Dreamforce Mini-Series Part 2

This is Part 2 in our three part mini-series featuring some of the legends responsible for building Salesforce’s storied Dreamforce conference. 

On this episode, Linda, Kraig and Dan dive into the challenges of shifting Dreamforce from in-person to digital, the true meaning of understanding your audience, and how Salesforce plans to transform the future of B2B events marketing.

Tune in to hear the crew discuss:

“The [Dreamforce] physical event gained inspiration from Disneyland. We made lots of trips to Disneyland to understand from the very best how to curate an on-site experience. And it's no different in this new world. We're gaining inspiration from the people who do it best, which is not just television but this next form of television– the on demand forms. So if you look at the experiences that Netflix or Peloton or YouTube are able to provide, we're gaining our inspiration from them and how they serve up content to their audiences.” — Linda
“We're still learning. That whole idea of failing fast and learning quickly and applying--and also being inspired by others--that has always been what we were driven by from the very beginning. And that continues to be our focus now. So whatever medium we use, whatever end product there is, we desire to tell a story in the way that's most meaningful to our audience.  — Linda 
“My hires this year have not come from the event world. They've all come from the broadcast production world so that we can understand how to keep curating products that are going to be engaging to our viewers. We take that concept of ‘we've come here to tell a story.’ So we have to take advantage of all the tools and best practices out there in storytelling. And that means that we're not borrowing from the events world, we're borrowing from a completely different industry.” — Linda

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Posted on
September 16, 2021
Emma Calderon

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