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askSpoke gives companies a simpler, smarter way to manage workplace requests.
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askSpoke uses Qualified to generate more leads, book more meetings, and speed up sales cycles.

askSpoke is a request management application that helps employees get quick, easy answers to their questions. From Intuit to Cloudera to Honey, askSpoke is helping some of the world’s most innovative companies. 

As askSpoke grew, they knew they needed to invest in Conversational Marketing to engage potential buyers across their website.

Here’s how askSpoke uses Qualified’s chatbot and live chat platform to generate more business.

askSpoke uses Qualified's Live Chat and Chatbot platform to meet with high-intent visitors
askSpoke invites qualified website visitors to join a real-time sales conversation

The Challenge

Since its inception, askSpoke’s demand generation model matched that of most B2B companies. Spoke drove interested buyers to website forms, asked them to leave some information, and told them they’d be in touch soon. 

The problem? A lot of prospects were beginning to fill out forms but were dropping off and not completing them. Oftentimes, the prospect left before askSpoke could collect an email address to follow up. 

Before switching to Qualified, they tried an alternate chatbot platform to capture leads right on their website, but their sales team found it difficult to use: it was not well-integrated with Salesforce, they had limited data on their website visitors, and it was hard to transition from chatbot to live sales conversations.

askSpoke needed an easy-to-use, customizable Conversational Marketing platform that was well-integrated with Salesforce.

The Solution

askSpoke chose Qualified as their new Conversational Marketing solution. They worked closely with Qualified’s customer success team to map out their strategy and experiences, and then hit the ground running. Kickoff to go-live took under 30 days. 

Their marketing team was excited about the ability to create completely custom, branded experiences across their website. Their sales team was excited to have a user-friendly platform that is purpose-built for sales teams and tightly integrated with Salesforce. 

Keegan Thompson, Marketing at askSpoke, shares his experience with Qualified's Conversational Marketing application

Within the first 60 days of using Qualified, askSpoke tripled their monthly demos from chat on the site, compared to their previous solution.

The Use Case

Overall, askSpoke’s strategy is to use chatbots to surface relevant content, qualify visitors, and book sales meetings.

askSpoke uses chatbots to book meetings with their sales team
Interested buyers can book a sales meeting right on the askSpoke website

“Qualified has a personalized aspect that gives it an edge over every other chatbot product.” - Keegan Thomson, Marketing

When askSpoke knows that a visitor belongs to a company of a certain size or is exploring an important webpage, they fast track those individuals to live sales conversations. 

askSpoke uses Qualified to capture leads and route to sales people
askSpoke uses chatbots to qualify visitors and capture leads, then they route qualified leads to live sales conversations

askSpoke has built out dozens of unique experiences across their website. As you browse their website, you’ll be greeted by different messages and offerings depending on the page you’re exploring. Here are a few examples: 

  • Pricing page experience: Visitors exploring askSpoke’s pricing page represent serious buyers. askSpoke invites pricing page visitors to join a live sales conversation and discuss a custom quote that will work for their business. 
  • Request a demo experience: If visitors navigate to a form to request a demo, askSpoke offers visitors an alternate route to meet immediately, oftentimes called the “Form Converter” use case. 
  • Product page experiences: askSpoke knows that one chatbot does not fit all visitors. That’s why they offer tailored messaging and content on different product pages, like their askSpoke for Slack page. Once visitors engage, askSpoke uses a chatbot to further qualify visitors, and then route them to sales.
  • Blog experience: As readers are browsing their blog, askSpoke uses a chatbot to surface popular content and invite visitors to subscribe to their blog. 

Throughout their entire website, Spoke is focused on making sure their Qualified messenger is unified with their company brand and messaging. 

askSpoke captures email address and grows their email lists with Qualified
askSpoke has crafted unique chatbot experiences across their website to boost engagement
“The ability to create super customizable experiences was huge for us.” - Keegan Thomson, Marketing

On the backend, askSpoke is using Qualified for Salesforce. By using the two systems together, their sales team can pull in all relevant data on existing contacts and leads into the Qualified application, giving them a clear picture of who they’re talking to. Every lead created, meeting booked, and conversation had automatically syncs to Salesforce. As a result, their live chat and chatbot data fits perfectly into their larger sales and marketing strategy and reporting structure. 

In addition, askSpoke is using Qualified’s Clearbit integration. The moment a sales rep captures an email address, they can instantly see a robust list of firmographic data on that person and company, shaping hyper-personalized sales conversations. 

Calvin Goodman, Sales Development Rep at askSpoke, shares Conversational Marketing Success

The Result:

Since using Qualified, askSpoke’s generating more pipeline from their website. They are engaging more website visitors, having more sales conversations, capturing more leads, and booking more meetings. Head on over to the Qualified Blog to see video highlights from our interview with the askSpoke team.

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