Meet the inspiration behind Piper, the AI SDR

Learn the inspiration behind Piper, the AI SDR, and how our very first SDR helped bring her to life.

Meet the inspiration behind Piper, the AI SDR
Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
April 18, 2024
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Hopefully, you caught that we launched Piper, the new AI SDR, earlier this week!

Piper is the personification of QualifiedAI, on a mission to generate your team pipeline 24x7, 365. 

Some of you have caught on that Piper might look familiar. 

As we built Piper, our goal was to make her your number-one SDR. That meant equipping her with the skills, tactics & tone of our very best SDRs.

Blake was our first-ever SDR and her performance was our gold standard as we built our very own AI chatbot. 

Blake created the blueprint for a successful SDR at Qualified. The team based Piper on Blake—both in physical attributes and, most importantly, work ethic.

So what made Blake such a star as a sales rep? 

Blake’s killer sales characteristics that created the blueprint for Piper: 

Understand contextual cues

Blake would watch buyers on the website and read what she coined their “digital body language.” She’d observe their behavior and proactively pounce on them to engage them with timely and relevant conversation starters.

Like Blake, Piper ingests behavioral and engagement data to understand a buyer and engage them at the exact right moment to drive higher conversations and conversions. 

Know your business

You couldn’t beat Blake when it came to fast, accurate responses. To that effect, Piper had to be able to answer every single question like a pro. Just like your best sales reps, Piper knows your business inside and out and can speak to both general FAQs and nuanced topics. 

Always on a mission

Blake’s goal was to always convert a conversation into a meeting and hand off buyers to the right rep, seamlessly with zero friction for the buyer. We knew Piper would have to be able to route buyers in the blink of an eye to keep the momentum going and book that meeting. 

To quote our CEO, Kraig Swensrud, “She’s everything that embodies the Qualified employee.” 

We built more than a chatbot. We built a new teammate. Piper is impactful, reliable, professional & effective ... just like Blake!

Get the Blake treatment and chat with Piper now, or check out the highlights from our big Piper reveal event below!


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