 5 Outbound Strategies from Natalie Johnson Charles.

The Power of Brand Engagement

Learn from Mai Green as she reveals the power of Brand Engagement to generate pipeline by going deeper when telling customer stories.

Driving Pipeline with Direct Mail

Learn how to develop a memorable and winning ABM strategy through intelligent gifting with Kris Rudeegraap.

The ABM Blueprint

Join marketing leaders from Productboard and Qualified as they take you through The ABM Blueprint, including a downloadable guide on executing an effective ABM strategy, best practices, and how to get more out of your campaign with fewer resources.

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Internal Alignment for External Momentum

Attribution and alignment are two of the hottest topics to get a bunch of marketing and sales leaders fired up. Hear how these three leaders take on attribution and keep their teams aligned on the same goals.

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Pipeline Heroes ft. FreshBooks

Learn how FreshBooks approaches segmenting large audiences on their high-traffic website and leverages data insights and tools like the Pipeline Cloud to create a hyper-personalized buyer journey that converts.

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Every CMO’s #1 priority right now is pipeline generation. Learn how the best marketing leaders in the business are rewriting the future of pipeline generation.

The Modern CMO’s Survival Guide

Today’s CMO is under crazy pressure. Join Maura Rivera, Sarah Franklin, Scott Holden, and Sara Varni as they spill their strategies for surviving and thriving in the current climate.


The Pipeline Power Hour: No Pitches, Just Playbooks

Watch Ian Faison, host of Demand Gen Visionaries, as he interviews five marketing leaders and gets their perspectives on five key marketing channels.


Pipeline Masterclass: Building the Perfect Tech Stack

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I just wish I knew that company's secret sauce?” Join Kristin Hersant as she reveals Groove's incredible tech stack.


The Pipeline Council: Mastering the Art of Alignment

Listen to Sarah McConnell and Matt Buren share how they ensure marketing and sales teams stay aligned on all things pipeline.


Turn Your Site Into a Pipeline Generation Machine

Your website is your most important tool–if you power it correctly. Learn how Adecco supercharged their site with Qualified, earning them a 29,000% ROI.


Episode 1: Events

Events with Julie Liegl, former CMO, Slack


Episode 2: Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising with Jason Widup, VP of Marketing, Metadata.io


Episode 3: Inbound Conversion

Inbound Conversion with Sarah McConnell, VP, Demand Generation, Qualified


Episode 4: Outbound Engagement

Outbound Engagement with Lauren Vaccarello, CMO, Salesloft


Episode 5: Content & Brand Storytelling

Content & Brand Storytelling, with Nick Bennett, Evangelism & Customer Marketing, Alyce


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