The Qualified Winter ‘23 release is here

Here’s a roundup of the latest innovations, hot off the press from the Qualified product team!

The Qualified Winter ‘23 release is here
Jessica Ding
Jessica Ding
January 17, 2023
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Chilly weather and cozy sweaters can only mean one thing: winter is officially here. ⛄ At Qualified, we’re excited to announce our Winter ‘23 Release; so why not hunker down with some hot cocoa and dive into our newest Pipeline Cloud offerings.

Here are some exciting highlights you can expect in this release: 

  • Qualified Conversations: Bring the power of Qualified Signals into Qualified Conversations and enable reps to deliver better buying experiences for high-intent buyers. Plus, the refreshed Messenger user interface, new report and dashboard call metrics, and so much more
  • Qualified Meetings: Turn every conversion point on your website into an instant meeting, packing sales rep calendars with their best accounts 
  • Qualified for Outbound: Enable reps to quickly understand an account’s place in the buying journey and craft personalized outbound emails by surfacing Signals data in Salesloft
  • Qualified Signals: Build custom Salesforce reports and dashboards using third-party Signals Research Intent data

Qualified Conversations: Fresh new upgrades designed to maximize website conversions

Designed to help your team work smarter so they can engage and convert more VIP buyers.

Qualified Conversations is the heart of the Pipeline Cloud. Every piece of the Pipeline Cloud motion is designed to drive buyers back to your website and engage them in a real-time sales conversation that delivers a stellar buying experience and converts. Because when conversations happen, pipeline happens. Qualified Conversations has fresh new upgrades to help you engage and convert more prospects into pipeline, right on your website:

Smart Summary in Visitor 360

Buyers from your target accounts are browsing your website and researching your products every day. Using a proprietary AI predictive model, Qualified Signals combines first-party website engagement and third-party research intent data with Salesforce data to surface the buying intent of your target accounts. Gone are the days of prospecting in the dark.

Now, all of this powerful data is available at your fingertips in Visitor 360. The new Signals Smart Summary card showcases hundreds of buyer intent data points, including an account’s Engagement Intent, Research Intent, a snapshot of the Account Trend Graph (which shows how an account’s buying intent fluctuates over time), top topics that buyers from an account are researching across thousands of third-party sites, and more. Historically, this data was only viewable in Qualified Signals. Now, with buyer intent data directly within Qualified Conversations, reps can quickly understand where an account is in their buying journey without jumping between two products. Harnessing these insights, they can tailor their conversations accordingly and operate more efficiently. This feature is included for all customers on Pipeline Cloud plans.

To learn more, read this Qualified University article or reach out to your Qualified Success Architect.

Signals Smart Segments and Streams

Your marketing team spends time and money driving qualified buyers to your website. But with so much website traffic, it can be difficult to separate the signal from the noise. Qualified Segments organizes website traffic based on your unique buying criteria to help your sales reps focus on your most valuable visitors. Signals Smart Segments and Streams is a new out-of-the-box feature that identifies and prioritizes visitors from high-intent accounts or those researching specific topics across third-party properties. Sales reps can then strike up a conversation with their most interested buyers to maximize pipeline.

Custom Experiences and Routing for Signals Segments

When visitors from high-intent accounts are on your site, it’s important to catch their attention and engage with them before they’re gone. Using the new Signals Smart Segments and Streams mentioned above, you can now create custom website Experiences and routing rules based on an account’s level of buying intent. For example, greet visitors researching a specific topic across third-party sites with a relevant message or promptly route visitors with On Fire Engagement Intent to an available sales rep. This delivers a meaningful and unique experience that visitors are more likely to respond to. This feature is currently available for all Pipeline Cloud customers. To learn more, check out this Qualified University article or reach out to your Qualified Success Architect.

Draft Experiences

The Qualified Experience Builder is the “secret sauce” behind the Qualified application that dictates what a visitor sees when they come to your website. It’s where you can create personalized, human-centric website experiences that are completely unique to each visitor. Given the importance of this feature, it’s crucial that the Experience Builder be robust and flexible.

The Draft Experiences feature lets admins edit an Experience and save it as a draft to be worked on over time or for other team members to see and collaborate on without affecting the live Experience. Changes to Experiences can be saved as draft versions until you’re ready to publish; only then will it replace the existing Experience and become the live version that website visitors see. Additional user permissions will be added to allow users with custom permissions to view, edit, or publish Experiences. Now, instead of worrying about breaking things or publishing Experiences prematurely, you can work with relevant team members to review, optimize, and approve every Experience.

To further align your team, users can include notes on Experience versions to provide a detailed history of who updated an Experience and why. This feature will be available for all Pipeline Cloud customers beginning in February. For early access to this feature or any questions, reach out to your Qualified Success Architect. Check out these Qualified Experiences University articles to learn more.

Reimagined Messenger User Interface

The Qualified Messenger is where the magic happens. It’s where your sales reps engage buyers in personalized, real-time conversations and move deals forward. We’ve added new functionality to help you design a Messenger experience that aligns with your brand, resonates with your buyers, and drives more engagement:

  • Button Styles: Choose the style of the buttons within your Messenger. Options include solid color, outline, and shade (what exists today)
  • Button Corners: Select the shape of the buttons within your Messenger. Options include a rectangular shaped button with rounded corners or an oblong pill shaped button
  • Other: We’ve also made general styling enhancements like refining the typography and spacing throughout the Messenger

This feature is available for all Qualified customers. See all the ways you can customize your messenger in this Qualified University Article.

