The Qualified Autumn ‘22 Release is Here

Here’s a roundup of the latest innovations, hot off the press from the Qualified product team!

Jessica Ding
Jessica Ding
October 18, 2022
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Cooling temperatures, spectacular foliage, and pumpkins galore—autumn is in the air. 🍁 This also means the Qualified Autumn ‘22 release is here, complete with fresh new features designed to help modern revenue teams generate more pipeline, more efficiently.

At Qualified, we put our customers at the center of everything we do. We want you to get the most value out of Qualified, so you can grow your business and your customers can grow theirs. That’s why we deliver four seasonal product releases a year. Driven by your feedback and partnership, this release is focused on elevating the website experience and driving team efficiency. So, grab a warm apple cider and explore our latest and greatest Pipeline Cloud offerings, including:

  • Qualified Conversations: Deliver personalized buying experiences for your G2 listing traffic with G2 Listing View
  • Qualified for Advertising: Engage your paid search traffic in personalized conversations on the site using SEM Ad View
  • Qualified Signals: Harness third-party research intent data to uncover target accounts that are in-market to buy with Qualified Signals Research Intent. Plus, discover high-intent accounts that are not yet in Salesforce using Qualified Account Spotlight
  • Qualified Xforce Platform: Enable sales and marketing to work seamlessly together and drive more conversions with brand new functionality in our Marketo and HubSpot integrations

Qualified Conversations: Greater visibility into website visitors from your G2 listing

Designed to help your sales reps convert G2 click-throughs into pipeline.

G2 Listing View

When buyers research your company on G2, it’s a signal that they’re in-market for a product or service like yours. If they click on a link in your G2 listing and visit your site, it means they want to learn more about your company. It’s vital that your sales reps capitalize on this opportunity and deliver a personalized buying experience. 

With G2 Listing View, sales reps know when a buyer clicks through a link on your G2 listing and lands on your site. With this information, you can use Qualified Segments to quickly identify and prioritize these visitors, trigger custom website Experiences, and configure custom routing rules to ensure they’re connected with the right sales rep at the right time. Reps can then start a contextual conversation referencing their G2 listing visit. With this feature, your reps can deliver a high-touch experience for high-intent buyers, resulting in high-quality conversations at the right time. This feature is available for all Pipeline Cloud customers. Learn more in this Qualified University article and connect with your Qualified Success Architect to get started today.

Qualified for Advertising: Insights on Google ad search terms

Arm reps with insights on the paid Google search terms that bring qualified buyers to the site.

SEM Ad View

Paid search ads are an effective way to get in front of target accounts that are researching your company, product, category, or competitor, and drive traffic to your website. When a VIP buyer clicks through a Google search ad and arrives on the site, Qualified will automatically route the visitor to their assigned rep and alert them to take action. With SEM Ad View, reps can see the Google search terms and the paid SEM ad that a visitor clicked through—in the Activity Timeline for Qualified Conversations and Qualified Signals. With these insights, reps know exactly what brought the visitor to the site so they can personalize their messaging based on a buyer’s search terms and convert paid traffic into pipeline, yielding a higher return for marketing. Check out this Qualified University article to learn more.

Qualified Signals: Prospect smarter and maximize productivity

Supercharge your team with more buyer intent insights to maximize pipeline.

Valuable buyers are interacting with your website everyday, signaling buying intent, but your sales reps have no visibility into these key activities. Instead, reps are left in the dark, unsure where to focus their attention, how to engage target accounts, and how deals are progressing. This is a huge missed opportunity and it’s costing you pipeline. Enter Qualified Signals, an AI-based product that surfaces the buying intent of a B2B company’s target accounts to help sellers focus their prospecting efforts. Qualified Signals has two new features to drive even smarter prospecting:

Qualified Signals Research Intent

In addition to first-party website Engagement Intent data—like pages viewed, human and chatbot conversations, visitor recency and frequency, meetings booked, time on site, and more—Qualified Signals now includes third-party research intent data. Powered by Bombora, Signals Research Intent gives B2B companies visibility into their target account’s online behavior and content consumption across third-party sites. Not only can companies identify when target accounts are in research mode, they are also able to get a clear understanding of the products and services buyers are browsing.

The power and accuracy of first-party website engagement intent data, combined with the breadth and depth of third-party research intent data, offers B2B companies the most accurate and comprehensive view of account-based buying intent. By understanding these buying signals, sales and marketing teams can shape go-to-market strategies and maximize their outbound efforts—generating more pipeline, more efficiently. For example, with Research Intent, your reps can see that multiple buyers from a target account are researching your competitors across third-party sites and with Engagement Intent, your reps can see that buyers from this account are viewing a comparison landing page on your site. Combining these insights, they can get in front of decision makers at the most optimal time with a personalized message on how you differentiate from your competitors.

To learn more about Signals buyer intent data, check out this blog post, Qualified University article, and watch the demo video above 👆. Research Intent is currently included in the Enterprise plan and available as an add-on for the Premier plan. Connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect for more information.

