Podcast: Marketing Trends Spotlights Qualified

What's the Marketing Trends Podcast?

Qualified had the honor of joining the Marketing Trends Podcast—a fun, innovative podcast that is dedicated to all things marketing. Every week co-hosts Ian Faison and Lauren Vacarello are joined by marketing leaders from companies like Salesforce, Google, and Twilio to dive into their career learnings and talk about the ever-changing marketing landscape.

We were super excited about the opportunity to sit down and talk about Conversational Marketing and how this new space is completely transforming the way B2B companies sell.

B2B Marketing Trends Podcast with Kraig Swensrud and Sean Whiteley at Sirius Decisions
Kraig and Sean recording the podcast at Sirius Decisions Summit in Austin

Want the highlights? Here’s a recap:

Cruise over to the Marketing Trends website to see their episode recap. Huge thanks to the crew at Marketing Trends for having us. Until next time!

Posted on
June 5, 2019
Maura Rivera

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