Unleashing AI’s potential for better Sales and Marketing performance

Learn how AI tools like Regie.ai can streamline workflows, enable personalized outreach, and enhance productivity in the B2B SaaS industry. Embrace the AI revolution and achieve better outcomes together.

Unleashing AI’s potential for better Sales and Marketing performance
Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
June 27, 2023
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AI—have you heard of it? 😉

While it feels like an overnight sensation, AI models like the ones taking your LinkedIn feed by storm have been in the works for decades. The recent surge of interest after ChatGPT took generative AI mainstream has kicked off a lot of chatter, confusion, and interest from all of us in the tech space.

We talked with Nina Butler, Head of Marketing at Regie.ai at our Spring ’23 Pipeline Summit to get a better idea of what generative AI actually is capable of and why we should be excited to embrace the revolution, instead of fearful.

The evolution of AI in sales and marketing

Generative AI technology has actually been in development for decades—not just since December ’22 when we all hired ChatGPT as our marketing intern. The introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI brought widespread attention to this field, and in it’s wake we’ve seen dozens of products hit the market using it to help sales and marketing teams streamline their workflows.

But what are actually talking about when it comes to all these AI models, and how are they used?

The AI landscape can be classified into two categories: general-purpose models and models tailored specifically for sales and marketing purposes.

General-purpose AI models, like OpenAI's ChatGPT, are versatile and suitable for everyday use cases. They excel in tasks like generating recipes from a list of ingredients or synthesizing information to help shape it into a LinkedIn post or eBook outline. You can even use them to do things like quickly generate an infant’s nap schedule based on when they woke up, or summarize the plot of a novel you don’t have time to read before watching the film version. Think of these models as assistants in your day-to-day, both in and out of the office—you give them a prompt, and they quickly respond with what is the most probable answer.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have models trained specifically in B2B sales and marketing languages, which are highly relevant for revenue professionals looking to boost productivity and improve outcomes. These products are tailored to perform tasks and make suggestions to users that will impact how they do their jobs, not just in a prompt and response format.

Harnessing AI's power for your sales and marketing strategies

AI technology, like the solutions offered by Nina’s team at Regie.ai, empowers sales and marketing teams to save time and streamline processes. For sales teams, personalized outreach through AI-generated emails can be a game-changer. Crafting personalized emails manually can be time-consuming, but AI tools make it faster and easier, enabling reps to focus on building relationships and crafting emails that actually add value, instead of spending a ton of time trying to figure out how to grab a buyer’s attention.

The Role of humans in the AI Revolution

While AI offers powerful capabilities, the human touch remains crucial. AI complements human skills by automating manual tasks and enabling sales professionals to excel in areas they may not be naturally proficient in, like research and writing. The role of humans in this technological evolution is to leverage AI's capabilities to enhance their own strengths, becoming relationship builders and problem solvers.

The human still plays a really critical part to that experience. AI can help circumnavigate some of those more manual tasks to give you more time back in your day to be what you're great at, which is a relationship builder at the end of the day.
– Nina Butler, Head of Marketing, Regie.ai

Cutting-edge AI tools for marketers and sales teams

Products like Regie.ai use AI models to generate personalized sales email outreach to allow teams to personalize at scale. This revolution will change how sales teams operate, but not replace them.

By leveraging AI, users can create hyper-personalized outreach that resonates with individual buyers, based on extensive research and data analysis. This intersection of human creativity and AI-driven personalization empowers sales teams to maximize their effectiveness.

When I think about what's so cutting edge about this, it's that you can have your cake and eat it too. You don't have to sacrifice scalability, but you can still provide almost an ABM experience to all accounts, not just your tier ones or top prospects anymore.”
– Nina Butler, Head of Marketing, Regie.ai

Unlocking productivity with AI

One of the most significant advantages of AI tools is the ability to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. With Regie's AI capabilities, sales professionals can quickly gather relevant personal data about their prospects and effortlessly create personalized messages in minutes. This efficient process eliminates the burden of manual research and content creation, allowing reps to focus on delivering a personalized experience to each prospect.

It still takes a skilled eye and human mind to create that connectivity that buyers crave, but it removes the blank canvas stage of having to start from scratch and spend time you don’t have to learn about your buyers manually.

It finally puts sellers into the editing seat, not into the constant content creator seat."
– Nina Butler, Head of Marketing, Regie.ai

AI enables personalization at scale

Personalization at scale has long been a goal for marketers and sales teams. AI technology is now making it possible to achieve true one-to-one personalization. By leveraging AI tools, sales teams can create customized, hyper-personalized outreach that resonates with individual buyers. This personalized approach helps build meaningful connections and drive better outcomes.

I think the concept personalization at scale has been kind of dragged through the mud over the past decade. Everybody's claimed they've done some version of it, but only with new technology can you actually start to create personalization with true one to one messaging. Hyper-researched, hyper-personalized and personal outreach to an individual at a company and at scale."
– Nina Butler, Head of Marketing, Regie.ai

The future of AI in the B2B SaaS industry

As AI continues to shape the sales and marketing landscape, revenue professionals must embrace the potential of this technology. By leveraging AI tools like Regie, sales and marketing teams can enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and create personalized experiences at scale. The human element remains crucial, as AI empowers professionals to focus on building relationships and solving problems.

The key lies in understanding how to integrate AI seamlessly into existing workflows to achieve better, faster, and more successful outcomes together.

Watch Nina’s session from our Spring ’23 Pipeline Power Hour below, and don’t forget to register for our Summer ’23 event here ➡️

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