The Value of a Being a Customer Hero – Inside the Ohana Ep. 5

Woodson shares how his time in the Ohana shaped his perspective on transformational leadership and relationship-building.

Emma Calderon
Emma Calderon
June 21, 2022
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Welcome to Inside the Ohana!

Meet Woodson Martin, Executive Vice President and General Manager of AppExchange for Salesforce. As a seasoned Salesforce executive, Woodson shares how transformational leadership begins with putting the customers first. In this episode, you'll hear from Woodson's how his time in the Ohana shaped his perspective on relationship-building.

Guest Bio - As EVP and GM for AppExchange, Woodson manages a team that drives marketplace product strategy, partner co-marketing, and enablement for thousands of technology partners around the world. His career highlights include serving in executive roles in marketing, product, and operations for Salesforce, IoT, Marketing Cloud Operations, and Work.com. Woodson has 25+ year experience in the software industry in the US and Europe building global teams.

"What we are doing is so fundamentally transformative for our customers that we have to invest in those relationships, and get the executive suites to understand the problems that [customers] are trying to solve and the transformations they're trying to lead, and then truly partner with them to do it. That informs almost every decision that we make, including the decisions that we make about the product, what products that we build and what features to prioritize and how we need to accomplish that because it is fundamental." - Woodson Martin

Episode Timestamps:

*(1:48) - Ohana Origins 

*(6:12) - Woodson’s biggest Salesforce wins

*(10:37) - The value of customer-centric transformative leadership

*(14:38) -  What the Ohana means to Woodson

*(20:56) - What’s Cooking

*(26:19) - Future Forecast

*(28:27) - Advice aspiring leaders

*(30:02) - Lightning Round

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