The Value of Owning Your Narrative – Inside the Ohana Ep. 14

On this episode, Jamie shares insights from her 10 years at Salesforce about crafting a strong brand narrative.

Emma Calderon
Emma Calderon
October 31, 2022
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Meet Jamie Domenici, GoTo’s Chief Marketing Officer. Previously, Jamie spent 10 years at Salesforce as a marketing leader in various roles, learning the power behind a strong brand narrative. Now, Jamie brings those same lessons to Inside the Ohana, where she shares her best advice about writing your brand’s story and crafting your own personal narrative.

The narrative is something a product marketer will craft, but the inspiration is from everywhere else. It’s from your customer success agents on the front line, your sales reps who are pitching every day, from your customers who are living and breathing and using your products.”

–Jamie Domenici, CMO, GoTo

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