Everything Starts And Ends with Great People

This episode features an interview with Nikhil Behl, CMO, FICO.

On this episode, Nikhil uncovers the main ingredient for crafting the perfect customer testimonial, why the people you work with are the main driver for creativity, and his strategic tips for creating curated events that perform.  

Key Takeaways

“You have to be able to tell these stories just in time with the right medium and not taking up too much of that, person’s either time or ability to digest something. And so taking a story and starting to break it up into either multiple components or segments, putting it into multiple mediums, whether it’s a video or audio or through social or long form and helping these things actually build on each other is really important.”
“When we break the mold and we do something that’s radically different and this might not be necessarily a campaign that might be more of a tactic than anything else. And it really is a by-product. Probably one of the things that I, that is very near and dear to my heart and what I believe in more so than just about anything else. And that is to have great people, almost everything we do starts with great people. How do you get the absolute best people in the world, excited to come and work with you, partner with you and share as enthusiastically the mission. That you believe that you’re on.”
“Our job is to make sure that when our sales teams go out. That we have created tailwind for them. And then we can increase the wind velocity to help them drive those opportunities through the funnel faster. And then we can help them drive more cross sells and upsells through that. As long as we have clarity on that, we are able to express that to our sales partners and we have then clarity of who we’re going after, why we’re going after them. What are we trying to solve? What are we trying to sell and a joint sales or marketing plan on how we’re going to accomplish that. We tend to come out significantly better than when we don’t have those things in place.”

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Posted on
December 1, 2021
Emma Calderon

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