5 reasons every demand gen leader needs to be at Pipeline Summit

Have you registered for Pipeline Summit? Hear why Nick Duke, our Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, thinks every marketing leader needs to be there.

5 reasons every demand gen leader needs to be at Pipeline Summit
Nick Duke
Nick Duke
October 27, 2022
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All events are not made equal.

We’re busy. Our teams are busy. Carving time for learning is difficult. But without learning there’s no growth. And for me, when I’m perusing event calendars, my number one objective is education.

What are best-of-the-best doing and, even more importantly, why?

The B2B marketing landscape is changing. I’ll save you the economic headwinds spiel (we all feel it) but understanding the catalysts of change in our industry unlocks the “why,” which leads you to the “how.”

The opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant marketing minds fuels my enthusiasm for Qualified’s Pipeline Summit on November 10th, from 10:00am to 1:00pm PST. Our powerhouse lineup of speakers will cover everything from strategic vision for 2023, down to the granular tactics that are driving pipeline today.

We'll hear from Sarah Franklin, president and CMO of Salesforce, and other top-notch CMOs discuss the mounting pressures all marketers in the industry are facing in today's economic conditions, as well as how they're overcoming them.

But, at the end of the day, every marketing leader’s number one priority right now is pipeline generation, and we'll get down to the nitty-gritty on just how these marketing masterminds are not only reaching their pipeline goals, but exceeding them.

If you’re a revenue-focused marketer, this is a can't-miss event for 2022. If I had five minutes to convince you why you to join Qualified’s Pipeline Summit on November 10th, I’d say join us and:

1. Learn from the best-of-the-best

The best marketers will agree–marketing is about replication. What's working? How do we know it's working? How can we build on our successes moving forward? Come hear firsthand how Sarah Franklin, president and CMO of Salesforce, Scott Holden, CMO of ThoughtSpot, Lauren Vaccarello, CMO of Salesloft, and Julie Liegl, former CMO of Slack, and many more are getting it done through market uncertainties and changing tides.

Check out the full speaker list here.

2. Hear tactics & strategies that actually work

LinkedIn influencers will hate this: there's no magic formula to successful marketing. Our marketing toolbox is limited, but the different ways you can use them is not. Hear tactical success stories for events, digital advertising, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and content and brand storytelling from the people that are doing it the best.

3. Get inspired for 2023

I think most of us are out of the prediction game when it comes to “getting back to normal.” The world has changed, and it’s time to accept that 2023 won’t be the year where everything magically snaps back. Our speakers are here to share what they’re excited about in 2023, what they’ll be doing differently, and how they’re thinking long-term about the current economic challenges. 

4. Look under the hood of successful companies

If you’ve ever found yourself looking through another B2B corporate website and thinking, “I just wish I knew exactly what they were doing.” this event is for you. We’ve asked our speakers to share their exact strategies and secrets, and we’re even getting a look at some of their exact tech stacks so you know what you’re missing out on. 

5.  Know we’re in this together

You're not in this alone. Even though market uncertainties and economic headwinds may seem daunting, see how other B2B marketing leaders dealing with the same issues are overcoming them. Sometimes, just knowing that you aren’t crazy is the motivation you need to keep forging ahead through difficult times. 

Marketing leaders are under a lot of pressure these days, and they’re short on two things: budget and time. That’s why we’ve designed an event that packs a whole lot of value into just a few hours. Hear from brilliant marketing minds, get a peek into what they’re doing, and best of all—steal their secrets to take back to your team and crush the next few months.

I hope to see you at Pipeline Summit. Check out the full session agenda and save your seat now. 

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