Qualified Account Spotlight

Revenue leaders work hard to focus sales teams on the right accounts and maximize revenue potential. Despite these efforts, some qualified accounts may get overlooked. With Qualified Signals, customers can harness Engagement Intent and Research Intent to uncover new accounts that are showing high buying intent, even those that are not yet in Salesforce. Then push this data into Salesforce and assign each newly identified account to a sales rep for immediate outreach, maximizing pipeline that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. This feature is included for all customers on the Pipeline Cloud Enterprise plan and available as an add-on for Premier and Growth plans. To learn more, contact your dedicated Qualified Success Architect and check out this Qualified University article for additional details.

Qualified Xforce Platform: New functionality in our Marketo and HubSpot integrations

Optimize your sales and marketing teams’ efficiency and drive more conversions.

Marketing automation platforms enable companies to streamline marketing workflows for customers and prospects, drive engagement, and build long-term relationships. By connecting Qualified with Marketo or HubSpot, inbound sales reps can quickly identify website visitors that have engaged with your marketing campaigns and see relevant information. From here, reps can prioritize conversations with sales-ready leads and propel them through their buyer journey. Qualified has powerful new enhancements to our Marketo and HubSpot integrations that will help you accelerate lead targeting, deliver better website experiences, and drive more conversions.

Segments, Routing, and Experiences for Marketo Members

Your marketing team spends time and money building Marketo email campaigns with the goal of driving traffic to your website. If a Marketo lead visits the site, that’s a hard-earned prize. Being able to quickly cut through noisy website traffic and identify these accounts when they arrive is important in ensuring reps reach them before they’re gone. With the Qualified Marketo integration, you can now segment your website traffic based on your Marketo static lists, smart lists, and programs, then trigger tailored routing and Experiences for those segments. This helps your reps prioritize and have meaningful real-time conversations with sales-ready Marketo leads that are primed for conversion. To learn more, check out this Qualified University article.

Creating Marketo Activities 

Leads will visit your site and engage with your content throughout the buying journey. Once they leave your site, it’s important to continue nurturing these leads with relevant and helpful information until they convert. In addition to pushing new leads into Marketo, Qualified can now automatically push new activities into Marketo. After a visitor chats with a sales rep, interacts with a bot, or books a meeting with the Qualified Messenger, Qualified can now create new Marketo activities. Using this information from your sales team, your marketing team can then place these leads in a personalized nurture campaign. Not only does this enhancement help to accelerate lead conversion, it also drives sales and marketing productivity. Learn more in this Qualified University article.

Adding Qualified Leads to Marketo Programs

Effective lead nurturing requires targeting the right audience at the right time with the right information. By connecting Marketo to Qualified, you can automatically add Qualified leads to the Marketo program of your choice. Not only does this guarantee a seamless handoff between sales and marketing, your marketing team is able to quickly create personalized nurture campaigns based on what stage of the funnel they’re in and drive better results. Check out this Qualified University article to learn more.

These updates are generally available for all customers with our Marketo integration. Connect with your Qualified Success Architect to get started today.

Creating and Updating HubSpot Contacts

Managing and maintaining accurate contact data is challenging and the impact of poor contact data is costly; it can lead to missed opportunities, wasted time, and poor customer experience. To ensure there is a single source of truth, it’s important to bring sales and marketing data together. 

Previously, our HubSpot integration allowed you to pass data from HubSpot into Qualified using the Hubspot browser cookie. Now, there’s a bi-directional data sync between the two platforms. As visitors engage with a Qualified Experience on your website, Qualified will push newly collected contact data, like an email address, directly to HubSpot and automatically create a new contact or update a matched contact. This ensures contact data across the two systems is always reliable and up to date, and no duplicate records are being created. Your marketing team can then trigger an email campaign in HubSpot, leveraging the most up-to-date information on those visitors and opportunities. To learn more, read this Qualified University article.

HubSpot Tiles in Dashboards and Reports

When it comes to improving productivity and driving efficiencies, understanding your data is imperative. Qualified Dashboards has new tiles, which make it easy to understand and measure Qualified’s impact on the creation of new HubSpot contacts:

  • Rep Leaderboard: On the Rep Performance dashboard, this tile displays the total number of HubSpot contacts created per sales rep.
  • HubSpot Contact Created: On the Overview dashboard, this tile displays the number of conversations between a bot or rep and a visitor with a HubSpot contact record and the total number of new contacts created by Qualified.
  • Experience Leaderboard: On the Overview dashboard, this tile displays the total number of HubSpot contacts created when a website visitor engages with a Qualified Experience. The percentage represents the percent of sessions in that Experience that led to a new HubSpot contact. 

With these new tiles, revenue leaders can make informed decisions on how to staff inbound sales reps and optimize Experiences to increase HubSpot contacts. Check out this Qualified University article to learn more.

These upgrades are available for all customers who use the HubSpot integration. For more information, reach out to your Qualified Success Architect.

Wrap up

That’s a wrap for Qualified Autumn ‘22! Now that you understand how these new features work, try them out yourself. 

Here at Qualified, we are constantly innovating to help our customers achieve long-term growth and success. It may be autumn, but we’re already looking forward to our next release. In case you missed it, the team is currently building new features for the Pipeline Cloud, including Qualified Smart CTAs, Qualified Meetings, and the reimagined Qualified Messenger, to help you drive even higher website conversions. Check out our keynote video and stay tuned for more details. 👀

In the meantime, if you have feedback or ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you. Chat with us live on the website or reach out to our Customer Success team at any time. 🔥

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