New Call Metrics with Qualified Insights

Qualified Insights provides a comprehensive overview of your program performance with custom reports and dashboards. With new Qualified Voice and Video analytics, you can now understand best practices for successful calls between website visitors and sales reps. A call is deemed successful if both parties enable audio and/or video during an overlapping time period. 

  • Experiences resulting in a successful call: A report filter for sessions where a visitor was served an Experience and during that session the rep and visitor had a successful call
  • Reps who had a successful call: A report filter for sessions that included a successful call with specific rep(s)
  • Successful calls from inbound chat: A dashboard tile showing the number of times a successful call was completed after the visitor reached an Experience’s Route for Inbound Chat step
  • Successful calls from pouncing: A dashboard tile showing the number of times a successful call was completed after the visitor reached an Experience’s Route for Pounce step
  • Total successful calls: A dashboard tile showing the number of successful calls completed with Qualified voice and video

Successful voice and video calls humanize the buying experience and accelerate your sales motion. With these new metrics, revenue leaders can better understand, monitor, and analyze call data to determine what’s working and what’s not. From here, revenue leaders can enhance their website Experiences and provide high-quality, data-driven coaching to help reps have more successful calls. All accounts with Qualified Voice and Video can leverage these robust new metrics. To learn more, check out this Qualified University article.

Privacy Policy URL

Data transparency is essential for building trust and loyalty with your customer base. With the fundamental shift in data privacy laws, it’s more important than ever to provide your customers with a clear understanding about how their data is being collected and used. To help you establish data transparency, we are now providing you the option to add your privacy policy URL within the Qualified Messenger.

Qualified Meetings: The next major innovation of the Pipeline Cloud

Accelerate the pipeline generation flywheel by instantly booking meetings with your best accounts, right on the website.

At Qualified, we’ve been saying it for years. Everything a B2B company does and every dollar spent — whether it’s paid ads, SEM, social media, events, promotions, outbound sequences, or webinars — is meant to drive potential buyers to the corporate website. But how does your website convert that traffic into pipeline? Historically, we’ve relied on forms but conversion rates are at an all-time low at <2% (down from 10% in 2010). Qualified buyers don’t have time to wait 42 hours for a sales rep to respond to a meeting request, and sales reps don’t want to spend countless hours on follow up just to be ghosted 38% of the time. It’s time to drive more value from your website.

A new addition to the Pipeline Cloud, Qualified Meetings is a meeting scheduling and routing solution that generates more meetings from the corporate website by giving qualified buyers a direct path to sales. This solution is designed to maximize pipeline and accelerate sales cycles for modern revenue leaders. Qualified and our customers like Alphasense,, and Thoughtspot have already seen significant results with Qualified Meetings, including a massive uptick in pipeline generation.

To learn more, check out this blog post, Qualified University article, and watch the demo video above 👆. Qualified Meetings will be generally available beginning February 1st. If you have any questions in the meantime, connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect today.

Qualified for Outbound: View Signals data in Salesloft

Take outbound prospecting to the next level with Signals data readily available in Salesloft.

Smart Summary for Salesloft

An effective outbound prospecting strategy is targeting buyers who are already showing high purchase intent. When it comes to identifying these high-intent accounts, Qualified Signals is your secret weapon. Signals buyer intent data is now embedded directly within Salesloft for outbound reps to leverage as they craft sales emails. Reps can now quickly understand an account’s place in the buying journey and the products and services they find most appealing without jumping between two products, enabling them to send more personalized emails at scale and work more efficiently. Please note this feature is also available for customers who use Outreach as their sales engagement platform. To learn more, connect with your Qualified Success Architect.

Qualified Signals: Surface Signals Research Intent in Salesforce

Pull Signals Research Intent data into your Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to guide reps and their account strategy.

Signals Unmanaged Package Update

Our Signal unmanaged package is a collection of custom fields plus report and dashboard components that can be installed within your Salesforce instance to showcase Signals data. In addition to Signals Engagement Intent, Signals Research Intent, which we launched earlier this year, is now available in our Salesforce unmanaged package. Revenue leaders can now build custom Salesforce reports and dashboards leveraging more data for a better understanding and analysis of business performance and impact. From here, they can make more strategic decisions on where to focus the team’s time and prospecting efforts, ensuring they get in front of decision makers at the optimal time. Check out the Qualified University article to learn more and contact your Qualified Success Architect to bring Research Intent into Salesforce.

In-App Help

Have a question about how to use Qualified and need an answer ASAP? We’ve got you covered. Qualified now offers in-app help directly within our platform. Simply click the question mark icon in the left sidebar menu to find answers through self-service support tools, like Qualified University articles and the Qualified Support Team. By providing clear paths to resources and support, your team will be able to work more efficiently. This shortcut is available for all Qualified customers. Reach out to your Qualified Success Architect with any questions.

Wrap up

And that’s a wrap on Qualified Winter ‘23! Now that you’re skilled up on these new features, it’s time to put them into action.

While Spring ‘23 marks our next release, that doesn’t mean we’re waiting to deliver on new innovation. The Qualified Product team is hard at work building the next wave of Pipeline Cloud innovation that’s guaranteed to take pipeline generation and website conversions to new heights. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming next month 👀🧠🔥

In the meantime, if you have feedback or ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you. Chat with us live on the website or reach out to our Customer Success team at any time.

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