Grow revenue with Sales Cloud, Slack, & Qualified

Learn how the combined power of Sales Cloud, Slack & Qualified will help your team collaborate better and close faster in today’s digital-first world.

Grow revenue with Sales Cloud, Slack, & Qualified
Jessica Ding
Jessica Ding
October 8, 2021
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From celebrating closed deals to launching new products to coordinating happy hours, Slack is the new digital HQ. It brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done faster in today’s digital-first world. With Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack, it’s now also your company’s digital sales floor.

Slack for Sales Teams brings your reps together with their data, processes, and customers for faster growth and better relationships. 

Check out the top feature integrations:

  • Slack Channels enable sales teams to collaborate directly in dedicated channels, with a single, shared view of your customers. Users are also able to sync Salesforce records with Slack and automatically receive critical deal alerts to speed up work. 
  • Slack Connect is a new and faster way for sales reps to work with people from outside your company. Reps are able to save time by bringing everyone they work with into one place—no more switching between different tools. 
  • Slack Huddles are a lightweight audio-first way to start conversations. 

Together, Salesforce and Slack are a dynamic duo for sales teams to grow revenue. There’s only one thing missing to make it the perfect tech stack for B2B sellers: Qualified X.

How Salesforce Sales Cloud, Qualified, and Slack work together to help your sales teams drive more pipeline

When you marry together Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, and Qualified X, you have the perfect tech stack for B2B sellers. Qualified harnesses unique Salesforce Sales Cloud data then instantly alerts your sales team on Slack when VIP buyers arrive on your website. They can quickly take action and start a conversation with the buyer in real-time. Every seller is equipped with a comprehensive 360-degree view of Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity data from Salesforce to drive hyper-personalized engagement. Plus, they can increase productivity and strategize on deals with their peers by collaborating internally on Slack.

How It Works:

To get you started, here are some of our favorite Slack Direct Message (DM) and Slack Channel use cases.

1. Target Account Notifications: Let’s say a decision-maker from one of your top ABM accounts is on your product page. This is a critical moment where you’ll want to immediately alert the people who care most—like the sales rep who owns the account, her manager, and the executive sponsor. With Qualified, you can trigger a direct message to these folks so they can quickly strategize and strike while the iron is hot.

Target Account Notification

2. Sales Leadership Notifications: Salesforce is an indispensable resource for tracking leads and pipeline; but it’s only as effective as the data that’s entered. With Qualified, you can supplement Salesforce data with website signals and notify those who care most. For example, your sales leadership team wants to know anytime a website visitor from an open Opportunity worth >$50K is reviewing legal pages. Qualified can match these signals to Salesforce then push alerts to the #sales-leads channel to keep everyone aligned.

3. Marketing Leadership Notifications: Your marketing teams work hard to drive traffic to your website. But they don’t always know who is on the site, how they got there, or whether they convert into a Lead. Without these valuable details, your marketing team is flying blind. Qualified can reveal all this information to keep your teams informed. For example, you can push a Slack notification to the #marketing-leads channel when a new lead is created that includes source, company name, contact name, and ABM tier. With this visibility, your teams can confirm whether they’re driving the right traffic to your site and continuously optimize their strategies.

Want to learn more?

This is only the beginning of driving more sales conversations and pipeline with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, and Qualified X. If you have questions about our Slack integration, feel free to chat with us directly on the website at any time. To learn more, read our blog post covering 6 key use cases with Qualified and Slack.

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