How Gamma increased website conversions by 33%

Read how voice and data company Gamma is using Qualified for Salesforce Pardot to engage and convert website visitors in real time.

How Gamma increased website conversions by 33%
Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
September 26, 2019
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Today we launched our newest customer case study with a fantastic Pardot customer: Gamma. Gamma is a leading provider of communications products and services in the UK. They’re also power users of Salesforce CRM, Pardot Marketing Automation, and Qualified’s Conversational Marketing Solution. 

Since launching Qualified, Gamma has seen a material business impact, including a 33% increase in website conversions and a 22% increase in marketing qualified leads.

Before you head over to the case study to read their full story, catch some highlights from our interview with Joe Leverson, Gamma’s Sr. Digital Marketing Manager. Joe shared his vision for Conversational Marketing as well as his experience with the Qualified application. Enjoy!

As a marketer, why are you excited about Conversational Marketing? 

JL (Joe Leverson, Gamma): All the work you put into SEO, it’s hard graft to get the right people onto the right pages, and then it doesn't pan out the way you wanted to. And so that's why I'd been looking at initially just basic-level chatbots to help engage in a better way. And I had some success mainly in conversions but the same problem was still happening: they were still going into the lead queue, they were still taking days to to have a conversation. And so this is why Qualified has been quite interesting to me. Being able to push straight into the right person is awesome. And so whether it’s just qualifying someone quicker or the ability to get people the right people in front of the right salespeople. That's the vision I bought into.

When it comes to Gamma’s Conversational Marketing program, what does success look like to you? 

JL: People are engaging with the website a lot, which we’ll be able to measure because you've got the awesome little activities integration so we can see when people are triggering on what pages with Qualified. I'll be able to see in six months time a whole host of pages which are triggering experiences. And that's great. 

The key point is that we will have our team of inside sales reps knowing how to work the platform, getting those alerts in their ear every minute because there are so many hot prospects for them to talk to. Ultimately we’ll see the rates of meetings being booked being down into minutes ideally and if no one's available the prospects can book a meeting knowing full well we're going to give them a call back at a time that's appropriate for them. So we're going to see a reduction in time to wait to have a meeting. We're going to see a reduction in calls missed and ultimately opportunities lost. That's what I want to see. Quicker meetings, more cash.

You’re surfacing information from other systems inside of Qualified to give you a 360-degree view of your website visitors. Can you tell us more about that?

JL: The ease of connecting up Pardot, Salesforce, and Clearbit ... seeing all of the information from the Clearbit integration right there from an email grab. I can just imagine showing the sales guys that we've asked for an email and we can know if they’re a legitimate business … being able to populate all that added information like job title, company name, where they're from, what their SIC code is, how many employees they've got. All of that stuff is amazing. 

Why is it important to have that website visitor data at your fingertips? 

JL: It steers a conversation. Instead of a salesperson needing to spend the first five minutes of a conversation trying to qualify or understand what best product fit there is for the right industry, or what seniority these guys are, it gives that information straight away. And being able to see that in a panel, knowing that the person is live on a key product page, or knowing that they're in the UK, etc. Seeing the journey they've been on that's really important and it's a great feature of the platform. Also me being able to build the experiences and thinking right now I need to add X, Y, or Z additions create the custom fields in Pardot... a quick little sink… a couple of data mappings and now I've got a whole bunch more questions and buttons to be able to serve up in the experience. That's wicked and that's what gets me excited. 

A huge thank you to Joe for taking the time to share his Conversational Marketing vision. To read the full Gamma story, head on over to their case study

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