Dreamforce Mini-Series Part 3

Dreamforce Mini-Series Part 3

This is Part 3 in our three part mini-series featuring some of the legends responsible for building Salesforce’s storied Dreamforce conference. 

On this episode, Colin Fleming, SVP Brand & Marketing at Salesforce, walks us through his vision for Salesforce+ and the future of B2B marketing, events, and content.

Tune in to hear the crew discuss:

“The content we're putting out is not transactional. It's not behind a gate. It's essentially there to help people be better at their jobs as sales people or marketers or commerce individuals or admins or devs. It's really to help people be better. And we think organically that will help grow the business.” 
“A lot of the time people look at it like, ‘I'm either a brand marketer or I'm a demand gen marketer.’ The world of marketing now has to be thinking about a balance between those two things...You've got to be able to capture that interest and turn it into demand generation for the business.” 
“We think the content we produce could live on a Disney+ or a Netflix. And I think the success or failure of Salesforce+ is in some ways predicated upon that–do we deliver on the content quality required to keep people's attention, to keep people coming back and to engage with us in a more robust setting?”
“Tastemaker is a word I use quite a bit inside Salesforce. We think that what really resonates these days is [content that’s] super unique.It's got to be tighter. It's got to be more thoughtful. It's got to get to the point and be helpful. And people sniff out authenticity very quickly.” 

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Posted on
September 24, 2021
Emma Calderon

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