How our team uses Qualified Conversations video-first solution

Learn why Qualified Sales Rep Brent loves using Qualified Video when chatting with website visitors.

How our team uses Qualified Conversations video-first solution
Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
June 29, 2022
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As you may have seen yesterday, we announced the addition of Qualified Video to Qualified Conversations. Qualified Conversations is the heart of the Pipeline Cloud, connecting buyers with your sales teams in real time. 

We’re breathing some life back into sales with instant face-to-face video calls on top of our live chat and voice call options. 

We’re not just elevating the buyer experience with this feature, we’re elevating the sales team experience. We asked Brent, one of our incredible Qualified Sales Reps, to walk us through some of the ways Qualified Video has changed his sales game. 

Making human connections

We’re all about creating a more human buying experience here at Qualified, and video serves to instantly confirm that buyers are indeed speaking to real, live people who can answer their questions in real time. 

Brent: One of my favorite ways to use video is by simply switching on the camera, waving to the visitor, and switching the camera off again. I will typically immediately follow that up with a message like “Human btw ;)” or, if I have already mentioned I was human, “Just in case you needed some proof.” This comes in handy when a visitor opens the chat but isn’t engaging just yet, so you want to encourage them a little bit. 

Brent demonstrates his best wave. 👋

Instant responses to complex questions

Today’s buyers want quick, accurate answers. While we love using keyboard shortcuts to address FAQs quickly within the chat box, some questions are much more nuanced, and we don’t want to lose time typing a novel. 

Brent: When you have a high-level target buyer persona on the site, especially ones ingrained with the process of where your product would come into play, they often times have very specific questions which require highly detailed answers. You won’t have a shortcut for every situation, and VPs don’t have time to wait for you to type multiple paragraphs to properly address their questions. Having the ability to instantly upgrade to a video chat is a game changer in the speed-to-lead game. 

Less room for misinterpretation

Live Chats are great, but sometimes there can be misunderstandings between visitors and reps. Video allows for clarification in the moment, and eliminates confusion on both sides. 

Brent: Things can get lost in translation through chat. People can read things in whatever tone or mood they are in. At this point, I think we’ve all misread or misinterpreted a text from a friend or colleague due to our own mood, and not their intentions. Maybe we view a simple answer to a simple question as being short or disengaged, when in reality, that’s just not the case. Emojis can only take you so far. When a visitor can see your face, your smile, your demeanor, etc. you remove the potential for misconstrued messages and leave no doubt with the visitor.

Qualified Video is another game-changing innovation that accelerates the sales cycle, converts more visitors into pipeline, and ultimately brings a more human buying experience to your website. 

Are you a Qualified customer interested in how your team can get up to speed on our newest feature? Check out our best practices guide over on Qualified University for strategies and tips. 

If you’re not a customer, but looking for ways your team can create a more human-centric buying experience, take a look at how you can generate more pipeline with the Pipeline Cloud. 

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