Marketing Strategies that Led to a Billion Dollar Acquisition by Splunk

This week on the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast, we sat down with Tom Butta, CMO of SignalFX, which was recently acquired by Splunk for north of $1 Billion. Prior to joining SignalFx, Tom was Chief Marketing Officer at Sprinklr, where he was responsible for positioning Sprinklr as a vital partner to large enterprises needing to digitally transform around the connected customer. As consultant-in-residence for the market development team at Andreessen Horowitz, Tom also helped define and package the venture capital firm’s points of view about emerging technologies to position itself as the place for executives to learn about the future of technology. Butta has also served as CMO of AppNexus, NICE Systems, PTC, and Red Hat, for which he helped take the company public, expand globally, and establish open source as a viable software platform for modern enterprises.

On this episode of Demand Gen Visionaries, Tom shares the demand generation tactics at the heart of his marketing organization, and strategies that lead to immense value creation and large acquisitions — like putting top priority on the customer experience.

Tom Butta, CMO of SignalFX (Now Splunk) sits down with Qualified.com for the Demand Gen Visionaries Podcast

Tune in to Tom's episode and hear how he thinks about marketing pipeline vs sales pipeline, his uncuttable budget items, the power of a well-tuned campaign influence model, and the importance of SEO.

Want to skip ahead to the highlights? Check out these can’t-miss moments.

Episode Highlights

1:35 The Trust Tree, Tom's Demand Gen Secrets

6:50 Arranging the Demand Gen Team

10:30 Marketing Pipeline vs Sales Pipeline

14:20 The Most Fundamental Elements of Demand Gen

17:00 The Power of the  Attribution Model

18:30 Growth Marketing and Marketing Ops

22:30 Tom’s Campaign Strategy and Playbook

26:30 Mistakes People Make in Demand Gen

29:00 Tom’s Famous Dust-Up

31:00 The Importance of the Website Re: Demand Gen

33:35 Quick Hits with Tom Butta

Episode Quotes:

“Demand gen is a function within a function. It's part of a team, but it does not live on its own. It’s reliant upon really good content. It's reliant upon the ability to act appropriately and quickly on opportunities that it creates.”
“The validation that you get from customers is just... it's just immeasurable.”
“Understand that your home is the place that most people will go to and you need that to be your website. You need to be able to ensure that when they get there, they have the best possible experience, but you also need to be sure that they actually can find you.”
“You go after the new logos exclusively, and you forget that you can actually have great influence over, building relationships with your existing customers. Those customers are our franchise. They give reason for us to exist.”
“My belief (for content) is, it always has to start from within. In terms of turning something over, we did a couple of case studies with external consultants and writers, but for the most part we wrote everything ourselves.”

Ready to hear from more Demand Gen Visionaries? You can find all episodes here.

Posted on
August 25, 2020
Sarah McConnell

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