10 things we're excited to learn at Pipeline Summit '22

We're just one week away from Pipeline Summit! Learn 10 things we can't wait to hear about on November 10th.

10 things we're excited to learn at Pipeline Summit '22
Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
November 2, 2022
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Pipeline Summit is just a week away and we’re so excited to hear from our incredible speaker lineup. If you haven’t saved your spot, click here to register. We’ll see you at 10:00 am PST on November 10th! 

If you still aren’t sure what you’re getting out of this action-packed event, here are 10 things we’re excited about:

How Sarah Franklin, Sara Varni, and Scott Holden are surviving (and thriving!) in 2022

No one is under the impression that being a CMO has ever been easy, but the job has certainly taken on more pressure than ever in 2022. We’ve asked three of the most successful CMOs in the industry to share their thoughts on what it takes not just to survive in trying times, but thrive and continue to drive growth. 

How Bombora approaches sales and marketing alignment

Alignment between sales and marketing is a hot topic–and there are a million ways to do it. Sarah McConnell and Matt Buren (Bombora) are taking us through their dashboards, metrics, and reports that they use to make sure sales and marketing stay in lock-step. 

What happened when Adecco made the switch to Conversational Marketing with the Pipeline Cloud

During the pandemic, Adecco knew something needed to change with its website. That’s when they switched from forms to live chat, super-charging their website with the Pipeline Cloud. Melissa Robinson Phillips will chat with our team about the impact Adecco saw on their pipeline generation goals, and how they achieved a 29,000% ROI. 

Jason Widup of Metadata’s playbooks for digital advertising

Metadata is crushing the digital advertising game. We’re ready to take notes as Jason and Ian break down their strategies, Jason’s go-to playbooks, and ideas for B2B teams to try with their own digital ad strategies.

How Salesloft thinks about outbound marketing with Lauren Vaccarello

Who better to break down outbound marketing strategies than Salesloft’s Lauren Vaccarello? We can’t wait to hear her take on bringing in high-quality pipeline, keeping your tech infrastructure updated, and how to break through the noise in outbound channels.

Nick Bennett’s thoughts on content and brand storytelling

One of our favorite LinkedIn superstars, Nick Bennett, will give us all his content marketing secrets and the strategy behind Alyce’s brand storytelling during The Pipeline Power Hour hosted by Ian Faison. From how to measure content’s impact to frameworks for assessing relevancy, you can’t miss his session.

The importance of strategic events with Julie Liegl

Events are officially back in action, as we’ve seen with so many huge marketing conferences this year. Join Julie Liegl, former CMO of Slack, as she shares her POV on how to run a successful events program that generates pipeline and sticks in buyers’ minds. 

Sarah McConnell’s strategies for inbound marketing

Our very own VP of Demand Gen, Sarah McConnell, is ready to share our inbound marketing playbooks–come hear her perspective on correctly identifying your ICP, personalizing your buyer experience, and removing friction from your website. 

The inside scoop on Groove’s tech stack

Emma Calderon, our Sr. Director of Content and Comms, is ready to rundown Groove’s exact tech stack with Kristin Hersant. You’ll see the engine that powers Groove’s website, and hear all about how Kristin approaches investing in new tech, especially where there are more eyes than ever on the buying process.

What marketing leaders are looking forward to in 2023 🎉

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in all of our feeds lately–it’s been a tough year. That’s why we’re so excited to hear what our speakers are looking forward to in the new year, what they plan on changing, and what they think marketing leaders need to focus on as we start planning for 2023. 

We can’t wait to see you all at Pipeline Summit! Click here to save your spot for our virtual event. 

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