Live chat services are the new-school form

Visit the Qualified Blog to read why the modern ticketing platform askSpoke is investing in live chat services and chatbots to capture more leads and book more meetings.

Live chat services are the new-school form
Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
January 21, 2020
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askSpoke was started with a simple mission: make it easy for employees to get answers to their questions. Fast-forward to today and they’re the go-to internal ticketing platform for some of the most innovative brands like Intuit, Cloudera, and Honey. It's all thanks to their new live chat service.

askSpoke prides themselves on adopting modern technology that allows them to move quickly and deliver stellar customer experiences. Spoke recently rolled out Qualified’s Live Chat Service and Chatbot solution across their website to help them supercharge pipeline and sales. We just launched a brand new case study with askSpoke. To kick off the case study, we sat down with two members of their team, Keegan Thomson (Marketing) and Calvin Goodman (Sales) to get the scoop on why they invested in a live chat service and understand how it’s been going so far. Here are some highlights from our conversation. 

Let’s start at the beginning. Tell me about askSpoke.

Calvin: We’re an internal intelligent request management system and knowledge base. We use AI machine learning to let users self-serve. One of our key differentiators is that we integrate very well with Slack, meaning people can ask for knowledge there or even file a ticket straight from Slack. And you can also do it with email, text messaging or just straight through our web app. So a lot of internal requests and knowledge.

What business challenges were you trying to solve with a live chat service and chatbots? 

Keegan: One of the big problems we were having was modal [form] dropouts and losing people along the marketing funnel of our website. One thing that Qualified has allowed us to do is create a conversation earlier than normal and it allows us to catch a lead before it leaves us. It requires less work for us to go back and say, this is where they dropped out, this is their email, we have to go contact them via email. Qualified ... gave us another route to create a conversation and create a lead in almost an immediate instance.

From a sales perspective, how does a platform like Qualified make you better in your role? 

Calvin: Not just me better my role, but it’s overall sales. Right when we implemented Qualified, we got 18 leads in the first week of people who came to our website to book a demo and nobody was available, so they were able to book a time [through the Qualified chatbot]. In the past those would just disappear and we called them modal dropouts. So we would reach out to them again but it's almost a done deal. It would have to go back through another cadence and another process for us to actually get in touch with them. This makes it very easy for them to just openly contact us with just a click of a button where our calendars are available or even start a conversation when they're on our website on certain pages. And so that was definitely a big differentiator. And we've already seen a huge impact on the sales side. 

What was important to you when choosing a Conversational Marketing platform and a live chat service?

Keegan: The conversational marketing piece was a huge appeal for us. So creating different instances on different pages and from a marketing perspective, being able to customize different marketing jargon and different marketing verbiage per page. We have a bunch of custom experiences built out so it was really appealing to us from a marketing standpoint to be able to highly customize those instances on our website.

Thanks Keegan and Calvin for taking the time to chat about askSpoke’s Conversational Marketing program! Want to learn more? Head on over to askSpoke’s case study to read their full story. 

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